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Chapter one (William's POV):

William sat on a log next to Snow White and couldn't help staring at her. It felt amazing to find out she was alive, after all this time.

If it wasn't for the fact that he'd nearly been killed by that dwarf (who'd later died), he would have kissed her.

And he was sure she'd have kissed him back.

But looking around, he spied the huntsman, Eric, looking at her out of the corner of his eye too. Almost...possessively.

When William looked back at her, he saw her keep stealing glances at Eric too. What was his deal? Capture her for the Queen, wasn't it?

Not that William was jealous...what had he to be jealous of anyway?

A dirty, rugged huntsman. He was the Duke's son. And Snow's childhood friend!

Shaking his head of these (not) jealous thoughts, he caught Snow shivering, even though they were beside the fire.

Shrugging off his cloak, he brushed it down and leant forward to lend it to her, when he saw her gratefully accept a cloak from someone else.

Glancing up, he saw it was... of course, Eric. Who was really getting on his nerves.

As he turned back to his seat, William swore he just smirked at him!

Breathing in deeply, he noticed that Eric's cloak was shabbier than his own.

Surely Snow would prefer a warmer one?

Getting up. and ignoring Eric's instant penetrating gaze, he went close to Snow and whispered "Much as that cloak might be protection from a few cold spells, this one will bring you comfort Snow, and preserves more warmth."

Gingerly picking the other cloak off her, he was about to toss it away when a strong hand clenched his wrist and twisted it to make it open unwillingly and release what it was holding.

Then Eric removed his cloak from William's hand and tossed his arm away.

Now, William was not weak; years of fighting the Queen's men had brought him essential experience and training, but compared to this huntsman, with just that manoeuvre, Will realised he was just a young man.

Still, that didn't prevent him from rising to the bait.

"Don't touch me," He hissed.

Eric grunted, threw his cloak to one side and walked right up to him. "Or what?"

Although his wrist was still smarting, William reached for his bow and arrow behind him.

Eric saw this movement and laughed out loud, gesturing towards him and addressing their audience. "Look at this man...more like a boy. His best weapon is the bow and arrow..." grabbing Will's collar, he pulled him closer and growled "...A coward's weapon."

William only saw red hot anger and tried to extricate his bow - his movements somewhat restricted because Eric still had hold of his shirt - until Snow shouted


Everyone froze - the dwarves from cheering, Eric with his fist pulled back, and Will with his hand on an arrow.

Eric shoved William away from him and turned to face Snow. "Whose cloak would you like, princess?"

Snow rolled her eyes and said "Just give me yours, Eric. We haven't got time to squabble over a cloak!" She gave Will a disappointed look.

But he only noticed Eric's grin, and countered it with a dirty look.

Walking beyond the trees, he found a resting place for the night.

He restrained himself from telling Snow that, in truth, they hadn't actually been 'squabbling' over the cloak, but something - someone - more precious.

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