Heey, I decided to write a new Takumi Story! Hope you like it. But I don't know if it would be a long story.

Zoe Orimoto, a 19 years-old girl, who goes to a highschool in Shibuya. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her mother, while her father lives in Italy with a new wife and new kids. Zoe doesn't have contact with her father. When she was little, her parents were already divorced.

Anyways, one year is left, till she is graduated with her best friend Takuya. Secretly, she has a crush on him. Her other friends are Koji; an emo-like boy, Kouichi; his twin brother, Tommy; her youngest friend and J.P.; who was just graduatet.

"Okay, let's have a look on your homework." The teacher said to the class.

"Shit we had homework?" Zoe's best friend, Takuya, asked shocked.

Zoe, who sits right next to him giggled. He always forget it.

"Oh, Mr Kanbara you forgot your homework, again?" The teacher asked him, a bit angry.

"Y-Yes! Sorry Ma'am." Takuya quickly answers.

"Takuya, this is the fifth time you forgot it. Have you problems with the exercises? May I tell your parents or...-" But before she could finish her sentence, a knock was heard.

"Come in!" The teacher said, allowing the person to enter the room.

Zoe was not really paying attention, she just drew something on a piece of paper, A 'T' with a heart around it.

A girl enters the room. The pupils were shocked how she looked. She gave the teacher a folded paper, and the teacher read it. Then she smiles and says to the class: "Listen. This is a new student..." Then she turns her face to the girl and goes on: "Would you like to introduce yourself?" The girl nodded.

Takuya softly touches Zoe with his elbow. "Pssh, Zoe look at that girl!"

Zoe was surprised of the touch, which brought her back from her thoughts. She immediatly covers the heart she just drew with her hand, because she doesn't want Takuya to aks her for what the 'T' stands for.

As she looked up at Takuya, he pointed to a girl in front of the class. But as Zoe looked at her, she almost got a heart attack. The girl looks JUST LIKE HER. Like a clone or so.

"Oh my gosh. She looks just like me!" She shouted out.

Her look-alike sees Zoe and smiles.

"I'm Sarah." She said to Zoe. But Zoe was too shocked to answer.

"Then we will go on with our lesson Sarah, please sit down on a free chair. So, where were we? The teacher asks.

"Uh, you wanted to write something on the board!" Takuya lies.

"Really? Thank you, Tankuya!"

Later, on their way home

As always, Takuya walks back home with Zoe, because he only lives a few blocks away from her.

"That's strange. Why does she look like me?" Zoe talks about Sarah, still irritated.

"I don't know." Was all Takuya could answer.

A couple of minutes later, they reached Zoe's house.

"Can I come to your house today?" Takuya asks the blond girl.

"Of course!" She answers happily.

"Okay, see ya!" He quickly hugs her and went home as well.

Zoe looked for the key in her pocket. As she found it, she opens the door and went straight to the kitchen. To her surprise, another person sits on the table with her mother.

"Sarah?" What are you doing here?" Zoe asked the girl, a bit annoyed of her.

"Zoe, we have something to tell you." Her mother said, calmly.

"What is it? And what do you mean with 'we'?" The blond asks.

"Well... To make it short: Sarah is your sister. Your twin sister, exactly." Her mother lays a hand on Zoe's shoulder, who was really shocked.

"My twin sister? Since when?" Zoe couldn't believe it.

"Uh, since you were born." Her mother said, answering her question.

"And you just tell it me now? Mom, I'm 16!" The blond was wondering, why her mother didn't tell her earlier.

"I'm sorry... I didn't find the words to explain you that." Her mother tries to find an excuse.

"Anyways, why is she here?" Zoe was not so happy about the fact, that she suddenly has a twin.

"You know, your father is fired from his job, so he hasn't got enough money to feed the family."

"Fine... But we haven't got a room for her." Zoe said.

"That's why she sleeps in your room."

"In MY room? NO!" Zoe argued with her mother.

"Yes! Only till we find a bigger house.

"But...-Aaargh!" The blond was angry at her mother and went to her room, because she doesn't want to argue with her anymore. Sarah followed her.

"Is everything alright?" Sarah asks her sister.

"Does it look like everything is alright?" Zoe said angrily.

"Sorry... Can I ask you something?" Her twin asks.

"Sure." Zoe said, but calmer.

"Who is the boy you're always talking to?"

"You mean, the boy I sit next to in class?"


"That's Takuya Kanbara, my best friend."


Right then the door bell rings.

"It's him!" Zoe shouted, suddenly happy and runs downstairs to open the door.

"Hey!" The brunette said and hugs her.

"Hey! Come in my room!" Zoe takes Takuya's hand and pulled him to her room. As they came in, Takuya immediatly saw Sarah.

"Hey, you're Takuya, right?" Sarah said and gives him a flirty smile.

"Yes. But what are you doing here?" Takuya smiles back.

"I'm living here, Zoe is my twin sister!" She said proudly.

Zoe saw that they smiley at each other and was a bit jealous.

That's the end of the first chapter! Did you like it? :3