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A black-haired girl moved fast and intricately as if doing a dance. Punches were swung, returning blows were blocked, ducks and dodges were made and taps to pressure points ended the match. The opponents bow to each other after the girl unblocks the flow of aura of the other and the bell rings, signaling the end of another 'day'.

"Another wonderful display of skill today Miss. Cooper."

I nodded once. "Thank you sir." And I continued on my way, scooping up a towel from my seat in the sparring arena. It's the same thing every day and I'm getting sick of it. I keep getting pitted up against Twelfth Years because they're the only ones that can remotely stand up to my technique and I keep beating them all! Why am I still here…? I need to get away from this place.

Finally arriving to my locker in the girl's changing room, I just stuffed my towel in with my uniform, into my backpack and slung it over my shoulder and walked to the front doors. A boy with white hair was already there waiting for me with his arms folded, rectangular glasses reflecting the synthetic light. "You're late." he stated. I rolled my eyes. "You know they want me to make my fights longer so I don't cause any unnecessary embarrassment." I reminded as I crossed my arms under my chest.

He sighed. "Let's go Alice, and don't cross your arms like that. I already know how well-endowed you are."

"Shut up Eli!" (pronounced ee-lie) I cried indigently. "You sound like you've seen me naked before!"

Eli smirked slightly. "You wish, but you're not my type."

"And I wouldn't date you if you were the last guy on earth." I retorted.

"Though, for the record," he continued as he held open the door for me. "I have seen you naked before."

"We were five and there was nothing to see! That doesn't count!" I paused. "You're a perv Eli."

"And you are an angel?"

"Actually yes, can't you see my halo?" then I smiled innocently and I actually seemed to stun him for a second too.

"Yes and it's a bit rusty and bent. And oh, is that a dent I see?" he quipped. I scowled. "You're so mean to me." Then we walked on in silence. A while later and the Eastern Forest was to our backs and the settlement was coming into view. Both our parents were 'rich' enough to live in one of the few remaining cities but chose to live farther out because the countryside has larger houses and it was more tranquil. It's close to dinnertime and luckily we were coming up to my house which stood alone on top of a hill, the back facing a large pond which reflected the ever constant moon and trees. It was always dark outside…morning never comes. In all my sixteen years of life I have never seen the sun rise, nor set again. Neither have my parents or my dead grandparents, whom I've never met.

It was here that we part ways. Eli lives at the other side of the settlement but it's only another ten minute walk so he even takes the extra time to walk me to my door, just as a safety precaution. You never know what could happen anymore. "Do you have any money on you?" I asked my friend as I fished my keys out of my backpack.


Even without closing my eyes I reached out with my Aura. "There are two Collectors on your regular route home. One on Fourth and the other on Fifth. Fifth Ave, as you already know will be tough to avoid so if you have to, give some over to the one on Fifth for the RTC." Eli nodded his head in acknowledgement. Hey, even though his parents are loyal Primal followers that doesn't mean that Eli has to give away his money.

Then as he was making his way back down the hill I shouted after him to be careful. He answered that he would so I unlocked my front door and went inside, locking it behind me. The smell of vegetable soup wafted through the air which was being made for my sick brother James who is lying upstairs in bed. My dad is in the secret room underneath the house poring through old books. After finding everybody in the house I went to my mom in the kitchen and wrapped my arms around her waist, but not before putting my bag on a hook in the hallway. "They're doing Random Tax Collection again, we should probably get some money ready for when they come to the door soon. How's he doing mom?"

The older woman sighed and worry was audible in her voice. "No, he's not getting any better. We're going to have to take James to the hospital soon. But, there won't be much for him to take. The resources for medical supplies is running out everywhere. It's a matter of time before…" my mom's voice cracked and I squeezed her to give her my support. "Hey, it'll be okay mom. We'll make everything better." At least, I could only hope.

So I padded my way through the house and up the stairs and went into the second room on the left. It's James's room. He was asleep so I plopped down in the chair next to him and looked. His dark red hair was sweaty and matted against his forehead and his whole body was pale. Paler than me pale, and I was really white. We all were because of the absence of the sun. He looked just like our mom except his eyes. They were the same colour as mine which neither of our parents had. They were a striking amethyst purple. His were closed over with slightly see-through lids while mine were slightly squint, taking in every detail. At least his breathing was fairly even and his aura wasn't black. It wouldn't be a good sign if it was. "Hey Jamie," I whispered and then I absentmindedly started to stroke his hair. It's hot, I need to soak a cloth. So I took the one off his head and went to the bathroom, wet it with cold water and put it back on his forehead. His face twitched. "Mom…?"

"No Jamie, it's big sis."

"Oh…Alice." He croaked and then snuggled up and went to sleep. And I knew I'd be here throughout the night. I always was, I always kept watch to protect my baby brother 'till morning. And I always will. Even though the darkness persists forever, so that there is no sense of time. Even though morning never comes.

And…those striking amethyst eyes that are the same as mine, are getting dimmer.