Full Summary: "A stormy season has hit Sotoba; ruining their normal hot weather. However, the rain isn't the only thing clouding Natsuno and Tohru's spirits as they have to choose between friends or themselves. Will they break apart or will this rain bring them closer than they've ever been before?"

Chapter 1

Sotoba was known for its' unbearably hot summers and sunny days, but today was different; Clouds plagued the usually blue skies of the small village while rain drops fell from them at a steady pace. Most villagers were prepared for this sudden change in the weather, apparently village life made you a master weather forecaster or something just from a change in wind direction... yet others weren't so lucky.

One particular boy had been completely caught out in the newly developing storm. He'd stayed late at school to study for his college entrance exams and had just missed the last bus that he needed to catch to get home. So now he had to walk in the pouring rain – or at least he thought he did.

"Hey Natsuno!"

The boy turned his head to see where the familiar voice was coming from.

A passing car slowed to a stop next to Natsuno.

"Hey buddy!"

A slightly older looking boy stuck his head out of the drivers window slightly trying not to get his scruffy blonde hair wet.

"Why are you out here in the rain?"

Natsuno seemed to stay quiet for a moment, what a stupid question he thought it's not like I'm out here out of choice...

Tohru gestured to the back seat of his car, "C'mon, I'll give you a lift home if you'd like?"

Natsuno was going to refuse until the rain got heavier; making up his mind for him. He opened the car's rear door and slid inside placing his bag next to him before closing it again.

"So, why were you out in the rain?"

Tohru was watching Natsuno in his rear-view mirror with a friendly smile on his face, but it wasn't him who asked the question. One of the local nurses was in the car with him already and had turned back to face Natsuno while she was speaking to him. Natsuno didn't know her that well, but he'd heard a lot about her from Tohru.

"I was studying for my college entrance exams..."

Ritsuko smiled warmly,

"Oh... I'd heard from Tohru that you were talking about leaving the village as soon as you could, why is that?"

Natsuno glanced out of the car window, why do these people always have to ask questions? Aren't their own lives exciting enough? He decided to stay silent, maybe she'd get the message that he didn't want to talk.

"I wouldn't bother talking to Natsuno about that kinda stuff Ritsuko"

Ritsuko looked back at Tohru again,


Natsuno started to space out without meaning to, he hated listening to people talking when it didn't concern something important. He was far more focused on the rain that was running down the window.

Several minutes seemed to pass with Tohru and Ritsuko making casual conversation with each other. Natsuno watched them from the back-seat quietly, there was something about Ritsuko that he didn't like but he couldn't quite figure out what it was. Maybe it was because Tohru talked to her about everything, why is she so special anyway? Natsuno had talked to Tohru about moving away from the village in confidence, he didn't expect Tohru to be the sort of person to spread things around so easily. It irritated him.

Tohru stopped outside of the Ozaki Clinic, the place where Ritsuko worked as a nurse.

"Well Tohru, thanks for dropping me off at work, you did pretty well with your driving today."

Ritsuko got out of the car quietly making sure not to disturb Natsuno who was now dozing in the back.

"Thanks for supervising me today Ritsuko, I really appreciate it!"

Tohru seemed to be beaming with pride at her statement, while Ritsuko simply smiled and waved as she made her way inside quickly trying to avoid getting too wet in the rain.

Tohru sighed like a lovesick puppy as he watched her go inside the clinic but he soon snapped out of it when Natsuno reached forward and tugged on his hair.

"Ow! Oh, I guess you're awake now huh?"

Tohru turned to face Natsuno and rubbed his head slightly,

"You know it's not nice to pull people's hair..."

Natsuno grumbled quietly,

"Then don't keep me hanging around when I wanna go home..."

Tohru chuckled,

"Fine, Fine... Just give me a second..."

He turned the car around and headed for Natsuno's house, it wasn't that far away but it wasn't exactly close which gave them time to talk.

"Hey Natsuno?"

Tohru broke the silence between them,


"Do you think... You could help me with something?"

"Depends what it is really..."

Tohru stayed quiet for a moment, which was pretty unusual for him,


"O-Oh.. I was wondering.. Do you think Ritsuko would want to go on a drive with me this weekend?"

Natsuno looked confused,

"Wasn't she on a drive with you just a few minutes ago?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to make this into more of a.. a date."

Natsuno went quiet, he didn't like where this was going at all.


"I don't think that's such a good idea, she's a good deal older than you y'know? And I think she's interested in someone else anyway..."

Natsuno didn't need to see Tohru's face to know that he was upset,

"I don't want you to get hurt Tohru..."

Tohru remained silent for a moment before speaking again.

"If you're jealous Natsuno just say so"

Natsuno wasn't sure how to react,

"What do you-"

"You're jealous of me and Ritsuko aren't you?"

Natsuno hadn't ever seen Tohru like this, but he sure as hell wasn't going to stand for it,

"Why the hell would I be jealous of you and her of all people?"

"Because you've only got a weird-ass stalker interested in you"

Natsuno was slightly hurt by Tohru's remarks, he was usually so kind and care-free, why was he being such an ass all of a sudden?

"You know I hate her Tohru-chan..."

"Sure, so you can't stand to see anyone else happy right?"

Natsuno didn't bother to reply to Tohru, he didn't want to make things any worse between them than it already was. Tohru pulled up outside Natsuno's house without saying another word. Natsuno got out of the car and put his bag back over his shoulder, he was about to turn and thank Tohru for the ride home but he'd already left.

Natsuno's mother greeted him in her usual fashion,

"How was your day at school honey?" she called out to him from the kitchen, obviously too busy to leave her cooking and come and see him.

"It was fine mom"

Natsuno took his shoes off and made his way through to the kitchen,

"What time are you planning dinner for? I need to study"

His mother took a moment and turned to face him,

"I'd say another hour yet, but shouldn't you take a break from all this studying?"

Natsuno shook his head,

"It's okay mom, I know what I'm doing..."

He made his way into his bedroom, passing his father on the way, who managed to greet him with a small grunt which Natsuno didn't even bother returning.

Natsuno went into his room and put his bag down beside his desk, taking out a notebook and a pencil before starting his studying again.

The only reason Natsuno studied so hard was because he wanted to leave Sotoba as soon as possible, he hated the small village and everything in it. Well, almost everything, there were a few things that he didn't mind so much. He was born and originally raised in the city by his parents, but his father had the marvellous idea of moving to a small village for a more peaceful and family-orientated life. What a load of crap that was... Natsuno couldn't stand it, the place was small, cramped and everyone wanted to know your business whatever it was. The villagers were non-stop gossipers, they really had nothing better to do with their pointless little lives. Oh, and there was one thing that bothered him more than anything else, as if on cue there was a small rustling sound outside of his window followed by a small squeak of a girl fearing she had been discovered. His so-called stalker, Megumi Shimizu. For some reason the girl had got it in mind that she loved him and that he would one day return her love or something. It was all so ridiculous, she'd sit outside his window every evening and try to watch him studying. It was creepy and disgusting.

"Natsuno, dinner's ready!"

Natsuno opened his window and glanced outside, just catching site of his pink haired stalker ducking behind one of the bushes. He sighed and closed it again, making sure it was locked tight – he didn't want her getting any funny ideas after all.

"I'm coming mom"

Little did he know that this evening Megumi was thinking of trying something even worse than usual.

The family had sat down to eat their meal when there was a knock at the door,

"Who could that be at this hour?"

Natsuno's father got up from the table and went to answer the door while his mother carried on eating quietly, Natsuno couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable.

Then he heard it, that annoying shrill voice of his stalker, Shimizu.

"I-Is Yuuki in? I heard that he lives here and I'm a good friend of his..."

Followed by his father of course, but it's not like he knew anything about her being a stalker,

"Uh, yes he does live here, maybe you should come in and talk to him"

Natsuno bolted up from the table, he wasn't having Shimizu in his house – never!


Natsuno's father turned to face him and give him a reluctant smile,

"Oh Natsuno, this young lady was just telling me how good a friend she was to you, I don't remember you talking about her before..."

Natsuno was about to protest when his mother followed him to the door,

"Oh Natsuno, she's very pretty..."

He knew where this was going... The usual 'parents assuming any girl that you know is your girlfriend' thing. That had to be one of most sickening things that he could imagine right about now.

Natsuno's father was about to open the door a little bit more and let her in, but Natsuno wouldn't let that happen, he stood between his father and Shimizu with a rather fierce look on his face.


His mother looked at him,

"What's wrong? Are we embarrassing you in front of your friend?"

Natsuno shook his head slightly,

"Not at all Mother, but I won't let you invite her in here"

His father seemed to look at Megumi apologetically,

"She's the stalker I was telling you about, you know, the one that sits outside of my window every night?"

Megumi flinched at this statement and took a step back from the door, his mother looked at her,

"Is that true young lady?"

Before Megumi could speak Natsuno cut in,

"Her name's Shimizu. Megumi Shimizu, not 'young lady'... she's nothing of the sort..."

Natsuno's parents laughed together,

"Well then Miss. Shimizu, I suggest you leave"

and with that, his father closed the door on her rather abruptly. For once, Natsuno was fairly happy with what his father had done while they made their way back into the kitchen to enjoy their dinner and discuss his 'stalker issues'.

Megumi still stood in front of the door to Yuuki's house in shock. She couldn't quite comprehend how quickly everything had just happened. But she knew how embarrassed and furious she was, she wouldn't stand for this, not by a long shot. She turned on the heel of her boots and walked back to her own home, all the while thinking up a plan to get back at Yuuki somehow, if she couldn't have him – nobody could.

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Natsuno regrets making Tohru angry and decides to apologise & support him by asking Ritsuko out on a date for him. Will Tohru forgive Natsuno? How will Ritsuko react to getting such a request? & What exactly is Megumi planning?