"Come on Liam it's freezing!" I shouted over to him as I expected him to be not far behind me but when I turned around all I saw was blackness. I began to worry, I knew this was too good to be true! I stood there for a few seconds thinking of all the possible things that could happen to me on a pitch black night in Liverpool and then the Liam suddenly appeared in front of me!

"I scared you didn't I!" Liam mocked me

"Yes you did! I thought you had gone ahead and left me!" I said back

"I wouldn't leave a girl as beautiful as you behind silly"

We we're nose to nose right now and Liam had his arms around my waist.

"You know what I never thought I would have found someone like you" Liam whispered into my ear

"I never thought I would meet you too, destiny I guess" I replied

We both smiled and walked into the hotel.


"I really love your hair you know" Zayn said as we sat down in lobby waiting for the others

"Thank you, I like my hair too" I replied

"And they call me the vain one!" Zayn joked

"Haha well at least I haven't looked in the mirror 500 times since we got here!"

"Hey I have to look good for a certain young lady" He was so smooth.

We sat on the settee for about five minutes talking about the tour and what they had sung . In this time I hadn't realised that Zayn had somehow come very close to me and that he was holding my hand.

"Hey guys!" It was Rupert and Demi, Rachel had never looked so happy in her life ... hmmm

"Hey how are you?" I asked

"Fine thanks, where is everyone?" Demi replied

"Oh I think they're coming!" I said

Sian and Liam came not long after that and they both looked red with the cold but Sian was extremely happy. We waited ten minutes but Justine and Louis still hadn't appeared.

"I'm ringing her!" I said and got my phone

Ring ring ring ring ...

"Hello Niamh! OMG NIAMH GO ON TWITTER!" Justine screamed down the phone

"What's happened?" I replied scared by what she had just said

"Wait me and Louis are nearly there, one second!"

In a matter of seconds they both appeared.

"Niamh somehow everyone on twitter has figured out we are with the boy and it's the same with Sian and Rachel!" All of this was said very quickly but everyone understood what she said

"We can't get any internet connection" Demi replied

"Well basically everyone is sending us hate! Each and every one of us, even you lads have as well, but of course there is a plus side! We all have about 20,000 followers!"

"WHOOOO!" I cheered

"And everyone on facebook knows as well, I have hundreds of requests and people have been inboxing and writing "Are you with one direction?" all over our walls ..."

"Well technically I'm not; I'm with Rupert Grint but hey!Demi's comment made us all laugh

"Wait guys this is a bit more serious, the management don't even know we are here with the girls tonight! Liam said, his face went all serious and everyone stopped talking.

"Oh well who cares? The management try and control every last little bit of our lives! So what if people are going crazy? It's our lives and we can be with whoever we want to be with!" Zayn said, he looked so serious.

"I agree with Zayn!" I said

"Me too" Harry said

"So do we" Rupert said

"We should all put out a tweet now saying something that had nothing to do with any of us!" Louis suggested so we all did that.

7896Feltonfans_1D – It's so cold tonight!

_Rachlerobert55s – Chilling in a room

Prince_;ea_x– Read my fanfic!

Harry_Styles – Oh I do love to be besides the sea side

Louis_Tomlinson – CARROTS

NiallOffical – I miss Ireland

Zaynmalik – Harrys hair is so nice

Real_Liam_Payne - Purple

"Well that will keep them occupied for a few hours!" Zayn said

We hung out downstairs and then when me and Zayn got to our room around 9, I got dressed into my pyjamas I had packed for Rachel's and then realised there was only one bed and a couch.

"I'll sleep on the couch!" I said moving a pillow over to the couch

"No don't be silly! I'll sleep on the couch!" Zayn said

"No I will!"

"No I will honestly!"

"No it's your room I will!"

"Fine to stop arguments we can both sleep in here!" We both started laughing and we climbed into bed

I felt Zayns arm wrapped around me and we watched the hangover which made us both laugh so much, then we settled down.

"Night beautiful" He whispered into my ear before we both fell asleep


"I love these doors when you have to put a card in it!" I said

"You're such a big kid!" Justine said, nudging me

"Of course I am!" I replied

We walked into the room and she sat down on the bed.

"Are you tired?" I asked

"No not really, I'm quite alive!" Justine replied

"Well there is no point sitting around here waiting for magic to happen, let's do something!" I suggested!

"Hey why don't we go to the cinema?"

"Yeah let's go! What should we see?"

"Let's go and see that insidious" I had obviously thought this through ... If she got scared well I would be there to comfort her

"The scary one? Okay!" I could see that she was a little bit worried but I could look after her.

We walked to cinema and we got very lost ... It was quite funny though! When we finally got to the cinema got our tickets and sat right at the back of the cinema. A certain song came to mind but if I moved to fast then well maybe she wouldn't like me as much. The film it's self was actually quite scary and Justine's reactions were just hilarious! She would be all calm and chilled out and then bam she would scream! It only happened twice but it was so funny! For the other scary bits she has been snuggling into me so my plan had worked! We walked back to hotel and we decide to stay out in the park in the middle of Liverpool one.

"I've had fun tonight" Justine whispered into my ear

"Me too, we should do it again sometime" I replied

"Sounds like a plan"