"How you feeling?" Dean asks her as he opens the door to the hotel room. It's noon and Lizzy hadn't moved for the rest of the night after a few more rounds of praying to the porcelain gods. He'd put her back to bed around two in the morning after that. He thought she'd be out for even longer, but he's happy to see her awake, lying on her side, head cuddled into her pillow and watching TV quietly.

"Like dog shit," she responds. "But a smaller piece of dog shit than I felt like last night."

"It's a start," he smiles as he takes a seat next to her, dropping the plastic shopping bag and white cardboard envelope in his hands on the floor at his feet, and nodding to her exposed, bandaged shoulder. "Can I check?"

"Be my guest," Lizzy invites. Dean pulls back the gauze square and inspects her wound.

"Not bad," he reports, standing to toss out the old bandage and get her fresh ones.

"Good," Lizzy responds, head still firmly planted on her pillow. "So how come you're not super pissed at me?"

"Why would I be pissed at you?" Dean asks from the bathroom while raiding her med kit.

"Because I ran away," Lizzy says with surprise in him. "I left you and Sam."

"I found you, didn't I?" Dean responds, brushing off the issue. "You knew I would."

"I also know I was a complete ass to you," Lizzy adds, remembering only bits and pieces of the night. "You're not an asshole, by the way."

"I also like to think you don't hate me either," Dean adds while walking back over to her, new gauze in hand, and reclaiming his seat next to her.

"I told you I hate you?" she asks with utter disgust in herself.

"You didn't mean it," Dean rationalizes while covering her injury while she's still lying on her side. "It only counts if you're sober and actually mean it."

Lizzy reaches up and grabs one of his hands once the tape was down her new bandage. Dean pauses and looks down to her.

"I am so sorry," she says with regret-filled eyes.

"Don't apologize," he tells her. "We all break down now and then. Keeps us as close to sane as we'll ever get."

"But you don't deserve…"

"L," Dean interrupts, not wanting to hear her worries. These few days have been awful enough for her. No need to dwell. "Stop apologizing. It's over." Dean finishes up his work on her shoulder as Lizzy lies quietly. Knowing she's stewing in her own guilt and sorrow, he knows it's time to lighten things up. "So, I come bearing gifts."

He hands over the convenience store plastic bag he'd been carrying when he arrived and Lizzy sits up a little to peer inside with excitement. Two large bottles of yellow Gatorade, a small bottle of Ibuprofen, a pack of her favorite mint gum, and one king-sized Snickers for when she felt good enough to eat again. He knew her so well and the small loving gesture fills her heart.

"My hero," she says with a smile, a real, full smile, while wrapping her arms around his waist and dropping her head in his lap. "This is awesome, thank you."

"Just wait, there's more," Dean tells her, shaking the cardboard overnight airmail envelope in his hand, its contents rattling inside as he does.

"You have my attention," Lizzy tells him, sitting up fully and immediately regretting doing so too quickly. Her head throbs and she reaches swiftly for the painkillers Dean just bought her. She pops three of them in her mouth and washes them down with her favorite Gatorade flavor, lemon-lime, while he explains.

"This," he begins while tearing open the envelope. "Is pretty important to me. It's one of the few things that dad kept of mom's after she died and she loved this thing. So I figured, instead of keep it sitting in Bobby's basement to collect dust, you should have it." He reaches into the envelope and pulls out the silver charm bracelet, holding it in his palm and looking it over. It's been a while since he's seen it and it makes him smile just to behold it once again.

"Holy shit," Lizzy says, setting her drink on the night stand and looking at him with honest surprise. She never saw this huge gesture coming. "Dean, that's…"

"Awesome of me?" he cuts her off.

"Too much," she tells him, eyes wide.

"No it's not," Dean explains. "I really want you to have it. It's a piece of my past, a really good piece, and seeing it makes me remember her. It feels right to pass it on to the only other woman that's been in my life that means so much to me."

"Who are you?" Lizzy looks up to him with narrowed eye at his slightly unusual display of sheer love and affection. He wasn't the jewelry buying, greeting card sending kind of boyfriend for the most part and Lizzy is fine with that. But this, this blindsides her. "Because I'm not dealing with any more shifters any time soon."

"Shut up," Dean jokingly says while unclasping the jewelry and hooking it around her wrist. "I checked with Sam first before I had Bobby send it out overnight and he agreed with me. We both want you to have it."

"I don't…" Lizzy sighs and runs her fingers over the shining silver charms, admiring each one as she does. Protection. Every charm has protective properties. And it was perfect, her style completely, and it linked her solidly to the family she loves so much. "I don't know what to say."

"Thank you is generally what people say when they receive the best gift ever," Dean jests with a grin.

"Thank you," Lizzy responds before kissing him. No one has ever done something so meaningful for her. She knows how much Dean still loves and misses his mother, so for him to include her in any way in that is a gesture that she'll always cherish. "You can't possibly know how much this means to me." She kisses him again, long and slow, before abruptly pulling away. "Shit," Lizzy complains, jumping out of bed. She rushes to her bag to grab some clothes as she ignores her sickness and Dean looks at her in alarm.

"Uh, where's the fire, L?" Dean questions as she hurriedly gets dressed, having only been in underwear and a tank. "You need to take it easy. I doubt you're feeling back to normal just yet."

"Cas is coming," Lizzy explains. "Don't wanna be half naked when he gets here."

"That's just fucking weird," Dean comments, having temporarily forgotten that she had this newfound ability.

"And as usual he comes at the worst possible time."

"That's what she said," Dean grins over to her. Lizzy rolls her eyes with a smile.

"Just hilarious. At least we'll get answers though, right?" she looks to him optimistically while buttoning her jeans.

"Sure," he answers with a sigh, preparing to once more get shitty, life-altering news.

The fluttering wings are heard and Lizzy turns to see Castiel standing in front of the hotel room door.

"Hey Cas," Lizzy calmly greets with a smile, happy to see him. She's cool and collected and has no idea why. She's about to get most likely some very heavy information but she's the farthest thing from scared.

"Elizabeth. Dean," he nods to each as he says their names in his usual serious tone. "Where is Sam?"

"Next door," Dean explains. "You need him for this?"

"No, but I will leave his presence up to Elizabeth since he seems to have become immensely important to her," Castiel explain while walking across the room. He takes a seat at the table, sitting stiffly.

"Dean, can you go grab him?" Lizzy asks, wanting both allies in the room for this one. She would just end up telling Sam everything anyways and at this point, he a very comforting presence for her, especially after the past few days.

"Yeah," Dean agrees as he gets up and leaves the room.

"You know, Cas," Lizzy starts while pulling on her navy canvas jacket in the air conditioned room and then dropping down into the seat across from Castiel at the table. "You don't have to call me Elizabeth. You can call me Lizzy." She smiles to him, somehow feeling closer to the angel than before.

"I know that I can," Castiel responds with a hint of a smile. "But I prefer not to. You're full name has a strong and beautiful meaning."

"Which is?" Lizzy looks at him hesitant wonder. She never knew what her name meant.

"God's promise," Castiel flatly explains and Lizzy smirks with the irony in the meaning.

"Fuck me, man," Lizzy huffs as Dean and Sam joint them in the room. They both sit side by side on the bed facing Lizzy and Castiel.

"Alright, Travolta," Dean begins while looking at Castiel. "What the fuck is going on with my girl?"

"You, Elizabeth, as we've previously discussed, are special," Castiel explains and turns to look at Lizzy. "I just never told you how. It comes down to your bloodline."

"Sounds ominous…" Lizzy comments while stealing a glance at Dean and Sam's serious and concentrated face sitting at the edge of the bed closest to her.

"On the contrary," Castiel rebuts. "It's actually quite auspicious. You come from a very distinguished lineage."

"If you tell me I'm the second coming, so help me I will smack you," Lizzy points at him with raised eyebrows and a hint of playfulness. Even Dean finds the ability to huff a quick laugh at her comment.

"You are not the human offspring of my father," Castiel confirms. "You are, however, once removed."

"Come again?" Sam asks with a very confused expression.

"'And it came to pass," Castiel starts reciting. "When the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.'" Castiel then pauses when he realizes he has three completely blank stares aimed his way with his quoting of ancient scripture.

"Ok," Sam comments as he can see where this is going.

"I'm lost," Dean says aloud.

"It's from the book of Enoch," Castiel tells them as if that meant anything to them. It didn't.

"Anyone have Rosetta Stone for angel speak?" Lizzy asks Dean and Sam, still confused.

"Enochian," Castiel corrects.

"What?" Lizzy questions.

"Our language, it's called Enochian," he tells her. "In the earlier days of man, my father sent angels to look after the Earth and its inhabitants. They were the Watchers. When humans first started procreating, the daughters they produced were beautiful and quite enchanting… even to my brothers. They then made a very regrettable decision."

"So angels jumped off their clouds for a little human on wing action?" Dean incredulously asks.

"Why do I get the feeling God didn't like that so much?" Sam comments. With what they've learned so far about the big man, he can only assume God wasn't down with this.

"He most certainly did not," Castiel assures. "He cast the fallen angels down into a place of total darkness and left only a small number of these angels on Earth, the ones he'd truly loved and trusted to change their ways. However, these fallen angels became bitter when they couldn't return to heaven. That bitterness grew into anger, and then into pure fury. These became the Earth's first demons."

"The first demons were fallen angels?" Lizzy asks with concentrated wonder. She finds herself enthralled by the story itself. How interesting and highly ironic that pure good had spawned pure evil.

"Yes, even their eventual leader was once a bright and beautiful angel of the lord. When Lucifer was cast down, he took it upon himself to lead the already created demons."

"This is like jacked up Sunday school…" Lizzy comments quietly.

"No shit," Dean answers. "So angels came down to bang some hot humans, they became demons… where does L fit into this?" He looks to Castiel with pleading eyes, desperate to understand what is happening to her.

"Elizabeth is a long down the line product of this heavenly indiscretion." Castiel turns to Lizzy with a very serious look that has what she could swear is little bit of pride behind it. "You have Nephilim blood in you… a large amount actually."

"Nephilim?" Sam questions before Lizzy can let out her protest to the idea.

"They are the heroes of the old, the men of renown," Castiel quotes once more from ancient script. "In other words, they are the products of the fallen angels and their female, human counterparts."

"Half angel, half human…" Lizzy comments off-handedly. "I'm part heavenly bastard. Awesome. Why do I have so much of this Nephilim in my bloodline then?"

"Your parents were both products of several different Nephilim lines coming together in the generations leading up to you," Castiel explains. "It was a daunting task making sure it all came together as God willed. Very difficult. But, after much hard work, you came into being."

For the first time Lizzy's brow knits together as her eyes grow wide. She's no longer calm as Castiel shares the very large truth behind her existence.

"Wait a minute…" Lizzy holds out a hand to Castiel to make sure he doesn't keep talking before she's ready. Plus, she has some questions. "God wanted there to be a person who was heavy in angel blood so he sent his henchmen out to Chuck Woolery my ancestors together, which lead to my parents?"

"Yes," Castiel plainly answers.

"Then you played matchmaker with my parents and boom, God's little angel-human hybrid is fucking born?"

"Exactly," Castiel once more answers her plainly.

"Shiiiiiiit," Lizzy draws out as she stares at Castiel with fear. Unreal. This whole situation is too unreal. Mulling over everything she's just been made aware of, Lizzy stays quiet and thinks while Sam and Dean keep the questions coming.

"Why?" Dean needs to know, the panic striking him hard. "Why does God need someone like that?"

"That is still mysterious even to me," Castiel says.

"So the angels set this whole thing up, years and years of interfering with humans getting knocked up to create Lizzy and you don't know why?" Sam incredulously asks.

"That is the truth," the angel returns. "I have my theories, but God has never passed down the true reason behind it."

"Whoa, this is heavy," Lizzy sighs out, the weight of the discovery pressing invisibly on her shoulders.

"Alright, then toss us some of you theories, Cas," Dean asks. "What do you think daddy dearest is up to?"

"The timing suggests it has something to do with the Apocalypse," Castiel says. "I feel it is very intertwined. How I am not sure, but it seems clear to me."

"Why else?" Lizzy pushes him.

Castiel sighs, obviously unsure of what to share and what to keep to himself. "I find it interesting that you and Dean were destined to be together, which was also a command of my father's."

Lizzy leans back away from the table for a moment, letting his words truly seep in. She peers over to Dean with sad eyes when she puts it together.

"The motivation Laraje was talking about," Lizzy recalls the words of the demon that possessed her and revealed maybe too much about their futures. "It has something to do with that." Lizzy looks quickly back to Castiel. "Doesn't it?"

"I believe so," Castiel explains with hesitation that none of the hunters pick up on while trying to come to terms with the revelations.

"You aren't gonna tell us what that means are you?" Sam probes, getting the feeling that Castiel can only say so much. He's spot on.

"No," the angel says. "I don't know anyways."

"So Paul and Cath were seeped in angel blood," Lizzy comments, thinking about her parents and finding herself happy they didn't need to know any of this.

"Well, you're partially right with that." Castiel trains his eyes on Lizzy, narrowing them and carefully selecting his words. "Catherine was very connected to the Nephilim line, you are correct about that."

"But… you said both my parents were…" Lizzy tries to get her question out but gets interrupted.

"Both of your blood parents were in fact decedents of the Nephilim line." Castiel looks away from her at this point, eyes searching the room as his body tenses when he senses something.

"What's going on, Cas?" Dean asks when he sees the ridged manner Castiel suddenly acts. The angel stands up from his seat in the wooden chair and looks around the hotel room, effectively cutting off their highly important conversation about just who Lizzy is.

"They're coming," Lizzy answers for the angel, also sensing the oncoming visitors. "A lot of them. And fast."

"Cas, what do we do?" Sam quickly asks with alarm as he and Dean stand up quickly.

"Come," Castiel demands as he lines them up side by side in the Las Vegas hotel room, Dean in the middle. He grabs Lizzy and Dean's wrists and pulls their hands together, getting them to hold on to the other. He then does the same with Sam and Dean.

"Whoa," Dean stops him, pulling his wrist back. "The hell are you doing?"

"Trust me, Dean," he responds heavily while pressing Sam and Dean's palms together and they awkwardly oblige the angel while looking suspiciously at each other.

"Um, Cas?" Lizzy begins, a threatening feeling overcoming her suddenly. It's dark and foreboding. "They're pretty angry."

"They're angry with me," Cas cryptically explains. "I have answers for you but if we stay here, it won't be good. We need to go."

With that, Castiel presses his fingers to Dean's forehead in the middle of the hand-held line. The room is filled with the sound of fluttering and then it's empty. All four are gone and the only sound left in the room is the TV quietly playing daytime soaps.

To be continued...