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Target 30

Aaaarg! But you didn't want to die! You had spent the last twenty years or so of your life avoiding that outcome with that weirdly convenient ability to see your own death. There had to be another way! And if there wasn't...Well...You'd cross that other road when you got there.

With a twitch of a turn, you cock your head to the side. There were...voices. And lots of them. You narrow your eyes and try to focus on what they were saying, but there were just too many. It sounded more like whispered hissing than anything else. It was irritating and starting to really grind on your nerves, which only served to make the whispering become louder.

A clunk of oncoming footsteps cuts through the annoying hissing whispers, snuffing out most of the volume in an instant. The set of footsteps continue, fully drawing your attention now and sends your hand twitching for your gun, but then you regain your senses enough to realize that it was just the blond with Reborn probably following. You sigh and place a hand over your eyes. It must be the after affects of whatever power Byakuran used on you that was doing this, so there was no telling when it would wear off.

You glance up only to see Giotto and Tsuna walking around talking. Wait. Tsuna and the blond here were the same age, twins it seemed, and they were both...glaring.

An echoey sort of laugh reaches your ears, as the blond in front of you sneers. "You should try not to be such a burden, idiot. One of these days, you'll just end up dead on the street and no one will even care except maybe mom."

"I-I'm not an idiot!" Tsuna replies fiercely, though hurt is evident in his eyes. "And I already know that no one cares about me! Why do you have to rub it in my face how much you hate me?"

"It's because it's all your fault I have to go through this!" The blond snapped. "If you weren't here then..."

"Then what?" The brunet demanded.

Giotto clicked his tongue in distaste and turned away. "It doesn't matter. Just shut up. I'm tired of listening to you whine like a crybaby."

The scene changed and there was another boy in Giotto's place.

"Mom loves me more!"

Tsuna bit his lip and frowned at the ground.

"So does dad! He says I'm special and meant for something great!"

More harsh words were thrown and then, like someone hit the fast forward button, everything rushed by quickly until it started playing at a normal speed sometime during the night. There was a flash of fire, Tsuna scrambled out of bed to get away, and explosion Tsuna was going to-!

With a click, the door opens and you're not completely sure whether it was really happening or not. It's not until a familiar nickname reaches your ears along with a faint sniffle that you blink and the sight before you switches for another.

Both Giotto and Reborn are standing over you with Tsuna clinging to your sleeve. "Ah, sorry little one. I wasn't paying attention."

"Not to us at least," Reborn points out. "What else were you seeing?"

"Not sure, too lost in thought to pay attention." You sigh through your nose and stand up, heading over to the closet to grab some clothes.

However, you pause when the whispering returns and a vision of an unmoving familiar brunet laying limply in the closet, causing you to take a quick step back. But with another blink, the dead boy is gone and the closet just stares back innocently. That sight...That sight was disturbing, even for someone like you who has seen multiple dead bodies before. You sigh again and rub your eyes. This was getting very old very fast.


You don't look at the child, not with the image of an older Tsuna lying dead still fresh in your mind, just patting the boy on his head to let him know your would be alright. You ignore the questions and the irritating burning gaze Reborn pinned on you and go off to take a shower. You would have to force yourself to adjust to all of this before you did something you might regret later.

Then again, that was easier said than done. Especially when, during breakfast, you had to watch a series of sickening moments where Tsunayoshi was hurt- emotionally for the most part, but hurt nonetheless- multiple ways. Sometimes another version of Giotto was there, other times where was another boy with similar traits to Iemitsu, and then there were times where Tsuna was alone. Oddly enough, even that clumsy Dino was there sometimes. But words were thrown in such a way that may have seemed innocent, but really had a deeper meaning to them that dulled the light in the precious amber eyes of your first student. The physical actions against Tsuna was actually starting to make you physically sick.

You stand up abruptly, barely having anything to eat at all, and just manage an apology to Nana before you head outside to clear your head so that you can walk Tsuna to school. Standing on the lawn, you blink and your view of the world trades over once more. Now Tsunayoshi is a middle school student, walking out to meet what appeared to be the temperamental brat's and the happy-go-lucky flute playing brat's younger brothers. The three laugh and talk heading off to school, but a shadow off to the side looms over, a weapon taking aim.

A gun appears in your own hand as you turn to face the shadow, only to blink and realize it was Reborn standing in front of you.

"Ah, troublesome," you mutter, retracting your hand and pinching the bridge of your nose.

"Piccolo, what's going on?" The raven was serious. Not good.

But really, what were you supposed to say? You sigh and gaze up at the clouds. "I think I may be on the slow boat to insanity, but that's nothing new."

Suddenly you aren't in Namimori, hell you weren't on land. The small piece of whatever you had been standing on, capsizing, sending you down to the abyss-

An arm catches you before you fall back and you look up at the unfamiliar concern tinted ebony orbs. "It's like you're drunk."

You shake your head and right yourself. "Not drunk, just heavily disoriented."

"That may be worse."

For the umpteenth time since you woke up, you sigh. Yeah, he may be right. "I think I need to head to Italy to straighten this out. Maybe the brat can take away the side effects and I should probably thank him for giving up that amount of information anyways. Besides, there's something else I need to do."

Reborn's mouth fell to a slant. "I should probably go with you."

You roll your eyes. "You need to stay with Giotto and watch over Tsuna. I can just call Nono for a ride or something."

"Take someone with you."

"You jest."

"No. I don't," the hitman replied firmly. "You're not aware of your surroundings, at least not properly. You nearly shot me twice now and nearly broke Giotto's arm this morning. If you don't call someone, I will."

You wave the raven away. "Alright, alright. Don't get your panties in a twist." It wasn't a promise to agree and both of you knew it, but you still head off to take Tsunayoshi to school, as well as inform him of your absence afterwards and the tasks you wanted him to maintain while you were away. You would also have to inform Fon of your leave so that he could pick the little one up from his school immediately, preventing Reborn and Giotto from putting the child under house arrest again.

You were a little guilty though. Tsuna was always more perceptive about someone's injury and you wouldn't be able to give him physical proof that you were alright until you got back...considering if your future actions didn't get you killed that is.

Your eyebrow twitched. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I have to go back to Italy for something and Reborn said it was better than nothing, kora!

You sigh and start walking away. "I don't need a babysitter so go back to bothering Lal."

The blond just smiled broadly, lacing his hands together behind his head, and followed along. "Kora! You should be happy that the great and arrogant Reborn actually resorted to asking his own rival just to help you."

"Since when were you two rivals, last time I checked, he was kicking your ass."

"Kora!" The military fanatic shouted in protest.

Erg. If he kept talking to you, you were going to develop a headache… Well, a worse headache. "Just go back already, Nello."

Both of you pause mid stride and blink.


"Wh-what did you just call me?" Colonello stutters in his surprise.

"That's a good question." You scratch your head in thought. For a moment there everything switched over to another world, but this was the first time today that you actually repeated something being said from another side.

"Ehi, are you alright?" This time, actual concern is visible on the blue eyed male's face. Meaning, he didn't take Reborn seriously from before.

You sigh again (this was really too tiring) and continue on your way, the idiot trailing behind you slightly now. "Who knows."

Maybe you really were off your rocker after that whole thing?

Eh. It didn't really make that much of a difference to how you normally were.

Now then, with that settled (with the added bonus of the dumb blond perturbed into silence), it was time to board that plane and complete your self imposed assignments.

Ditching Colonello was easy enough. Even when concerned and more vigilant, he was still an idiot. All it took was the cliche, but effective bathroom excuse and you were on your way (hey, no one ever said the escape had to be creative or original). Finding the marshmallow albino brat had actually proved to be more challenging, but that was probably because he didn't stay in once place for very long.

When you did find him, you grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him to the newly bought (not rented because that would leave more of a paper trail and monthly payments were more annoying) apartment complex, and then dumped the kid onto the couch of the room you were giving to him.

"Aaah~! MJ, I didn't know you were into younger men," the brat sang.

You replied with narrow eyes a and a well placed bag of marshmallows in the kid's face. "You're decades too young to be trying to mess with me with something like that. Now answer me properly, I want to know how long these after images are going to be bothering me."

The kid looked up with a curious blink, a nearly indiscernible frown appearing. "After images?"

"Since I woke up, I have been experiencing the different moments in a parallel world," you report. "It has even messed with my sense of reality, enough to nearly throw me off my feet."

Byakuran's frown deepened so that it was completely visable. "I'm not sure why it's doing that. I don't even know the full functionality of that ability, although I don't think I can share it with anyone else. I only awakened a short while ago and since then I've been seeing everything the me in the other worlds has been experiencing."

You frown in displeasure. You had predicted as much, but this still posed as a problem. "Then was I looking through the eyes of my other selves, but that wouldn't be right seeing as there were many moments where I'm sure no one else was in the same area during certain events."

The boy smiled that annoying fox like smile again. "You're a funny person MJ. I don't know what you saw, but from what I've learned from all my other selves, you don't exist in any other world but this one."

Well that was intriguing. "And why is that?"

The boy hummed in thought and opened his bag of goodies. "I think it's because MJ is the type of person who doesn't have any doubts, instead all decisions made are final. If you had the choice to go left or right, usually a parallel world is born where you go with the opposite decision. But if it was MJ to decide, MJ would pick one way and never consider the other."

You nodded once. It made sense, there was no reason to doubt a decision after it had been made after all, it's not like it would change anything in the present moment. "Then what you said earlier, are you telling me that you used your powers without seeing a single moment that I had?"

"Thaaaat~ right!" The child sang. "I only felt the same sensations that I felt when I had used the ability to deliberately look into a specific set of worlds. Whatever you saw was for your eyes only, just like I said. It was for you and you alone."

You sigh and lift up your bowler, your fingers resting along the smooth curve of the top, and run a hand through your hair. This was troublesome, but at least you didn't feel like you were indulging the brat by buying him a place to live, it came out as more equal payment seeing as the child didn't get anything out of letting you use his powers.

You replace the bowler back on your head with a sigh. "This apartment complex belongs to me and you are free to use this room if you wish. I thought a roof over your head was better than a gift basket with a limited use. Just don't go around destroying the place. It's a convenient location for me to occupy when I need to visit a few acquaintances and I don't like wasting money."

Speaking of acquaintances, you should go visit Luce. She might be able to help sort you sort this 'viewing other worlds' thing out.

"MJ is in the mafia, right?" The albino chipped in suddenly.

You slide your gaze back over to the young male with a bit of amusement, though still tinged with a healthy dose of wariness mixed in."Why would you care now?"

A sly and calculative smile slipped onto the young boy's face, enhancing his fox like features. "Well, I have a proposition for you."

"And what is that," you sigh, crossing your arms and facing him fully to let the boy know he had your full attention.

"I want you to join my family!"

Normally, you would reply immediately with your usual lone wolf mantra that you had supported for over a decade, but this time you decide you would humor the boy. "And what family is that?"

"The Gesso Family."

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