Part Five

Despite their declarations, both boys decided to wait on sharing their newfound relationship. It was partly out of respect for Burt. He was still getting used to Kurt having boyfriends, and having Puck staying with them—and living in the same apartment as his son—would be a bit much for him to handle without some forewarning. It was also because things were just still so new to them. They didn't know how they were going to make things work between them and the added pressure of friends and family—even if they meant well—would make things harder for them.

The one person that Kurt told was Blaine.

They met for coffee, as planned, and caught up with each other's lives. Blaine was still excited by their win at sectionals and had received word of his early acceptance to Julliard. He still wanted to try for NYADA, but at least he knew that he had a place to go come the next fall, even if it was his second choice. Kurt told him about his courses and how much he loved everything about ICA.

"Well, except the uniforms," Kurt said with a small pout. "I tailored mine and you should have seen the stink eye I got from the dean. And don't even think about trying to accessorize. I learned that the hard way."

Blaine chuckled. "This is the Kurt Hummel I've missed."

Kurt flushed. "Yes, well, you have no idea just how difficult it is for me to wear a uniform every day. I look just like every other student!"

"I think I know what that's like," Blaine said dryly, recalling Kurt's days at Dalton and his complete dislike of the uniform. It was fine for other boys to wear—in fact Kurt had confessed more than once that he loved seeing Blaine in his Dalton blazer—but Kurt Hummel had to stand out from the crowd. It was just who he was.

"Right," Kurt said with a fond smile. "Well, at least the Dalton Blazers were dashing in that preppy-schoolboy way. These are just… I soothe myself with the knowledge that eventually, I will be able to choose what to wear. I mean, there are a lot more choices in kitchen fashion than I ever dreamed. Some are just plain tacky, but there are colors and patterns and I can continue to tailor my clothes."

"So you don't regret your choice?" Blaine asked quietly. "You could still move to New York after you finish at culinary school."

Kurt smiled fondly at Blaine. "I could, but I don't think I will. New York was nice to visit, but it's… too big and too different."

"You'd be accepted there," Blaine reminded him.

"Because there are thousands of other men just like me," Kurt said. "And I'm accepted in Pittsburgh. There are areas that are just as bad as Lima, but there are areas of New York like that too. You should come visit us sometime. You'll see gay couples walking hand in hand down the street, some with their families… That's all I ever really wanted."

"A family?" Blaine asked. In all the time they had been friends and dated, Kurt had never mentioned family to him.

Kurt nodded. "After my mom died, it was just me and Dad. I always wanted… I don't know, to be part of a real family. And I have that now with Finn and Carole, but I want one for myself too."

As much as Blaine liked kids, he hadn't ever considered having children. He just figured he would be Uncle Blaine to Cooper's kids someday. Even now, he still couldn't imagine it. Maybe someday in the distant future. He decided it was time for a change in subject.

"So how's living with Puck?"

"Noah?" Kurt asked with a fond smile. "It's been good."

"Really? No fights over the bathroom?" Blaine asked. "No arguments about bringing noisy dates home?"

Kurt blushed. "We… neither of us have brought any dates home. And we get along surprisingly well…unless he forgets to put his clothes in the hamper. I can get a little testy when I find his dirty socks in the living room."

"No dates?" Blaine asked. "I can't imagine either one of you would be lacking in offers."

"There have been offers," Kurt admitted. "And I've had coffee with a couple different guys, but none of them… I guess I just wasn't interested."

Blaine hesitated before asking his next question. "Because of me or because of Puck?"

Kurt froze for a minute and then sighed. "Because of Puck."

"So…" Blaine said with a teasing grin. "I was right."

Kurt wanted to refute Blaine's statement, but after their kiss the other night—and several other kisses since— he couldn't. "We've kissed. A couple times, but it's all very new. I mean, just since the party the other night. We…"

"Don't worry, I won't say anything," Blaine said. A part of his heart was crushed at the knowledge that Kurt was truly moving on, but most of him was happy for his first love. "And I really hope the two of you can make things work."

"Me too," Kurt said with a smile.



Kurt walked around the large ballroom and took in all of the details. He wasn't sure why this was making him so nervous. He had planned hundreds of events just like this since opening up his own event planning and catering business. Some were even larger than this one, though not many. They were expecting more than five hundred people in just a few hours and Kurt had a list two pages long of things that still needed to be done. At least the tables were set up and looked absolutely spectacular, just as he had known they would.

"You okay?" Puck asked his husband as he wrapped his arms around the smaller man.

Kurt turned in his arms. "I'm not sure why this wedding is making me so nuts. I wasn't even this nervous for our wedding."

"Probably because with the number of celebrities attending could make your business into a household name," Puck said dryly. Kurt glared at him. He really didn't need that reminder. "But you have nothing to be nervous about. You're the best in the business. You have a perfect menu planned. The cake is spectacular and just waiting to be set up. And this room looks better than any other I've seen you or anybody do. Everything is going to be great."

Kurt huffed a laugh into Puck's chest and then smiled up at him. "What would I do without you, Noah?"

"Throw a diva fit that even Rachel Berry couldn't match," Puck said with a smirk. "Now go get cooking. I'm going to pick up Anya and Sophie from Finn and Penny before the drive them nuts. And then the three of us have to get dressed for this little shindig."

"I wish I could be there for the ceremony," Kurt sighed. "But, I really need to get back to the kitchen."

"You can see everyone during the reception," Puck reminded him. "That's the fun part, anyway."

"It's still hard for me to believe that Rachel is marrying Cooper Anderson," Kurt said. "I never would have imagined that ten years ago. Can you imagine the vacuously beautiful and annoyingly talented children they're going to have?"

"Go," Puck said with a chuckle. "I'll see you in few hours."

Kurt went back to the kitchen and got to work, his staff of sous chefs and helpers were hard at work getting everything ready to meet his exacting standards. He could be a real bitch if things weren't perfect. But then again, his demand for perfection had garnered him a reputation as the best in the business. It had also gotten him a two hour documentary on the Food Network which had increased his reputation even more. Now there were talks of his doing a regular series, but Kurt wasn't sure if that was what he really wanted. He liked his work.

When Rachel had come to him six months ago to ask him to do her wedding, he had told her no at first. Six months was simply not enough time to plan one of his amazing weddings. But she had whined and begged until he couldn't stand it any longer and gave in. He hadn't considered the fact that because of her fame on Broadway, and Cooper's fame since landing that lead role on some buddy cop show filmed in New York, that the entire world would be watching, or that there would be more than five hundred people in attendance.

Rather than doing the wedding in New York, where the couple lived, they decided to have it in Pittsburgh, so that it would be easier for Kurt. Besides, it would be closer to their families. Most of the guests could more than afford to travel and so Kurt had planned most of the wedding without Rachel there looking over his shoulder. That part had been nice. But he'd had to make a few trips to New York to make sure she didn't buy a tacky wedding dress in his absence. That had been hell, because he simply hated being away from Puck and the girls.

As Kurt worked he considered how his life had turned out. It had all started with that rejection letter from NYADA, and Kurt now couldn't be happier that he hadn't gotten into the school. He'd bonded with Puck over college applications, and they had grown closer over Kurt's breakup with Blaine. He still remembered that Ferris wheel ride with fondness. But it was the long weeks and months that followed that had set the foundation for their relationship. They had taken their time after declaring their feelings for each other, and their relationship had grown slowly but was all the stronger for their patience.

After graduating from ICA, Kurt had gone to work for a restaurant in town that did some catering. It was doing those catering jobs that Kurt had found his calling. He knew that he could plan better, more beautiful, parties and weddings than the tacky things he had seen. And so Kurt had begun his own business. It was tough at first, since Puck was still in school, but they had made it.

Then Puck graduated and got a job teaching at a liberal private school. It was at that school, during a faculty Christmas party, that Kurt had first met Nadia, the woman who would become the mother to Anya and Sophie. She was another teacher there and they hit it off right away. She was a free-spirit and a lesbian, and she knew in her heart that she was not the maternal type. But she wanted to experience childbirth at least once. And so she proposed to be the surrogate for Kurt and Puck.

At that point in their careers, the two really couldn't afford to even contemplate a paid surrogate, so this offer sounded like a miracle. Still, they took time to really talk it over, together and with Nadia. And then they agreed. A month later, Nadia was pregnant. They found out a few weeks later that it would be twins. Since they decided to use both of their sperm, they wouldn't know until much later who the father was, but they didn't really care. They were just so excited.

When the girls were born, it was soon obvious that the girls did not share the same father. Sophie had inherited Puck's curly dark hair and hazel eyes, while Anya's hair was as straight as a ruler and blond with blue eyes just like Kurt's. Oddly enough, however, personality wise, Anya was more like Puck, while Sophie seemed to take after Kurt's diva side.

Now, five years later, neither Puck nor Kurt could imagine their lives without their beautiful little girls. It hadn't been easy raising twins, especially the first couple years, but they had struggled together and made it through. Now the girls were going to the same school where puck taught and had lots of friends. They were happy girls and Kurt couldn't ask for better.

The hours until the reception flew by as Kurt worked to make everything perfect for one of his oldest friends' wedding day. Soon the wait staff was serving the courses and Kurt was inspecting the plates before they were sent.

"I knew you'd be in here making everything perfect."

Kurt looked up at the familiar voice and smiled. "What are you doing in the kitchen? You're supposed to be out there celebrating with your brother. You are the best man after all."

Blaine shrugged. "I was hoping I could talk you into at least one dance before this party is over."

"The party has barely begun," Kurt said. "After dinner, you should see the array of pastries and sweets I have lined up. Not to mention the cake."

"I'm sure it will all be perfect," Blaine said as he stole a canapé from one of the trays left over from the cocktail hour. "Everything you make is perfect."

"I live a charmed life," Kurt agreed and smiled at his best friend. "So, did you bring Brian?"

Blaine chuckled. "I did. And he's dying to meet you."

Blaine's stage career hadn't lasted long, but his career as a musical composer was just taking off. He'd had two shows go from off-Broadway to Broadway in the last two years, both of them earning multiple awards. And now Blaine was dating the lead from his latest show, which promised to have the same critical success.

"I'm dying to meet him too," Kurt admitted. "I saw him last year in Sweeny Todd when I was out to help Rachel pick out a dress. He was fabulous… and quite hot."

Blaine had to agree with that estimation. "That was before we got together, but things really seem like they're falling into place with him. We… we just connect."

"I know what you mean," Kurt said thinking of Puck. He shook those thoughts off and smiled at Blaine again. "Get out of here so I can finish serving dinner, and I promise you one dance."

"Good," Blaine said and stole another canapé before heading back out to the party.

It actually took another hour before Kurt could clean up a little and head out to the party. He grabbed a clean chef's jacket—his favorite black one with silver piping and buttons—before facing the crowds in the ballroom. Before he could make his way over to where his husband and daughters were dancing on the crowded dance floor, Kurt was stopped by numerous people to congratulate him on the wonderful food. Kurt was polite and smiled but didn't stop to talk long to anyone. Not even when a famous Hollywood actress asked him to do her wedding; he just gave her his card and told her to call him.


Kurt was rushed by two very pretty little girls as soon as he came into their line of sight. Puck, smirking, followed after and swept his husband into a close embrace. "Glad you could make it."

"Me too," Kurt said and gave Puck as sweet kiss.

"Come dance with us," Sophie demanded.

"Yes ma'am," Kurt said and let the two girls lead him onto the dance floor. Soon Puck joined them and the four of them danced together. Then Uncle Finn came along and stole the girls' attention, leaving Puck and Kurt to dance together.

"Everything turned out perfect," Puck said.

Kurt thought about his life and had to agree. "Yes, it did. I have everything I never knew I wanted."

The End