Hi! I'm Anabelle. Some of you may already know me by my Spirited Away fanfics. Now, I wanted to make one for "Kiki's Delivery Service." This is one of my all-time favorite Miyazaki films (other than Spirited Away). I hope you enjoy it and reviews are always helpful! Thanks!

Chapter 1: Home

Flying. I was flying high in the sky, soaring through the clouds. I couldn't believe it had been seven years since I first came to Koriko. It was hard settling in at first, but Osono and her husband were so kind to me. They gave me a place to call home. I was treated like family, but as a member of it, I also had to work.

Osono's bakery was the family business. Every day I would sit there for hours and wait for customers to flood in. Sometimes, though, they didn't come for bread. They came to see me. And of course, Jiji, my black cat. They needed us to make a delivery for them. And as always, I was happy to do so.

My means of income was becoming a delivery girl. Jiji and I would soar through the city, bringing gifts and packages to wherever they needed to go. Only a few short months after I had first arrived did I have regular customers. My first year of training was a success.

But after returning home, I realized there were many things I didn't know about being a witch. Flying, of course, was the one thing every witch needed to know how to do. Having a black cat was the other. But after watching my mom make potions the way she did, I learned there were other talents I could have portrayed than just flying.

When I returned home, my mother taught me some of the potions she knew. I had become so skilled at curing illnesses that my mom said I was becoming better than her. By the time I had turned sixteen, I was already a master witch.

On becoming a master witch, I didn't have to wear that old, dark dress anymore. I did, of course, keep it as a reminder of my time in Koriko, but I went to town and bought myself a lovely white dress and used the red ribbon that I wore in my hair as a belt.

"Kiki, we have to go to Lilly's first, okay?" Jiji had complained the whole ride down that he needed to see Lilly. When we first came to Koriko, Jiji had had an attraction to the neighbor's cat. It didn't take long before they became Koriko's very own Romeo and Juliet. Together, they raised four kittens, Jin, Miki, Suzu and Eiko. Lilly and their children visited us lots of times before, but it had been quite some time since either had seen one another. Jin returned with us back home to learn how to become a witch's cat. He had yet to find a witch in need of a black cat, and he was becoming older by the day. At this rate, only his children would be able to become a witch's cat.

"Don't worry, Jiji," I assured him, "we'll get to see Lilly and your other children."

It had been almost seven years since I first landed upon Koriko, and I had just returned. I wondered if anyone would remember me. I was wearing a completely different dress, my hair was much longer than before, and I was seven years older. At least one person would have to have remembered me.

As I spotted the city that floated on waves, I knew I was there. Home. My home. Everyone there made it a special place to live in. I had made so many great friends, but there was one person in particular that made Koriko a special place to live in. Tombo.

Tombo never gave up on being there for me. He tried his best to impress me, and sometimes it worked. He was the main reason I was coming back.

Ever since I could remember, Tombo had always had eyes for me. Every time we were together, he would blush or become nervous. I didn't want us to be anything but friends for quite some time. But now that I was older, I realized that I was pushing my feelings away. Tombo made me feel so safe, and I was only pushing him away. I hoped that he would forgive me.

I ignored everyone I saw down at the port and continued up to the clock tower. It hadn't change at all. Of course, they needed to rebuild the top after the incident with the Spirit of Freedom, but other than that it was the same old clock tower.

I looked down and saw so many new faces. Everyone seemed just as happy as they used to be. I looked everywhere and soon saw Osono's bakery. Smiling, I flew as fast as I could down to the small shop on the corner. There were many customers entering and exiting the shop. It seemed that business was doing fine during my time away.

I landed on the rock road and held my broom in my hand. No one had seen me fly down, and when they finally saw me with a broom, they just became confused and walked along. I opened the door slowly and walked in. A little girl was at the cash register taking money and placing them in their rightful spots and handing back change. An older man was bringing out bread to show to the customers what they can purchase.

I walked up to the counter and the little girl smiled. She seemed to be too young to have gotten a job here, so I knew straight away that this was Osono's daughter, Kimi. She had grown into a beautiful young girl since the last time I saw her. Kimi was only a few inches tall and now, she was only a foot shorter than me.

"Hi," Kimi said, "what can I get you?"

"Actually," I responded, "I came here to see your mother, Osono." She understood and went to the back to fetch her. It had been years since I last stepped foot in the bakery. Not much had changed. Only theKiki's Delivery Servicesign was removed since I no longer worked here. They may need to put it back out though, since I plan on staying.

"There she is, Mommy!" I turned around and saw the little girl pointing at me, and her mother staring. She lowered her daughter's finger and said, "Be nice, Kimi. It's not polite to point at people."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about her, Osono," I said, "Kimi is only a child." Osono looked at me with confusion. Obviously I had changed too much, because she didn't recognize who I was.

"I'm sorry, have we met before?" I placed my broomstick upright and Jiji climbed up and sat on my shoulder, along with his son, Jin. It took her only a second to remember the little witch girl that had come to her bakery seven years ago.

It's a bit short, but as the chapters go on, they will continue to grow longer and have more detail. Kiki has grown so much since her last visit almost no one recognizes her! I really hope you all like it. There will be more to come, but I am in the middle of one of my other fanfics already. Until then, please read, review, PM, etc. Thank you!

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