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Man of Iron, Father of Gold


Tony called some of the medics over to check Harry over.

"Daddy, I'm okay," Harry said.

Tony knelt down to his eye level since he was sitting on one of the beds, "Maybe you don't feel anything but you've been gone a long time."

"S'only a few hours," Harry whispered.

"You just slurred your words. It could be early signs of pneumonia. You were outside right? With no jacket. Not to mention who knows what other things. You were hurt and you could be infected. I'll have JARVIS email all of your vaccination information. I should probably ask those magicians if one of their doctors can look at you too. You could have something magical I might not even know about. You could-"

"Dad!" Harry whined.

Tony sighed and leaned his forehead to Harry's, "I'm just worried."

"I know, but I'm okay. I promise." Harry replied.

"Still...I'll feel better when these trained people tell me I'm just being a worried old man," Tony said with a small smile.

Harry hugged him and said, "You're not old. You're just tired. Let's go home and get some sleep."

Tony kissed the top of Harry's head and said, "Soon. Whether you feel fine or not, you are still getting checked out."

Harry pouted, "Fine, but we're going for ice cream afterwards."

Tony smiled, "I can live with that."


Harry wiggled in Tony's hold, "Dad! I'm almost eight! I can walk by myself!"

"Harry, you just got out of the hospital and this place doesn't have wheelchairs. You've been through a lot and need your rest. What? Are you getting too old for your old man to hold you? I'm hurt Harry, I really am," Tony pouted.

Harry rolled his eyes, "You're being silly daddy. You know I love you, but I wanna walk on my own." then he dropped his voice into a whisper, "You fought aliens and were thrown from a window. You really are hurt. I don't wanna make you more tired."

Tony smiled at Harry and kissed his forehead, "I'm fine champ. I've got you back, I'm golden."

"You sure?" Harry asked.

"Positive," Tony promised.

"It's so weird seeing you as a dad. You actually seem good at it," Clint said as he and the rest of the Avengers walked over.

"What are you doing here birdbrain?" Tony sneered.

Harry pouted, "Daddy don't be mean."

"Yeah, don't be mean to me. What kind of influence is that?" Clink said with an amused smile.

"Hmph!" Tony turned away so Harry wasn't facing Clint, "The only bad influence here is you."

It seemed that Clint and Tony were about to get into a bickering match so Steve stepped in front of Clint and said, "We thought you would take the first chance of escape you saw and we wanted to meet the little man before you high-tailed it out of here."

Harry wiggled in Tony's grasp before the genius sighed and placed him on the ground, "Fine. But you young man, are napping the whole flight back to the tower. Understand?"

"Yes daddy," Harry replied with a smile then faced the other Avengers.

"Tell me it's not weird seeing him like that," Clint said to Natasha while nudging her with his elbow. She slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

"Hey there, I'm Steve Rogers. It's good to finally meet you Harry," Steve knelt at Harry's eye level and offered him his hand.

Harry made sure his hand shake was as firm as possible as he shook Steve's hand, "I'm Harry. Harry Stark. Are you a superhero like my daddy?"

Steve smiled and replied, "Yeah. In fact, we're on the same team."

Harry looked from Steve, to the Avengers behind the super soldier, to his dad, "All of you?"

"Yup. We saved New York with your dad. And it was our friend over there that saved you." Steve said as he pointed at Thor.

"So you guys are my dad's friends?" Harry asked.

"Well..." Tony began but then Harry smiled at him with those expecting green doe like eyes. He sighed, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're my friends."

"That's great. Now with friends you won't be so lonely and when you're out fighting bad guys you have people to make sure you come home," Harry said with a smile.

"I have you Hare-Bear. I'm not alone. And what are you talking about. I can take perfectly good care of myself," Tony argued halfheartedly.

"Seriously, is there a switch or something? Out of everyone on the planet, Tony Stark, is a good dad?" Clint asked.

"No, he's the best dad ever!" Harry exclaimed and aimed a small glare at Clint.

"Yeah, I'm the best dad ever birdbrain. Anyway, Harry, these are the rest of the Avengers. You met Steve. I'd like to formally introduce you to the man/god who saved you. Thor Odinson," Tony said as he pointed at Thor.

"Thank you for saving me," Harry said as Thor stepped forward and shook Harry's hand.

"Tis not a problem young Stark. Twas honorable to know that one so young and mortal to be as brave as thee given the obstacles placed in thou path." Thor said.

"My name is Bruce Banner," Bruce introduced himself with a small smile.

Harry looked at him and they both jumped when they felt a spark when they shook hands, "You're the green guy!"

"Yeah...that's me," Bruce said awkwardly.

"You're awesome! Oh and thank you for saving me too," Harry said with a bright smile.

"Saving you?" Tony echoed.

"When I first arrived here. He was fighting with Mr. Odinson and a plane came out of nowhere and started shooting. Mr. Banner got me to a safe place," Harry explained.

"As the Hulk?" Steve asked and mirrored everyone else's confused looks.

Bruce shrugged, "The Other Guy likes Harry. He didn't want to see him hurt."

"Harry's just awesome like that," Tony said and switched topics. He liked Bruce a lot, but didn't want anyone from S.H.I.E.L.D getting any bright ideas of using his son as some sort of control for The Hulk. "Well you've met the Super Solider, The Demigod, and the Big Guy. The rest of the team are Natasha and birdbrain."

"Nice to meet you Harry," Natasha said with a pleasant smile and Harry blushed and said 'hi'. "Aren't you just adorable."

Seeing Harry blush more Tony just chuckled, "He's a Stark. Don't expect anything less."

"And I'm Clint Barton," Clint said and offered Harry a smile and a handshake.

"So are you leaving?" Steve asked after all the introductions were made.

"I want to get Harry as far away from here as fast as possible," Tony replied.

"What about the portal to send Thor and Loki home? Thought you were working on that," Clint said.

"I am. I'll come back as soon as I make sure Harry is secure at the Tower with Pepper. She should be arriving soon. Hmm, maybe I should send you to Malibu. Just for a little while, while repairs get done," Tony said to Harry.

"No," Harry crossed his arms and stomped his little foot for effect, "I'm not leaving New York unless you're coming with me!"

"It's either going to be boring work or it could be dangerous. You'll be safer with Pepper and she can take you to Disney Land," Tony tried.

"I'm not going anywhere unless you go with me! What if they wanna take me away? Who's going to stop them? You're my dad! Only you can!" Harry insisted as tears began to form in his eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey! No, don't cry! Please don't cry," Tony knelt at Harry's eye level and wiped away the few tears that got away.

"Then -hicup- don't try to -hicup- send me away," Harry did his best to keep from crying. Tony picked him up and Harry hid his face in the crook of Tony's neck.

"I'll never send you away, and no one is going to take you away. You have the Avengers to fight to keep you with your old man," Tony said.

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Of course. Anyone tries to take you away and I'll shoot them with my arrow. Natasha and Steve will kick their as- I mean butts, Thor will smite them down or use his hammer, and Bruce will go all Hulk. And I don't have to remind you about what your dad can do. Both as Iron Man and as Tony Stark," Clint said with a smile.

Harry shyly returned the smile.

"Mr. Stark. Director Fury and Mr. Kingsley wish to have a word with you," Agent Hill said.

Tony nodded and then turn to the rest, "I'll come and say goodbye before we leave."

Once the doors closed behind Tony and Harry Clint turned to the others, "Still weird. Him being not sarcastic or rude."

There was a chorus of "yeah" from everyone as they too turned to go where they needed to go.


Thor walked with his head lowered through the Hellcarrier. He had just been to Loki's cell but his brother made no attempts to talk with him. Thor had tried everything that came to mind. Trying to reason with him and make him see that his past actions were incorrect. That, despite what he thought, they were brothers. That he would plead with the Odin All Father to be lenient in his punishment, but that he needed Loki to at least show him some sort of response to let the blonde know that he was actually somewhat feeling guilty.

The only thing that seemed to faze his brother was when he mentioned the young Stark. Thor assumed that since they were both similar in their beginnings, it would pull on his brother's heartstrings. They were both magic and adopted into a family not their own. His brother though did not know and the way he found out caused many a trouble, while the young Stark knew he was adopted from the very start. The young Stark doesn't really know of his past or ancestors but unlike his brother he seemed okay with merely knowing that the Man of Iron cares for him like a son.

Speaking of the young Stark, Thor spotted him looking out of the window with no one else around.

"Should ye be here without supervision?" Thor asked.

Harry jumped a bit but then smiled when he saw who it was, "My dad, the people from England, and the guy with the eye patch were talking about really boring stuff. I asked my dad if I could wait outside and well...I got curious."

Thor smiled, "I advise thee to be careful. As wonderful as a curious mind can be, it can also lead you to trouble."

"I know. I was just waiting outside of the door when I heard a plane whoosh by. Then I found a window. We're so high up! It's awesome!" Harry exclaimed.

"You like to fly?" Thor asked with an amused smile.

"Yes!" Harry nodded furiously, "I want to be able to fly one day. But not in a plane, that's okay, but the way dad flies is much more awesome!"

"Tis more fun," Thor agreed. Then he got an idea. He bit his lower lip as he looked to make sure no one was looking, "This may be a foolish idea, but would you like to know how it feels like to fly without the metal contraption?"

Harry's face lit up like Christmas, "Yes!"

"Shh!" Thor hissed while placing his finger on his lips in the universal sign for 'quiet'. "It'll be a quick round around the Hellcarrier, but no one must know, agreed?" Harry nodded and they both sneaked off.


"That was totally awesome! You are so cool!" Harry exclaimed as they landed back near one of the gates.

"Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed flying. Twas fun, was it not?" Thor asked as they walked in and found a place to sit in the hanger.

"Very fun. I love being in the sky," Harry commented and they fell into a short silence.

Thor broke that silence when he said, "I apologized on behalf of my brother."

Harry blinked, "Just make sure he doesn't go attacking any more cities, okay? That's not very nice."

Thor blinked too as he stared at the Harry, "I meant for taking you after already being taken."

"That? Oh. Well don't worry about it okay? He didn't hurt me. Not that he could, I'm very strong, like my dad," Harry said with a smile towards the God of Thunder.

Many agents looked their way when Thor's laughter rumbled through the hanger. "Thou are very strange young Stark."

"Good strange or bad strange?" Harry asked.

"Good. Most good," Thor said and looking at this small boy reminded him so much of Loki in his younger days. Before when their biggest problem was making sure they passed their schooling and training.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Nothing young one, merely reminiscing," Thor replied.

"You're worried about your brother?" Harry guessed.

"Aye," Thor decided not to lie to Harry when it was obvious that was his problem at the moment.

"When he took me he tried to make me think my dad didn't love me," Harry whispered.

"I apologize dearly," Thor said instantly.

Harry shook his head, "It didn't bother me. I knew my dad loved me. Your brother told me I didn't understand the world. I told him that maybe I didn't. But I do understand family. I told him that all it takes are people who really care for each other to be there for one another and that's what family is. Blood isn't really that important."

"You are very wise for being so young," Thor commented.

"He called you and your family liars. What were you lying about?" Harry asked.

Thor sighed, "My brother, like you, was adopted. Though it was kept from him for much longer. When he found out he was distraught. But not necessary of it being kept from him but at the shock at whom he really was."

"He's still your brother right?" Harry asked.

Thor smiled, "Aye. But he wishes to ignore that. He can only see his ancestry, which are the monsters parents tell children of Asgard at bedtime to keep them from doing mischief." Thor replied.

"I guess that can make someone mean. But..." Harry scrunched up his face as he thought about the words he was looking for, "Even if he's from someplace else, even if the people from his family were really mean and scary, that doesn't mean he has to be. My aunt, uncle, and cousin were mean and scary people and I'm related to them. I'm not like that."

Thor smiled at Harry again, "No. Ye are the better part of the mortal world, the one that holds much greatness for the future."

Harry smiled at Thor, "You guys are going home soon?"

"Aye, your father merely has to help with some of the computers to send us back correctly. Should be soon." Thor answered.

Harry undid a bracelet on his right wrist and handed it to Thor, "Can you give this to your brother for me?"

"May I ask why?" Thor asked as he inspected the bracelet. It was more of bright red and gold thread made into a bracelet.

"When I was first adopted I couldn't believe it. I was never sure if my dad really actually wanted me. So Pepper had this made and gave it to me. It's the colors of my daddy's Iron Man armor. She told me that if I ever had any doubt whatsoever about not being his family to look at the bracelet. It was a reminder of our bond. So long as I wore it I'll never doubt it again." Harry explained with a smile.

"Will you not miss it?" Thor asked.

"Nah, I already got all the reminders I need. I think your brother needs it more than I do anyway," Harry said.

Thor ruffled Harry hair and thanked him. In between tales of Asgard and his adventures Tony arrived with Ginny.


Tony sat there in one of the many rooms of the Hellcarrier in one of the many tables as he listened to everything to expect and what is expected of him. Most of what he was told he already knew.

Harry's magic is instinctive and since he doesn't have control over it there are bound to be outburst when he's frightened, angry, or sad. Sometimes things will happen when he's very happy.

Since Harry is magic there are some things that he can see that others can't.

Tony sighed loudly in annoyance. This was so boring! Everyone though ignored him and continued to talk. Kingsley, the brunette, and the redhead were explaining some of their world policies to Fury and his agents. They were making some sort of contract. Fury will help keep the magical side secret and in return the magical world will help keeping the human race thinking they're the only ones on Earth, and in the Milky Way, for that matter.

Harry had long ago gotten bored and was allowed to leave. He promised not to wonder off and it seemed like a good idea at first but now Tony was beginning to worry. He may be sweet and innocent but he was a Stark by name and a Potter by nature. From the short talk he had about Harry's parents he learned one thing: A Potter takes to trouble like a duck takes to water.

Tony dramatically scooted his chair back and the screeching noise made everyone's focus turn to him. He stood his full height and smiled, "As exciting as all this is, really, my son is apparently a trouble maker and is loose in this giant war contraption. I'm going to go look for him."

"We aren't done here Stark," Fury said in his most powerful 'I'm in charge voice.'

Unfortunately that doesn't work on Tony, "I got the basics, which BTW, that means by the way for you old folks, I already knew. If something else comes up that's important just text me or send me an email."

As Tony exited the room he looked back and forth and tried to determine which way his son went. "Harry likes high places."

Turing around Tony noticed the redhead, "Right. I'm sorry what was your name?"

"Ginny Weasley," Ginny introduced herself.

"Right. Sorry. With all that's going on I wasn't paying too much attention to who's who. Tony Stark," Tony said as he extended his hand to shake hers.

"You're an important man with quite the arrogance. Had I introduced myself anyway, would you have seriously remembered?" Ginny asked.

"Not really. I'm not good with names," Tony replied. He was going to say something witty like 'Maybe you since you're a redhead and I like redheads' but something about this particular redhead screamed 'Don't even think about it'. It was nagging the back of his mind that he blurted out again, "What were you to Harry?"

"Does it matter?" Ginny asked.

"It did," Tony replied.

"It doesn't now," Ginny said.


"A choice was made Mr. Stark. Now we live with it. Harry's the one who matters now. If you for whatever reason feel the need to repay me just make sure you make sure he has the best life he can ask for," Ginny said.

"Will happen regardless, but I'll spoil him rotten for you if you want," Tony shrugged, though there was an odd feeling in his chest. He thinks he feels sorry for her. Not with pity, but with actual remorse.

"I don't think he'll let you. He's very humble," Ginny replied.

"True. And, you know, thanks," Tony murmured the last part.

"For?" Ginny asked.

"From what I paid attention to, Harry's really important, some sort of political figure?" Ginny have a single nod and a shrug, "They were basically using him and would have continued. Even Fury wanted to get in on it. Maybe I'm not his real dad but I've really come to love him. Even if he was changed back and didn't remember me, Harry's a good person who didn't deserve to be used. I would have made him move in with me regardless. Be my best friend or little brother or something."

"Yeah well it's still very early. You and I are bound to get into a lot of trouble later on. But if I'm going to get in trouble for something at least I won't be getting in trouble alone. And as far as causes go, I think this one is a pretty damn good one."

"No argument there." they walked around in silence. Tony didn't feel like it was awkward but he felt like it should be. Then he blurts out more, "You know! Your boss mentioned something about having someone visit Harry to explain the wizarding world to him little by little. I think it should be you. You can come over as many times as you like. In fact I can probably get you your own floor. Move in, become an unofficial Avenger, or magical ambassador or something."

Ginny smiled, "As brilliant as that is bound to be...I don't think it's right for me. But I'll make sure whoever does become the magical ambassador is a good pick."

"You sure?" Tony asked.

They stopped in the middle of the hallway and Ginny nodded, "Thank you for being considerate by giving me a chance to be close to Harry. I'm not going to deny or confirm any of your suspicious but still, even as just a friend, being close to Harry and not have him recognize me...it's too painful right now. I have to adjust first."

"I understand. And thanks again. I can't imagine it being easy. Just thinking about Harry not knowing who I am...it'd break my heart." Tony looked at Ginny very seriously and said just as seriously, "If you ever need anything, anything at all, just contact me and I'll make it happen. I can never repay you enough for what you did for me."

"With all respect I wasn't doing it for you Mr. Stark. I was doing it for Harry. And thank you for the offer. I'll keep it in mind." Ginny replied.

"No problem. And if I can make a suggestion I think I can buy you Paris. It's a lovely city, great culture, amazing food, and beautiful people," Tony said with a sly smile, trying to lighten the mood.

"Thanks," Ginny giggled, "But my sister-in-law is French so I know the place pretty well."

"Well then how about some place in Australia? Or how about just Australia?" Tony suggested and they continued like that until they found Harry talking excitedly with the God of Thunder out in the Hanger.


"You are so grounded!" Tony exclaimed as he and the rest of the Avengers, and some of the magical ones met up with Happy as he picked up the billionaire and Harry. His eyes widened and he was pale as he stared at his son.

"It's just Sully," Harry said as the California King Snake moved up from Harry's arm to rest on his shoulders.

"It's a snake," Tony stated.

"It's Sully," Harry repeated.

"It's a creepy crawly snake!" Tony cried.

"It. Is. Sully," Harry pronounced each word, "You said I could have any animal I wanted and I liked Sully."

"Sully the snake. Makes perfect sense to me," Bruce said with an amused smile as he watched father and son interact.

"No one asked you," Tony snapped at the doctor.

"You did in the lab," Bruce defended himself but stepped back and raised his hands up in surrender at Tony's glare.

"The spell that was placed on Potter was very strong. You don't think...?" Draco left it hanging in the air.

Hermione shrugged, "Well...it was a trait he got from Voldemort. With Voldemort gone...he shouldn't be able to...I mean, that would be logical right?"

"Since when is magic logical?" Ginny asked. "And what if this spell has more to do with time than actual technicality?"

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

"If the spell reverted Harry to the exact same point instead of form and reinforced it with similar magic used by time turners or something...it's possible." Ginny tried to explain her way of thinking.

"What on earth are you all talking about?" Clint asked.

"Potter! Ow," Draco glared as Ginny jabbed him in his ribs with her elbow, "Potter, can you speak with the snake?"

"What!" Tony cried.

"Don't be daft Malfoy," Ron said with an eye roll and Tony gave a sigh of relief, "Anyone can speak with a snake. The question is Harry, can you understand it?"

"What!" Tony cried again.

"You guys have totally lost your-" Clint started.

"Yes," Harry answered. "Is that normal?"

"No." said Draco, Ron, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, and Tony plainly.

"You can really speak and understand snakes?" Steve asked curiously.

"What's going on master?" Sully asked.

"They're shocked I can speak with you." Harry replied.

"Look on the bright side sir. He knows a second language," Happy tried, though he was fighting off a laugh. Only Harry could make his boss lose his cool.

Tony glared and accusingly pointed a finger at Happy, "I don't wanna hear anything from you yet Happy. Not only did you get him a snake! Don't think I've forgotten Harry got loose on your watch!"

Though his voice told everyone that he wasn't really actually upset with Happy, knowing it would have happened regardless of who was watching Harry, guilt still ate away at Happy.

"I'm sorry about that sir. I thought he was in his room. I had no idea what he was capable of," Happy apologized.

"Daddy," Harry whispered as he pulled on Tony's pants leg, "If I promise to get a good home for Sully, can Happy not be in trouble? It wasn't his fault. It was all me. I swear."

Harry's eyes were wide and doe like and with his pout he was the very definition of a 'puppy pout'.

Tony sighed, "Happy's not in trouble and...Sully can stay. And I guess at least it's not a cat," Tony gave in.

"Yay!" Harry jumped in happiness and gave a thumbs up to Happy. The older man returned the gesture with two thumbs, a smile, and a wink.

"You're still grounded though!" Tony said quickly.

"Oh yeah?" Clint asked with a smirk, "How is the big bad papa wolf going to punish his little cub?"

Everyone, especially Harry and his doe like eyes, were looking at him expectantly, "...I'm working on it!"

"Ha! Face it Stark. He could cause a second Chicago fire and the worst thing you'll do is what? Remove his private jet privileges? Force him to watch TV on a 25 in TV? Take away his robot butler?" Clint said.

Tony and Clint bickered for a few minutes before the magical ones spoke up and said their goodbyes. With 'pop's they all vanished one after the other.

Next Thor made his farewells with everyone. When he reached Harry he hugged him and gave him a special thanks that no one else knew what it meant. He then stood up, ruffled Harry's hair, and winked at him while showing him the red and gold bracelet. Then he and Loki disappeared with the Tesseract.

"I'm going to miss Mr. Odinson a lot. He is so cool! He can fly!" Harry exclaimed.

"I can fly," Tony said, an odd feeling clenching his chest.

"Yeah but Mr. Odinson can fly without a suit! And he's so fast and super strong! Think I'll ever be as strong as him?"

"Well he is a god champ. And besides, when you get older I thought about making you your own suit." Tony said. He really didn't because he didn't want his son in the line of fire but he couldn't help but blurt that out.

"Really!" Harry asked as his eyes filled with excitement. "That is so cool! Thanks daddy you're the best!"

"Naturally. Don't you dare forget it," Tony said as he ruffled Harry's head.

"You just promised your kid a suit because you were jealous of Thor," Natasha said calmly while Bruce talked to Harry.

"No I didn't." Tony argued.

"Yeah, you did," Natasha said with a smile.

"Well maybe I did. So what?" Tony countered.

Natasha shrugged, "Nothing. Just good to know you're still you under that papa wolf fur."

"Oh haha, you're hilarious," Tony said sarcastically.

Eventually the others decided to start going their own ways too. Natasha and Clint left with promises to drop in from time to time, Steve was about to hop on his bike when Tony stopped him.

"I have something to ask you."


"Harry needs a godfather," Tony said.

"And?" Steve asked, confused by the statement.

"And...are you interested?" Tony asked as he looked away.

Steve took a moment and just stared at Tony, "You want me to be Harry's godfather?"

"Well my son only has the best. And I doubt you can get better as a godfather than Captain America." Tony said a bit defensively.

"Thor saved Harry and he's a god. Wouldn't that be better?" Steve asked with a raised eye brow.

"Thor may or may not be around as often as a godfather should," Tony replied.

"And this has nothing to do with the fact that Harry thinks Thor is cooler than you?" Steve asked with an amused smirk.

"He does not think that! Look! Do you want it or not? I can ask anyone else in the world. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Liam Neeson, David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch. You may not know who they are but they are huge, important celebrities who would be mega honored about the offer." Tony huffed.

Steve chuckled, "I'll be happy and honored to be his godfather."

Tony huffed and said, "Was that so hard? Geez! Well! Now that you agreed just know that as a godfather you are now attending every holiday we celebrate. Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah-"

"You aren't Jewish," Steve butted in.

Tony gave Steve a look, "Eight days of spoiling my little boy? How am I going to pass that up?"

"It's going to be hell buying a gift for your kid, you know that?" Steve asked, though he was smiling like an idiot. A man frozen in time, everything he knew was nearly gone and forgotten, and now he was going to be added to a family.

"It's going to be trouble, but Harry's worth it. Oh, but your gifts can't be better than mine," Tony said.

"You're a billionaire, how the hell can my gifts be better?" Steve asked with a raised eye brow.

"Harry's odd. He has an old soul thing going on. And you know his situation. Maybe with your actual oldness you'll find a gift that's worth more in sentimental value." Tony explained.

Steve shook his head and walked over to Harry, "Hey Harry. When exactly is your birthday?"

"July 31st," Harry answered happily.

"I promise to stop by and I'll have a little something special for you, okay?" Steve said.

"So long as you come to share the cake is fine. You don't need to get me anything," Harry said.

Steve looked between Harry and Tony and just shook his head, "I might not be able to compete with your dad but if I see something nifty on the road I'll get it for you. Is there anything specific I need to do now that I swore to be your godfather?"

Harry eyes widened, "Really?"

"Yup. Nothing but the best for you champ," Tony confirmed.

"Just come and visit lots. Oh and help my dad when he's fighting a really, really mean bad guy," Harry said.

Steve smiled, "I can do that."

Steve said his farewells and road off on his bike. Being awake in a world decades beyond his own left him feeling very alone and very isolated from the rest of the population. Everywhere he went and everything he saw made him feel out of place.

When he was fighting for his country, for his people, and for his new friends he finally felt like he belonged again. He still missed everyone from his time, but with the Avengers as his friends, and now Harry and Tony as his family, the world didn't seem as big, as cold, or as alone. He had somewhere to go to now and all the way to his next destination his big smile couldn't be wiped off.

Happy got in the back with Harry and Sully while Tony got into the driver's seat and Bruce into the companion one. They chatted animatedly all the way to the tower, and tried to keep things as light as possible but there was something nagging in the back of all their minds. Happy was still guilty about what happened to Harry. Bruce was confused to Harry's power over the Hulk and what it meant. Tony worried about his father's warning and Harry's well-being. Harry worried about what his parents had told him.

Even though that was nagging the back of their minds, for the moment they left it alone.

Tomorrow they'd worry about the world and the problems it holds.

Everybody knows that everybody dies, they knew more so than the normal people. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the heroes of the world come to call, everybody lives.


That last bit was actually a Doctor Who line for you Whovians.

Okay! Here's the deal guys! Avengers sequel comes out May 1, 2015! I will be doing a sequel Man of Iron, Father of Gold based on that movie as well. I was going to dive into some serious research and see what I could do with the Thanos angle by myself but I thought of something else instead.

My friends have roped me into reading many Loki redemption stories and...I've fallen for it. So in-between waiting for the actual Avenger sequel I will write a story that is technically a sequel to this. It will have all the Avengers in Avenger Tower, Redeeming Loki, I'll explore the whole Harry befriending the Hulk that I've set up here, and also giving Harry the chance to grow up some. I may have to tweek the timeline, or at least Harry's age, when the actual movie comes out. But I want Harry to have something under his belt before he and the gang have to have Thanos.

Also all the one shots I promised the previous chapter and any other idea that pops into my little mind.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of you who have enjoyed and followed me on this ride. I've enjoyed it so much. You guys are awesome. You got this to be liked over 2000 follows, over a 1000 favorited, and over 1000 reviews. Thank you so much!


This is a page I made. Has pics, will have videos that have inspired me, every time I update a story, I post up the new chapter there. I update you guys one what's what, and I have pictures of baby/kid avengers. Please like. If copy and paste doesn't work. I have a link on my profile.