Harry Crow

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Chapter 82

Excitement was rife on the Express as it steamed its way toward London. While students returning home for their summer holidays meant this annual journey was always a pleasurable trip, this year had an added incentive. In two weeks it was the Baron's Fayre, the most talked about event in years, and the entire train was invited.

There were three couples sitting in the compartment as Luna popped in to talk with them. Her opening the door though allowed the current occupants to hear the girly laughter coming from the passageway.

The laughter was easily recognisable and drew a frustrated groan from Padma. "Luna, do I even want to know?"

It was Pansy who answered. "Let me try to guess first. Parvati and Lavender have got some older boys cornered and are flirting mercilessly with them. The boys are also looking around for an escape route to get away as quickly as possible."

Luna's nod saw a puzzled Hermione focusing her attention on her Slytherin friend. "How could you possibly know all that? Granted, I guessed the first bit myself."

"Those two are playing a dangerous game. They act all flirtatious, knowing none of the boys they flirt with will ever take things further..."

"Hey, that's my sister you're talking about..."

"Exactly, which is why they can get away with it. After Harry and then Neville took down that stupid arse, Marcus Flint, last year, only a fool would want to mess with you four. Anyone hurting or taking advantage of Parvati though knows that's exactly what they'd be facing, and she knows this too. That's why all the boys in the years above us avoid her, Cedric practically runs away when he sees her heading in his direction. By the same token, no one wants to upset you four by telling her to piss off."

All recognised the truth in what Pansy was saying, though none were happy about the situation.

"When I speak to her about it, she says it's all just a bit of fun. If our father sees her idea of fun, she'll be packed off to India with a betrothal contract in her hand."

She felt a supporting hand on her shoulder and saw that a concerned Harry was at the other end of it. "I'm sorry, Padma. I know you only got into this situation because of me..."

"That's rubbish, Harry, and you know it. It's your protection that's keeping Parvati safe. The problems will start when that protection isn't there - when the person she's flirting with doesn't know who she is." They were all looking at Luna now, rarely having seen her angry before.

"When we were at Padma and Parvati's birthday party, every boy that danced with me knew you were watching them. That's fine with me, I like the idea of a big brother watching out for me. Just as I know that same brother will let me make my own decisions as I get older. Parvati is playing on that protection, she's the one in the wrong - not you."

This drew another groan out of Padma. "I'm going to have to talk to mum about this. If she behaves like that during the holidays, dad really will take some action. I love my sister but she can be her own worst enemy sometimes. What she and Lavender consider an attractive trait has every decent wizard in Hogwarts running in the other direction. I know Parvati has certainly not gone any further than the three of us here who are the same age, she's the one who's going to get her reputation tarnished though. Word will quickly spread and the betrothal offers will stop - at least the decent ones will."

None could see this discussion ending well so Draco tried to change the subject. "Is Kingussie all set for the Fayre, Harry?"

This drew a groan from Hermione, only this time it was done for comedic effect. "We still have a mountain of work to do and yet all Harry's thinking about is two other girls."

Any other boyfriend on the planet would have known it was time to roll out their most passionate denials, claiming their girlfriend was the only one for them. Their bond though meant there was no need for such declarations. Harry also knew Hermione was teasing him. "Astrid will be nearly three weeks old now, and we haven't seen Sapphire in ages. We'll also get to see our brother this summer, what's a fayre compared to that."

No one could really argue with that.

The only other voice raised against the fayre on the train wasn't having quite the same reaction. To be fair, Ron wasn't really saying anything against the fayre. He was just proclaiming that the Quidditch World Cup Final was going to be a far more important even this summer, especially since his dad had got the Weasley family great tickets. He was finding no takers supporting this stance though, not even amongst the Hogwarts quidditch players. Considering that at least fourteen of them would get the once in a lifetime chance to play against professional opposition, their opinion was perhaps understandable.


Harry's reactions were predictable and also understandable. He'd just walked into Crow's Nest and had his arms wrapped around a very excited Sapphire, Hermione then took his place hugging the goblin as Harry headed straight for Henrica and his goddaughter. He was home, his family was there so all was right in his world.

Dinner that night was loud and boisterous. The hard work would start tomorrow, tonight was all about being a family again - something they'd all missed. Tonks was sitting with her goddaughter in her arms and giving her boyfriend looks that had Sirius sniggering at his fellow marauder's attempts to hide his discomfort, it should be an interesting holiday.

Reinforcements would be arriving Monday in the shape of the Longbottoms, Patils, Abbots and quite a few more of their friends. Emma had already turned one room in the house into a control centre with display boards on the walls waiting on the information of who was doing what and when to be entered. The stadium was the centrepiece of the weekend and had an entire wall to itself. With six events each day being scheduled to start at eleven a.m. and then proceed at two hour intervals until the final event at nine in the evening closed the fayre for the day.

Everyone had their preferred option for where they would like to work at the fayre but needed to wait until the entire extended family got together before sorting that out. They would however be getting in as much shooting practice as possible before then. With Dan acting as organiser and judge, thus not actually shooting, the competition would be wide open. There was also the problem that, with so many of the friends being involved in marauder demonstrations and the quidditch matches, they would be relying heavily on the adults to be in charge of the attractions.

Once those positions were settled, it would then be time to pick their teams of Hogwarts students who were going to help run the attractions. They were all going to be incredibly busy but were looking forward to an event that could change attitudes of the magical community. Lukas actually expressed the sentiment that the fayre could be used to push those attitudes even further.

While Harry didn't entirely disagree with that opinion, he did defend their reasons for not currently doing so. "We have pushed the goblin agenda very hard to get us to where we are today. It has not been easy, and neither has it been cheap. Gringotts is picking up the cost for most of this weekend, though the Barron of Kingussie will certainly be contributing. While charitable, the goblins are not in business to run a charity." This had Sapphire in knots of laughter before Harry continued.

"I remember saying something similar to Hermione almost two years ago when she was vigorously extolling the rights of house elves. Yes, that is certainly something I fully support but, if we spread ourselves too thin, it dilutes any achievements we might make. It's the exact same situation here, if we try for too much then the message could easily get diluted or even lost. Witches and wizards are opening their eyes and slowly but surely no longer looking on goblins as creatures. This also opens the door for others to step through too. This weekend is all about not only opening that door, we need to kick it clean off its hinges so that door can never be closed again."

This earned him a kiss from Hermione. "It's just a pity Father had to return to Gringotts, he would have loved to have heard that. We might make a diplomat out of you yet."


The diplomat in question was currently walking beside Severus Snape as the Potions Master got ready to face his destiny. Severus noticed a few of his colleagues had turned up to witness the ceremony, quite a few more from The Nation had joined them just to gawk at the human undergoing a goblin ceremony.

He didn't care, Severus was ready to face this. In actual fact, Severus had been happier in his two years inside Gringotts than at any other time in his life.

Severus was bedecked in a Dragon Skin toga, similar to the one that he'd seen warriors wear. It was a gift from Barchoke and also left his arms bare, allowing everyone to see his hated tattoo. The mere possibility of not being tied to the lunatic Riddle had him ready to face anything.

The Director himself was honouring him by performing this ceremony, Severus was glad he'd changed the offered oath to one that should strengthen his commitment to Gringotts and The Nation. He'd found a home for himself here and was determined to stay. That The Director got straight to the point was another endearing quality of this culture he welcomed, too many years spent trying to decipher what Albus was up to had fostered an appreciation for straight talking.

""Are you ready to give your oath and be judged by the stone?""

No flowery speeches but proceeding directly to the job at hand, just what was needed here. Severus wondered if there wasn't some goblin blood in him too. He was about to discover just what The Nation thought of his blood. ""I am.""

He steadily held his hand forward as Ragnok granted Severus more honour by using his battleaxe to slice open the palm of Severus' hand. He was quite proud that he managed not to flinch as the axe did its bloody work. Severus knew the real pain was still to come, at least he hoped it was. Failure was not an option he had considered for today.

A magnificently ornate plinth just seemed to emphasise the ordinariness of the slab of stone it supported but Severus had been told there was no more powerful artefact in The Nation. It was changed days indeed that a human got to see it, never mind make a blood offering to the stone.

Placing his palm on the slightly warm stone, Severus offered his oath to The Nation.

""I, Severus Snape, of my own free will offer my oath to The Nation. I swear on my honour, and my magic, never to work, take arms or plot against The Nation. I also swear to be the best citizen of this Nation I can be.""

Barchoke had said that swearing on his honour would have been enough but Severus wanted his commitment to be out there for all to see. All the spectators were now intently watching to see what happened next, none were more focused than Severus himself.

He felt the heat from the stone beginning to travel up his arm. At the same time, a coldness from his chest moved into his shoulder to begin its journey to the battlefield. The battle was graphically played out on his arm for all to witness.

The black skull of his dark mark slowly became blood red, it also morphed in shape to that of a dragon's skull. The snake reacted violently to this and wrapped itself around the skull, trying to crush it. It was hampered though by its tail being in the dragon's mouth, and then the dragon began to chew.

As the dragon slowly consumed the snake, flesh began forming over the skull and a body began to appear under the forming head. The snake though was still putting up a ferocious fight. It started biting the flesh that was forming on the dragon's skull, destroying a newly grown eye

The pain Severus was experiencing was worse than anything he'd suffered in his life before, even being under the cruciatus curse from the dark bastard wasn't as excruciating as this. He also knew this was considered part of the test to whether he was worthy to join The Nation, Severus could end the pain at any moment simply by lifting his hand off the stone. It was sheer willpower that kept his hand stuck to that piece of rock, aided by the very graphic example that his battle was being won by the right side.

The snake was now frantically flailing about, desperate to escape as its head got ever closer to those deadly jaws of the red dragon. In his mind, Severus heard that snake's head crunch as the dragon finally claimed victory, he certainly felt something inside him snap. He had held his own jaws clamped shut in order not to seem weak by screaming from the pain, those jaws now opened and a victory roar rang round the chamber. That his roar of victory was joined by goblin voices pleased Severus more than he would ever admit to.

He was drenched in sweat and barely able to stand, Severus understood though he needed to walk out this chamber unaided for his victory to be complete. Ragnok then held his hand up so that all witnessing the event could see that it had been healed.

""Severus Snape made an offer to The Nation, an offer we all saw her accepting. The Nation healed this wizard's hand and claimed his allegiance above all others. He lives, works and speaks like one of us, The Nation has now claimed him as one of us. Citizen Snape, you leave here with your honour intact, may your efforts to be a good citizen be rewarded.""

With a respectful bow, it was over. Looking down at his new red dragon tattoo easily gave Severus the strength to walk out of the chamber with his head held high. He was definitely taking the rest of the day off though.


The four knew they would be busy for the rest of the day but this was their time, they were joined by a fifth as the strangest flock of birds ever seen in a Scottish glen enjoyed themselves.

It had taken Smita to confirm what type of hawk her daughter was. Padma couldn't hide her delight at discovering she was a Besra Hawk, a native of her homeland. She was about the same size as Hermione's kestrel form, Hover, with speckled brown markings on a white background. Neville certainly won boyfriend points when he said she was as beautiful as a hawk as she was as a witch. Harry then showed it wasn't only Riddle who could create names from anagrams and christened her hawk, Saber. Since Padma walked about with a sword at her hip, she loved her hawk's nickname.

Hermione had quietly asked her best friend where the name, Buff, originated from for Neville's Tawny Owl form. She didn't think Padma would chose his name based on a simple thing like colour. She really should have known better, since Padma's answer saw Hermione changing colour - to bright red.

"Hermione, when I see Neville with his shirt off, I just want to run my hands all over him. We'll let everyone else, including our mates, think the name's based on colour. Really I just want to spend hours buffing my Neville. I don't know if the blood bonding is affecting my hormones but it's going to be one hell of a struggle waiting until I'm Mrs Padma Longbottom to complete this bond - and then I'll get to spend every night with my husband."

A blushing Hermione confirmed she felt the exact same about Harry, and only the fact there was just one more summer after this before they got married kept her going. Padma confirmed Hermione had certainly got the hang of dressing up the good news, one more summer sounded a whole lot better than having to wait two years. She also resolved to talk to Neville about making it a double wedding.

Neville as Buff, his tawny owl form, was the biggest of the birds. That was until Eargit decided to join them and show these impostors how to really fly. The five had a great time flying along the glen, and then they spotted the group of children waving madly to them.

Harry had mastered his take-offs and was now working on a landing that didn't involve Hermione's chest. Not that he didn't love that particular technique, it was just so distracting if he ever had to go from Swift to Centurion and be instantly ready for battle. It would also leave Hermione exposed to attack as she stood waiting for him to land.

His new technique saw Swift swoop down and then pull up sharply. As his speed bled off and he was ready to stall, Swift became Harry as he dropped the two or three feet to the ground. This drew cheers from the children, especially when the other four joined him. With Eargit perched on his shoulder, Harry was about to introduce their two friends when the group found themselves being dragged by little hands into the Gringotts Zone.

Padma was wondering how these children recognised her when she suddenly came upon something all four of them hoped never to see again. Since the goblins had rendered the creature down into sellable components and commodities, they knew this beast inside and out. That every hair on Padma's body seemed to stand on end at first sight of this exhibit was testament to the goblin craftsmen who had made an exact replica of the basilisk they had fought in the Chamber of Secrets.

"Harry, did you know about this?" One look at her friend's face answered Padma's question. The children who held her hands pulled her over and suddenly Padma had a lot more questions. She was looking at an exact copy of a younger version of Padma Patil firing a spell at the basilisk.

She was startled out of her stupor by her best friend's voice coming from beside her. "At least they don't have me sitting on my bum in a puddle of basilisk blood!"

The entrance hall was divided in two by the tableau that was simply breathtaking, provided you weren't one of the people appearing in the scene depicted. The columns were structural and holding the ceiling up, the exact scale basilisk winding through those columns was thankfully purely decorative.

The model of Hermione had a bloody sword and was retreating behind a pillar as model Harry got ready to attack. She was studying her mannequin before turning to her friend. "Padma, does my hair really look like that from the back?"

This cracked Harry up, his laughter set off all the kids with Padma and Neville soon following. The witch who caused all the hilarity soon found herself wrapped in a pair of familiar strong arms. "This is genius."

This drew the attention of the other three to Harry, obviously looking for an explanation of that remark. "Who do you know, apart from Emma, who wouldn't want to see this? Between this exhibit and the dragons, people will be pouring in here in their droves."

Neville let out a groan at that. "Great, just what we need - more publicity. This was before Padma and I started exercising too."

"Nev, honey, people will be too busy looking at the basilisk to bother with us. At least they missed Parvati out the scene."

This was the perfect opening for Hermione to ask her friend if she'd spoken with Smita about Parvari's behaviour. Padma and Neville had just arrived this morning and all four had took to the air immediately after greeting one another.

Padma had her head down as she answered. "I didn't have to. We forgot about all the adults at Hogwarts who are part of the extended family, my mum knew as much about her behaviour as we did. Parvati got roasted and won't be let out of mum's sight all summer. She might relax when we get to your island, since there will be no unattached boys there."

The four couldn't stay glum for long though, not when they were surrounded by so many excited children. These children had quickly volunteered to be the testers for all the attractions. They would spend the next week or so helping the people who would be running those attractions refine their operating systems and techniques.

They would be starting tomorrow in what was being considered the 'Kiddy Zone', an area where those with their ages not in double figures would rule.


"The Kiddy Zone is the most important section of the glen, the success of this entire venture will be decided there. If we can get the children playing together, regardless of their upbringing, that to me would be the dream outcome. That's why there has been no expense spared in that area, it's also why I want to flood the place with helpers. If we use the marauders for this, it will give you a full yeargroup to work with. They're already all friends and used to working together, as well as looking out for each other. They are also the only groups I know who will certainly treat all the children the same."

The extended family had all gathered and were discussing what they would be doing on the weekend of the fayre. Seeing Harry this nervous brought home to everyone just how much he had riding on this weekend. They were attempting something that only a few years ago would have seen anyone even suggesting an idea like this branded as crazy. An event where goblins and muggles mixed freely with witches and wizards of all blood classes was certainly an audacious plan - possibly even a touch crazy. It was now up to the people sitting in this room to help pull it off.

The 'Kiddy Zone' had Emma, Moa, Henrica and Sapphire in charge. With an entire yeargroup assisting them, they should hopefully be able to stay on top of things - and stop any problems from developing. One little pureblood prince or princess pushing past the other children waiting in a queue could quickly escalate to something ugly that could have the potential to ruin the entire weekend.

The Abbots asked if they could look after the winter zone, with the Longbottoms sticking their names beside the water zone. Augusta would be supervising the eating area, though with the elves doing all the work it really was just supervising. Big kid Sirius got his wish and was in charge of the roller coaster while the Patils' experience with flying carpets saw them allocated there. Dan and Lukas were now used to working together so would be in control of the stadium, while Remus offered to run the cinema tent. With Tonks in charge of security and Bill Weasley already earmarked to front the Gringotts Zone, it left them short of cover for the go-carts until Draco made a suggestion.

"Pansy and I would obviously love to do that but we have our Maraudrs Sunday morning. I've got a quidditch match Saturday evening and both of us were hoping to take part in the shooting competition. What if our mothers helped out? They could be in charge of the carts on those times when we need to go to the stadium?"

Emma had her marker in hand, Elspeth and Narcissa's names being written into the available slot was all the answer Draco needed. Apart from the quidditch, Susan and Hannah were in the same position so put themselves down to work in the winter zone along with Hannah's parents.

Parvati got no say in the matter, she would be beside her mother for the entire weekend. Padma and Neville were keen to avoid the atmosphere that would generate so stuck their names down to work with Frank and Alice, when they weren't required in the stadium. Since Luna would be in the Stadium on Saturday as Crow's Marauders put on a display, followed by working in the Kiddy Zone all day on Sunday, they wouldn't let her put her name down for anything else. Her dad would be there and Luna was being given the time to spend that day with her father.

Amelia felt terrible that she couldn't put her name forward for anything but Harry wasn't having that. "You'll be in the same position as Hermione, father and me. Our names might not be up there but that doesn't mean we won't be working our backsides off..."

"Oh Amelia, I didn't know you were fighting in the arena too..."

"Muuum!" Hermione tried to keep the frustration out her voice but didn't quite manage it. "Harry's fighting Master Sharpshard as part of the goblin combat display. Harry fights against us every day in training, it's not like he's stepping into the pit again."

This did nothing to alleviate Emma's fears. "I watched Barchoke's memory of the last time those two fought. Need I remind you this Sharpshard put both you and Harry in the goblin medical facility. Don't expect me to sit here and be pleased at that prospect, I won't be able to relax each day until I know my son's all right."

Harry rose and went over to hold Emma. "Mum, I may get beaten but I'll be fine, and come right over to see you as soon as the fight is over."

His father felt compelled to say something. "Emma, Harry really will be fine. That day was a one-off, something that I can assure you will never happen again." Barchoke now addressed his comments to the entire extended family.

"This single event is also the one being most looked forward to by every goblin who will attend Kingussie over the weekend, The Director has already asked for seats to be reserved for him on both days. Our son is exceptional with a blade in his hand while his tutor, Master Sharpshard, is regarded as simply the best there is. Witnessing the Baron of Kingussie cross blades with Master Sharpshard will ensure their visit is a wonderful day out, especially if they place their gold on the winner."

Sapphire chipping in with 'my gold's on Harry' may have gotten a laugh but it didn't ease Emma's worries any. Harry tried again. "We open Saturday with Crow's Marauders putting on a display, then we have the goblin fighting techniques. I'll be fine, and ready to beat Hermione in the shooting contest right after that."

"In your dreams, Crow."

Hermione's quip actually drew a wan smile from Emma. Her sensible side was telling her that Harry would be safe but her hormones had protective mother slapping that sensible side silly. She as much as anyone though knew how important this weekend was to her children, hearing from Barchoke that this was the premier event of the entire weekend for the Goblin Nation meant her son was always going to do it.

Both Granger ladies loved the boy who was a goblin at heart, they had to accept that side of him - it was who he was. Emma though didn't want Harry going into this with her disapproval ringing in his ears. "Just promise me you'll be careful?"

Sapphire chipped in again. "Would you like to promise me you'll win?"

Emma this time saw the funny side. "...and you young lady shouldn't be gambling. That's an easy way to lose your gold."

The young goblin simply shrugged her shoulders at that. "The gold I've got I either won betting on Harry when you visited Egypt or picked up for free after he gave away Bloodfang's family fortune. You all know how famous Harry is in the wizarding community, what you don't seem to realise is that he's every bit as famous in The Nation too. Oh, and his mate is doing as much to change attitudes as Harry is. Centurion Crow and his Warrior Wife could easily become one of those comic books Harry is so fond of reading."

This revelation was met with a bunch of blank stares. "What, you seriously didn't know? My family moved back to Britain because of Harry, and we're not the only ones. We have families legally living outside Gingotts for the first time in centuries, again because of Harry. Those same families have children who adore these two, not because of any titles but simply that they make sure to spend time with them. Hermione has warriors ready to throw themselves in front of curses to protect her, a female who fights with fury beside her centurion mate. The Nation has never known anything like these two, and will do everything it can to help them."

The stunned silence just encouraged Sapphire to continue. "When I was younger, a lot of people didn't want me hanging out with Harry. Those same people are now really jealous I'm spending my time in Kingussie. I think that jealousy will only get worse once they visit the fayre, I say that's just their hard luck."

That last remark saw Harry's protective side kick in. "Are they giving you any trouble..." His goblin friend bursting out laughing at that question told Harry the answer was probably not.

"Do you think anyone is going to give me any trouble, knowing that you are my friend? What you did to protect Hermione is now passing into legend, as is your defeat of Master Sharpshard, no one wants to cross you by picking on me."

This drew a giggle from Luna. "It's the same in Hogwarts..." Luna's laughter died in her throat as Pavrati lowered her head at that. "I'm sorry, Parvati, I wasn't meaning anything by that."

It was Smita who answered the little blonde. "We know, Luna, just as we know neither you nor Sapphire would ever play on that..."

"Mum, I get the message. There's no need to tell everyone about it!"

"Since most of the people in this room have already witnessed your behaviour, I really don't see why you're objecting to me bringing it up here. You also still don't seem to grasp just how unacceptable your behaviour is, Parvati, something that you returning to Hogwarts in September depends upon."

At that, Parvati fled the room in tears. Padma was soon up and following her sister out of the room as their father tried to apologise.

"I'm sorry for that..."

Dan actually cut him off. "There's nothing to apologise for, Ramrao, we've known your girls for a few years now and every parent here shares your concern. At least there's the peace of mind in knowing her friends and family will ensure that nothing happens to her in the castle."

"Dan, that might be the only reason I let her return to Hogwarts come September. I'm just struggling to understand how two sisters can be so different..."

It was Harry who interrupted this time. "You never met my mother's sister..."

This drew a few gasps before Emma started to giggle. "Sorry everyone but I knew the woman, I can't think of anyone more unlike Harry. Friendly and loving were not words one could ever have associated with Petunia Dursley, she probably didn't know the meaning of them."

That was a now blushing Harry's cue to try and turn the conversation back onto the fayre.

Padma discovered she wasn't a welcome visitor as she caught up with her twin. "So, has the perfect daughter come to gloat - or just to say I told you so?"

"Back off, Pav, and save your attitude for someone who deserves it. You got yourself into this mess and only you can get yourself out. Instead of working on that, you're behaving like Ronald Weasley and refusing to even acknowledge that you're in the wrong."

Her anger hadn't abated one bit as Parvati fired back at her sister. "What am I doing that's so wrong?"

Padma's own anger might be on a longer fuse but it was every bit as volatile. "How about you and Lavender behaving like a couple of sluts, will that do for starters?"

"How can you say that, you know I would never..."

"Pav, you don't have to tell me. It's the rest of the school who you're giving that impression to. Her reputation is sometimes all a witch has, and it can so easily be tarnished. You're putting yours in danger, and for what? If all this flirting is part of some plan to hook the wizard of your dreams then you need a new plan, this one clearly isn't working. What happened to being friends with a wizard first?"

"Padma, wizards don't want to be friends with witches..."

"The decent ones do..."

"...and they're either not interested or all snapped up already."

"Your flirting is going to bring you trouble but that's not all that's at stake here. I stood with Neville as he fought Flint, defending my honour. I also watched as Harry killed in the pit to protect Hermione's. Believe me, Pav, I can't think of anything less romantic than that. Both of them would also kill anyone who took advantage of you. That places a bit of responsibility on you not to put yourself in these situations, it's not an excuse for you to play on."

"Oh, so now we get to the truth of the matter. You're more worried about them than your sister. I guess I've seen that coming for the last couple of years. Well you don't have to worry, I can look after myself."

This was the final straw for Padma, she really let her temper out to play. "You're family though, that means we HAVE to look after you. Even if it means facing up to the biggest fucking basilisk the world has ever seen. I just can't believe my sister would be stupid enough not to learn from her mistakes. You know what, perhaps you should ask Ronald Weasley out - you two would appear made for each other." With that, a still raging Padma stormed off - leaving her twin left standing struggling for words.

Hermione had Luna and Sapphire sharing her bedroom as Crow's Nest was full to bursting. That was why she was saying goodnight to Harry outside her room. "You know, the closer this fayre gets, the more I'm looking forward to getting away to the island when it's all over. Is that wrong of me?"

"If it's wrong, then put my name down too. I have to say though, for me it's more to do with the thought of you in a bikini. My beautiful mate has certainly filled out since the last time we were there. That's what will get me through this weekend, knowing I am going to be lying on a beach with my Hermione - what more could I want?"

Hermione helped him answer that question by grabbing Harry and lovingly kissing him.


Voldemort was currently standing on an island surrounded by water, but there all similarities ended. There was no sunshine, no bikinis and certainly no loving kisses on offer. The dark lord wasn't there for any of that though, his purpose was far more nefarious. He had left servants to guard one of his most precious possessions, those defences had somehow been breeched.

While his necklace may be gone, the deadly servants who guarded it remained. These were servants Voldemort intended to incorporate into his battle to regain credibility as a dark lord to be feared.

"Awake my warriors, there iss work to be done."

The black water that had been as smooth as glass a moment ago was now disturbed in multiple places as the dark lord's latest troops answered their master's call.

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