~*Mina's Dance Recital*~

Author's intro: This is a one shot pointless comedy, where Mina joins a dancing school. This takes place during her Recital.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, and Naoko Takeuchi doesn't wanna own this tory!

Serena, Darien, Andrew, Greg, Lita, Raye, and Amy sat in the front row of the Japanese dance academy official recital hall. Mina had joined in order to become more graceful.

Currently, a group of young girls were dancing to "I'm a Slave 4 u". They were barely dressed in Red halters and short, short, short shorts. A group of teenage boys were sitting behind the group. "Those boys are panting! They are perverts!" said Amy.

"Serena, would you pass me the large rubber mallet?" asked Raye sweetly. "One large rubber mallet, coming up. Raye took the mallet from Serena, and turned to face the boys.

-Whack- oww! –Whack- oww!!!! –Whack- owwie!


"No more peeping idiots today." Said Lita. "Don't be so sure." She pointed at Andrew, Darien, and Greg. They were far up in their seats, staring at the girls.

The girls glared. Serena took the rubber mallet into her own hands, hitting Darien's head so that there was a domino effect going on with boy's heads. "Slave" finally ended. Darien was pleading with Serena, trying to get her to forgive her. He won her over by saying, "I was picturing you in that outfit!"

"Shut up! Mina's Dance is on, and it's the last number!" Mina's ballet dance entered the stage. Mina was the picture of perfection. She danced gracefully across the stage, until she accidentally fell off the stage.


The perverted boys rushed over to her. She got one of their phone numbers, and they got married. Then they got divorced cause Mina's dad found out.


Who knows what will happen at next years recital?