"I'm so glad you are finally breaking your Nandos virginity!" I exclaimed above the Spanish music

"Me too, just think Liam might have sat right here!" Sian said drifting off into a day dream

"Haha I wish we could meet them one day and Rupert Grint ... the unknown ginger member of one direction ..." Said Demi

"Well today could be our lucky day!" I replied sounding a little over enthusiastic

"Oh Justine, as if! Where's the hot sauce?" Niamh asked

"Oh sugar I forgot to get some! I shall go now!"

"You would forget your brain if it was possible" Sian sarcastically said

"Haha be back in a minute" So I scurried out of the barrel we were sitting in to the place where you get sauce

I wasn't really paying much attention to what I was doing so I went for the nearest bottle of hot sauce but when I made a grab it didn't quite feel like a glass bottle ...

"Oh gosh I'm so sorry" I said to the stranger looking downwards in embarrassment

"Hey don't worry you have it ... without you it would just be cold sauce" The male voice said cheekily

I laughed at the comment from the stranger and thought where I knew his voice from it sounded incredibly familiar ... hmmm OMG

"Are you Louis Tomlinson?" I questioned trying to hide my excitement and not look an obsessed fan

"You guessed it in one! What's your name?" He said looking into my eyes and singing Rhianna as he asked me

Oh gosh he was so much fitter in person ... it was like someone had injected all the fitness into his one body ... Shit I better stop staring and reply ...

"Haha it's so ironic your here! I'm Justine, me and friends were just talking about you guys saying that it would be the lucky day to meet you! " I said trying again not to seem too obsessed

"What a pretty name! Well looks like your all psychic! Where are you friends? Left you for the sauce run hey!" He laughed ... oh it was so sexy ...

"Yeah they did! Just over there in the barrel!" I pointed over ... my friends were still completely oblivious to the fact I was talking to Louis

"Ahh you are the girls who stole our favourite seat!" Louis proclaimed

"Well you could always come and sit with us ..." I hopefully suggested

"What a good idea! Why don't you come and meet the rest of us and then we can all squeeze inside the barrel with you!" He let out a massive grin ... ahhh

"Sounds like a plan!" I was hyperventilating inside but I had to keep it cool ... it was Louis Tomlinson after all! I followed Louis over to a table right in front of the window where there was quite a crowd watching them eat. I could already see evil directed at me as I went over.

"Guys! Meet Justine!"

"Hey Justine I'm Harry"

"Hey I'm Niall"

"Vas happening Justine?"

"I'm Liam, nice to meet you!"

"Hey I'm Rupert Grint"

I started to laugh when I heard Rupert speak ... obviously the others were not onto ...

"Nice too meet all of you!" I said a little high pictched

"Are you a one direction fan?" Liam asked flipping his hair

"Yeah I am actually, you guys are really good! You should have come first ..."

"Thank you!" Zayn said

"Everyone is a one direction fan these days are you a Harry Potter fan?"

"Well I love Harry Potter, I've been brought up watching the movies and reading the books! But my friend Demi is in love with a certain Mr Weasly ..."

"At last a fan!" Rupert said and the rest of us started laughing

"So how come your bringing back this lovely lady to our table hey Louis?" Harry questioned, his accent was so similar to mine and my friends

"Well Justine and her group are actually sitting in the barrel so I thought we could all go sit with them to get away from the crown whilst we eat" He said waving at the group of girls that had formed outside

"Good idea!" Niall said, his cute Irish accent made me smile

"Let me help you with your food" I offered grabbing two drinks and cutlery

"Thank you" Louis said smiling at me

We all wondered over to the table but stopped at the stair to go on to the platform

"Guys could you maybe wait here a moment ... I want to surprise my friends ..." I asked

"Yeah sure just give us a signal!" Zayn answered

I walked over to the barrel putting down the hot sauce and the things I had gathered from the boys table.

"Justine why have you got loads of cutlery and two drinks?" Niamh asked

"Well I met some ... friends and I asked them to sit with us" I said trying to keep a straight face whilst putting the boys things down

"Oh Justine ... are they boys or girls?"Demi questioned

"All boys ... six in fact ..." I said looking over at the boys who were laughing as they could hear what I was saying

"Justine! Are they fit ... I better reapply my make up!" Sian panicked reaching into her bag and retrieving a lip gloss

"Well they are in there own way ..." I looked over to them again and this time they were almost crying with laughter

"Fine! Just bring them over then, I'm sure we will find something to talk about!" Niamh said clapping her hands together.

"Well I'd move up if I were you so they can all fit!"

"Okay just call them over ..." Demi said

"Guys come over here" I said laughing as they walked up ...

Well I have to admit my reaction for each of them were completely different to what actually happened

Niamh screamed when she saw Zayn then covered her mouth remembering she was supposedly the one who would not freak out ... ;)

Sian sat there open mouthed and started to hyperventilate

And Demi ... well it was awkward


It's safe to say the whole restaurant was looking at us.