White sheets of Egyptian cotton so soft against my skin as I wake from what might be the most perfect sleep I have had in months. Your hand rides lightly upon my hip, making your presence felt. Having you here with me, so close, both calming and exciting. Arousing my passions as you calm my restless heart.

The quiet seeps in across the sun-dappled sheets as you gently stir behind me, subtle movements drawing my attention. Gently I roll, pressing my lips against the warmth of your shoulder. I feel you tilt your head slightly to rest your cheek against my hair and hum softly in content.

Another gentle kiss to your shoulder, exposed above the paleness of the sheets and I raise my eyes to meet the brightness of yours. You smile softly down at me, as our eyes meet and cling.

Reaching out you roll me closer, tucking my body close against the hardness of yours. Wrapping me in your warmth, heart to heart. Sharing a moment of perfect serenity before the reality of life creeps in.

Raising my head I again meet your eyes, marveling anew at their clarity and beauty as I run my fingers through your short dark hair. Loving the soft slide, silken smooth between my fingers as you slowly run your hand up and down my spine.

Briefly you hug me closer as the sounds of the world creep under the door. Matching sighs of quiet regret that the spell of the perfect moment has been broken. You gently press your lips to mine before reluctantly rolling away, leaving the flawlessness of the moment behind.

I watch you pad softly across the floor, your bare feet making barely a sound as I admire the perfection of your form. Made even more beautiful by the scars you wear proudly. You glance back once more, gaze into my eyes and smile your heartbreaking smile, before slipping from the room.

With a pang of regret I slowly swing my legs over the side of the bed, toes curling against the chill of the floor. Time for reality to set back in, the day to begin, leaving behind the lingering memory of one sublime moment in time.