Well, I'm kind of pissed off right now. You see, this...plot bunny (?) hopped into my brain last night and woke me up at 6 freakin' 27 in the morning, during my no school morning, and wouldn't leave me alone. So I finally gave up and typed this up in the hopes that it would leave me alone. But if you guys think this is any good, then I shall go ahead and continue it.

Even though it tortured and stole my precious hours of sleep, I hope you enjoy it.

Target 1

You didn't know why you were going along with this. No wait. Yes you did. It was favor. A favor to that stupid conceited Reborn.

You sigh.

Still…this was going to be a pain. But no one refused to fulfill a favor to Reborn. No one. No matter how small the favor, you always had to be sure to return what you owed. This only made you more pissed off at yourself, because all you had asked to borrow for moment was a stupid pen. The moment the other teen had placed the small utensil you in hand and said the words "you owe me" with his irritating smirk, you knew that you were going to be in for it later.

You sigh again and step out of the car, looking up at the apartment complex you would now be residing most of the time until further notice. The jerk hadn't told you if you were staying in the apartment as well or if it was just your temporary charge's home, but either way you were pretty much stuck there full time.

"Let's get going."

You refrain from grimacing and turn to follow your fellow student, who had just climbed out the other side of the car. 'Were teenagers allowed to drive in Japan?' You briefly wonder, but you shake your head and set those thoughts aside so that you could focus more on the task at hand.

"Care to explain why two hitmen are now walking casually through the small town of Namimori, Japan?" You asked, not really trying to hide the irritation in your tone.

The idiot smirks, causing you to grind your teeth in frustration. "We're here to meet and babysit the potential Vongola Decimo candidate. Well, two candidates, but everyone is sure that the older one is a shoe in for the position. They say that he is the second coming or reincarnation of Vongola Primo himself."

You grimace. "Then it's even worse that both of us are here."

"Not unless one of us was unable to hide their trail properly," the irritating punk nearly sings in a condescending tone.

You click you tongue in annoyance. "I'm more worried that you forgot to erase something. You're still a little wet behind the ears with that sort of stuff after all."

It was your turn to smirk this time, watching the slightly older teen press his lips together.

"Reborn," you say seriously. Stopping you your tracks after exiting the elevator and before the two of you could proceed any further down the hall. "Why did you call me here to help you babysit two kids? Vongola Decimo candidates or not, they don't need two hitmen here for them. You and I both know that one of us would be more than enough for this job. And being Nono's soon to be personal hitman, you should be the only one here. So why was I asked to come along?"

Reborn studies you under an intense gaze, but you don't falter. You aren't afraid of him as much as everyone else, that's probably why he tries to piss you off so much, but you won't focus on that thought for now. "I'll be training both of them, but I want to focus on them individually. Nono asked me to focus most of my time on the older sibling, so I want to make sure the younger one is looked after in case I'm too far to reach him."

"But that is not your entire reason," you state. You've known Reborn for at least five years now. You can read through him pretty well, not all the time, but enough to get you by.

The raven haired teen seems to ponder a bit, as if trying to decide whether or not he wanted to voice his other reasoning. "Perhaps another time. For now we should get going. Nana and that idiota bionda is waiting."

You groan. You really didn't want to see that irritating asshole here. "Wasn't he back at the CEDEF headquarters? Why the hell is he here now?"

Reborn grimaced as well. "Probably to introduce you to the family and to get in some blubbering about his two kids and wife."

"I think I'd rather get shot again," you gripe. You could honestly say that you preferred the pain of getting shot of the blond idiot's insistent cooing. But you huff and continue to follow your fellow student.

You lean against the wall, facing the door that Reborn was reaching to knock on. You cross your arms, position a heal against the wall, and close your eyes. You need to put up a calming barrier, or risk killing everyone living on this floor due to your attempt to rid the world of an idiot.

"It seems Reborn-kun and Birdy-chan has finally arrived!" A loud and irritating voice practically yelled with a hearty laugh.

'A professional doesn't try to kill their employers just because of a stupid nickname! A professional doesn't try to kill their employers just because of a stupid nickname! A professional doesn't try to kill their employers just because of a stupid nickname!' You chant through your head furiously, fully aware that a dark shadow has crossed over your eyes. Your fury increased when you catch Reborn snickering from the corner of your eyes.

Iemitsu continued to smile toothily with his hands on his hips. "But I must say I'm surprised. I didn't expect the Nightingale to tag along as well."

You suppress the urge to groan again. You hated it when people called you that. You sang during one mission, then boom! All the sudden people think that's your signature. Actually, you hadn't even sung anything, you hummed!

"I believe the correct name would be the Mockingbird," Reborn corrected for you, though you don't know why. He'll probably just take advantage of helping you later. Or maybe right now, considering how wide his smirk is. "Though, I think chameleon would be a better title. Then again, it would be an insult to my partner to compare a person with such weak disguises to him."

The little green lizard flicked his tongue out, almost as if to punctuate his master's sentence. Though you know better. You and Leon get along pretty well, especially compared to your relationship with the reptilian's master.

You roll your eyes at the other teen. You were perfectly adept at blending into the environment and becoming the character you needed to be to finish a job. And you were quite good at it too.

"Honey, are you going to make our guests stand out there forever?" A female voice calls out from behind the large Italian man. She pushes the man aside and smiles at you and the other teen. "Please come in!"

Iemitsu rubs the back of his head abashedly, and stands fully aside so that you and Reborn could enter the home.

"Sorry to intrude," you mutter, knowing that it was a Japanese custom and how one was supposed to be polite. You pull off your shoes and follow after Reborn and the external advisor into the living room.

Iemitsu's smile grows when he sees his family waiting together to greet the guests. "Birdy-" you were really going to kill him if he kept that up, "chan, I'd like you to meet my two adorable sons; Giotto and Tsunayoshi!" He held a hand out to each respective boy. He placed a loving arm around his wife. "And this absolutely gorgeous woman is my amazingly wonderful wife, the adorable and beautiful Nana."

You resisted the urge to make a gagging motion, though you can tell that Reborn was facing a similar dilemma. Neither of you were really into the whole romance shindig. A gun fight or any hit mission was much more enthralling.

You turn your attention to the two younger boys while Reborn greeted the older woman. The blond one, Giotto, was ten years old and had blue cerulean eyes. He stood slightly in front of the younger boy, who was hiding behind his mother's leg, as if trying to protect him from any potential threat. Giotto was glaring lightly at the two of you, but he didn't seem very harmful. You could sense plenty of arrogance from the older boy and a great deal of other things you wouldn't let yourself to consider. You were an outsider after all, only staying here for maybe a few weeks then heading on your way, never to see them again.

You turn your attention toward the younger child, Tsunayoshi, who flinched a little under your unemotional gaze. The first thing you think is that you are going to shorten the name into something more manageable and fitting for the boy; Tsuna should work. Tsuna had brown hair and eyes like his mother, and was about the age of five. You nod to yourself. Good. Their ages were set five and ten years apart from yours respectively. That made things easier to remember. You soften your gaze. Tsunayoshi had a very pure and caring aura. You decided that you wouldn't mind watching over him after all.

The young brunette seemed to be able to sense your gaze softening considerably, because he gathers up his courage and walks over to you. He stands before you fiddling with his hands a little and smiling up shyly. You kneel on one leg so that he doesn't have to look up, to which his smile widens a little more, as does his blush. The two of you ignore the older brother coming over and taking up the younger one's hand in an act to protect and comfort. "Papa told you my name, but you can call me Tsu-kun if you want."

Never had you encountered a kid that you actually wanted to hug the stuffing out of before, but this kid was just so…cuddly looking. You settle with a small rare smile, ruffling the youngster's hair. "I have a lot of names, but I suppose you can call me JJ."

"Are you like Reborn?" Tsuna asks curiously. You raise an eyebrow, encouraging the boy to expand his question so that you could better understand. "Mama and Papa told me that Reborn is my godfather. So are you like that too?"


You turn toward the other hitman so that the younger ones and Nana couldn't see you Cheshire cat like smile. Your pleasure increases when you detect the trace amount of pink in the other teen's cheeks. Oh~ how you were going to take advantage of this one day. But not now. You could wait patiently, and then strike when the time was right.

You tone your smile back to zero and turn back to the waiting child. "No. I'm just here to visit since Reborn wanted me to meet you two." You cackle evilly in the back of your head. This wasn't completely a lie anymore. Reborn had forced you to come so that you could look after one of the two, ergo meet them.

"Then, can I call you Onee-chan?" Tsuna asked hopefully, completely oblivious to Reborn and yours battle of wills.

Another small smile falls through your usually emotionless mask and you nod. Tsuna cheers and tries to hug you, but fails with his brother still clamped onto his hand.

"Welcome to the family then," Nana says warmly. "You can call me mama like Reborn too if you want!"

Mama…mother…That word doesn't fit well with you. Just like Reborn, parents and you don't work very well. He must really like Nana if he's willing to call her with that title, or he is just extremely dedicated to his role. You smile politely to the older woman. "That's okay, Sawada-san."

"Then at least call me Nana! Sawada-san makes me feel old!" The woman pushes.

"Alright then, Nana-san-" You start.

"Nana!" The other interrupts.

"Nana," you amend. "Thank you for having me."

"Where are you staying?" The woman asked conversationally, directing the group toward the kitchen.

"Well, I was planning to-" You start, only to be interrupted again.

"She should stay with us, mama," Reborn cuts in, accepting a cup of tea. "Then she can play with Tsuna while I'm tutoring Giotto."

Your eye twitches. Stupid Reborn was making decisions without consulting you again.

But Nana is oblivious and claps her hands together. "That would be wonderful! I've always wanted a daughter!"

"Ah." This situation is getting out of your hands now and it didn't look like the woman would listen to you even if you tried. You sigh and rub your temples. This was troublesome. You didn't want to be inducted into the family like this. You were supposed to remain a stranger, so that when you left there would be nothing left behind. You feel a tug on your sleeve an look over to see an expectant brunette looking up, having gotten up from his seat in front of you (Giotto seemed to have labeled Reborn as a greater threat towards his brother, which was slightly insulting).

"Will you really be staying with us?" The small brunette asks hopefully.

You could practically feel all the fight drain out of you with that one look. Those eyes were dangerous. You make a note to avoid making direct eye contact from now on. You try not to let your irritation take over when you see Reborn smirk through your peripheral vision and sighed a little. You couldn't stop another small smile from showing through. "Only if you want me too and if it's alright with your parents."

You watch in amusement as the young boy runs over and begs his father to let you stay. But this boy was emotionally taxing. If you weren't careful, then you'd get caught in his net and be unable to leave.

"So what do you do exactly?" The blond asks suspiciously, while the other members of his family were distracted.

"I try to find new ways to avoid or get payback on Reborn," you reply sarcastically.

"Only to succeed 50% of the time," the other teen chortles, to which you roll your eyes and ignore.

"I mean seriously," the blond huffs. You can tell that he is unhappy that you are treating him like a child.

"Kid," you honestly don't care that he doesn't like the nickname, as he certainly was a child, "I'm only 15, what could I possibly do right now."

"Reborn told me that he already had a job and that you did too, but he didn't say what," Giotto told you.

You raised an eyebrow and rolled your eyes. "Fine, then I'm whatever he is." You jab your thumb at the other teen.

The young blonde's eyes widen dramatically. "You're an assassin too?"

You deadpan and try to slap the back of the other hitman's head, but fail. "What type of idiot goes around telling kids that?"

"You scold me for lying, now your scold me for merely telling him the truth. Make up your mind you bipolar trainee," Reborn scoffs.

"What was that you rookie?" You growl.

"You heard me short stop," Reborn sneered.

Ooh. That was harsh. Reborn knew that you were a little sensitive about your height. So you were a little short. It didn't help that the stupid jerk had hit a growth spurt last month. You grind your teeth in irritation and glare at the insensitive teen. "Like you could talk…curly top."

Now Reborn was glaring at you as well.

Looks like this favor was going to be tough after all.

So what shall happen next? I actually have a whole plot thought out already. It just attacked me while I was writting, as if my brain was trying to come up with something just in case you guys liked this.


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