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A New Focus

He let out an exasperate sigh and slightly leaned in into Snow's calloused hand, "I'm doing all this for Nunnally, so she can live a in a gentler world. I just stumbled upon a resistance group, everything else just happened and I don't regret it,"

He didn't quite answer his question but it was good enough. He pulled the teenage boy closer and kissed his temple, then his forehead and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. Lelouch let out a high-pitch squawk and brushed his lips against Snow's in return. His hands tentatively gripped his shoulders and he straddled his thigh. Lelouch was inexperienced but enthusiastic, content on following Snow's lead.

They made out on the couch for a while before getting caught by both C.C and Nunnally. He tried to deny as much as possible and trying not to blush too hard every time Snow kissed his neck or cheek. They weren't official boyfriends, just friends who occasionally kissed. He tried his best to hide their relationship from the Black Knights but eventually they caught on and some of them (Tamaki) took in pleasure in teasing him too. Of course Snow wasn't allowed to reveal anything they did, otherwise Lelouch would find a suitable punishment for him (like sleeping outside). And when Lelouch was just being Lelouch with Snow, he was occasionally dragged onto dates with him or sometimes they'd just go for a ride on his motorcycle. The rides weirded him out, he was literally riding on two women with Snow. That often brought up unwanted sexual imagery inside his head.

He wondered what will happen after Snow would turn into crystal and how long he will remain like that. When he thought about it, becoming a l'Cie himself might not be such a bad idea. Would he still get to keep his geass? What would his focus be? Would the Pulse fal'Cie take him and brand him like Snow? In the end, he ended up asking more about it from Snow.

"How do I become a l'Cie?" he said bluntly one morning during breakfast. Snow choked and spluttered, coffee running down his chin. He handed him a napkin to wipe off the spill from his stubble and clothes.

"Why on Earth would you want to become a l'Cie?"

"It'll help you, wont it? You'd worry less about me during battles and the quicker I can overthrow my father, the quicker you can complete your focus,"

"Worry less? I'd be constantly worried about you, worried about you trying to fulfil your focus and turning into a cieth. Most l'Cie don't complete their focus, Lelouch, I'm not letting that happen to you. You have no choice over your focus, your focus could be destroying this city with all your friends and family in it. It's not worth it,"

He had a good point, a few actually. If his focus involved hurting the ones he loved it, especially Nunnally, it wouldn't be worth it. It could set his plans back for years.

He finished his breakfast and collected their plates, "Alright," he leaned down to press a kiss to Snow's lips.

Snow exhaled noisily and helped him with the dishes, "Good, you're already in enough trouble with the government anyway," he embraced Lelouch from behind and pecked his cheek, "Also, stop cutting class. Your friends tend to come over here in search for you,"

"Have any of them seen you?"

"No," he kissed the top of Lelouch's head, "now get ready for school and act like a good student,"

Lelouch was glad that Snow wasn't as careless as C.C, he avoided his friends every time they were over and kept out of sight. Lelouch realised that he never felt as content in his life since before his mother died. He had Nunnally, he still saw Suzaku occasionally and now he had Snow who he could count on and C.C who he could be completely honest to without being judged. It was nice but it wasn't enough to deter him away from completing his goals. Things were calm, well as calm as it could be for a leader of a terrorist group. And then she came by, Lightning.

Lightning was Snow's ex-fiancé older sister who was not only an ex-soldier but also a l'Cie herself. He couldn't see a l'Cie brand anywhere on her skin and he figured she was either not a l'Cie anymore or her l'Cie mark was concealed somewhere else on her body. At first he thought she was going to take Snow away or start a fight. It turned out to be a civil visit and he found himself liking her a lot.

Lelouch ended up on agreeing on a lots of things with her, like the fact that Snow was an idiot and too stubborn to die. She had noted that was his best quality and he chuckled while sipping his tea with her. She was a bit apprehensive at first about their relationship but soon accepted them. Lelouch was practically an adult and the age difference wasn't that big. She stayed for a while before she left for Gran Pulse (the centre of hell turned out to be some sort of wild jungle) and Lelouch found himself completely alone with Snow for the evening. Nunnally was over at friend's place and Sayoko was out of the house.

Lelouch made dinner for the two of them and after Snow's persistence lit some candles on the table. Snow was a cheesy romantic and he rolled his eyes when he put on some soft contemporary music for them to dance too after they finished dinner. Thankfully this was one of the activities he was decent at and didn't trip over his own feet (which happened quite a few times during gym). Naturally Snow took the lead, softly humming in tune while beaming down at Lelouch.

"Alright, I have to wash the dishes now," they stopped dancing but Snow kept holding Lelouch. He shivered when Snow craned his neck down to whisper into his ear.

"I was thinking we could try something new in you bed," his teeth latched onto his earlobe, sucking and nibbling on it. When he heard a long moan from Lelouch, he lifted him into his arms and sucked on his lower lip. Lelouch responded by locking his legs around Snow's torso and eagerly kissing Snow back.

He had been a virgin before meeting Snow so he let him take control of the situation. He slowly stripped the both of them pressing many open mouth kisses up and down his torso while gently stretching him. Lelouch sighed, enjoying the wet kisses all over his body and the slick digits scissoring and stimulating his prostate. Snow did everything gently and slow, slower than Lelouch wanted but knew taking time to prepare him would lesson the pain and discomfort he would feel later on.

When he finally pressed into him, Lelouch inhaled deeply as he felt his body stretch to accommodate Snow's length. It felt odd, slightly uncomfortable but mostly painless. His legs were propped up on Snow's shoulders and he watched his cock disappear inside him. Once he adjusted to feel of him inside him, Snow placed Lelouch's legs around his waist and started a slow rhythm of thrusts. He carefully pulled him into his arms so Lelouch was sitting up and bouncing up and down his length. The change in angle allowed Snow to hit his prostrate and rapidly rise to his peek.

Lelouch's body quickly tired, sheens of sweat covered his body and his fringe stuck to his forehead. He rested his head on Snow's shoulder as Snow gripped his thighs and moved him along his erection. He shortly came, biting hard into his shoulder and the sphincters in his anus squeezed tightly around Snow. There was a warm sensation occurring after Snow orgasm and after a second, he realised Snow came inside him. He couldn't help but blush, burying his head in the crock of Snow's neck.

They languidly slipped underneath the covers of the bed and Lelouch, exhausted and drowsy, couldn't be bothered to go down into the kitchen and wash the dishes anymore. He supposed Sayoko could do that when she came back and so he snuggled into Snow's arms.

"I told I should've done the dishes before, now I don't want to get up out of bed,"

He chuckled at him and dotted kisses on his forehead, cheeks and lips. They spent the rest of the night in bed, talking and pressing soft kisses on each other. Lelouch's hand was busy tracing the smooth, taut muscles on Snow's chest and trailing back up, circling his right pert nipple. Gradually they fell asleep, semen drying on their stomachs and thighs.

The morning after, Lelouch found a dull pain shooting up his spine and decided there was no way he was getting up for school on time. He ended up shifting until his body draped over Snow's body and there was little pressure against his buttocks. Arms snaked around his narrow waist, pulling him closer to the warm figure underneath him. It took only a few minutes for Lelouch to settle in a comfortable position with him and dozed off again. When he roused again, he heard another person coughing in his bedroom.

"Um, Lelouch. You slept through your first two classes this morning,"

Lelouch bolted upright, hissing when he felt that sharp pain coursing up his spine again, turned his head to see Suzaku awkwardly shuffling around on the spot.

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