Title: Hallelujah

Disclaimer: I don't own… and judging by my dark fancies, perhaps it's best I don't.

Summary: This forgotten city you call yourself. This place of heartbreak and bone. Dean is gone.

Characters/Pairings: Sam/Ruby

Notes: inspired somehow by Jeff Buckley's of "Hallelujah". And hopefully that is reason enough. Dark and hopeless, not a coda or anything as brilliant as that but simply a look from another angle at what we already know what happened last summer, in that break between S3 and S4. Something like poetry, without a rhyme scheme. Rated for general imagery and implication.

Words: 262

This forgotten city you call yourself. This place of heartbreak and bone.
Pour salt on your ache but the hurt won't burn like the bodies you've buried.
Always buried. Never mourned.

The pain. The sadness.
It stays. It remains. It is immortal.

Dean is gone.

All your life, all the same.
Run Away! Run Away!
It drags you back.
Teeth and claws and blood.
Voices in your head. Loved ones on the ceiling.

Liquor blisters your belly. Sorrow bruises your eyes.
A shadow you are. A statue carved of remembrance and ruin.
Crumbled and useless.
A stain, a blight, a plague.

Dean is gone.

. . .

Ruby shine. Red blood luster and tarnished metal.
Hard-cut and jagged edges.

No comfort. No kisses.
Bitter candy to suck on; desperate fumbles in the dark.

Nicked your soul. What little remains.
Slithered inside. Snake hiss sounds like answered prayers.
Poison-bottle words. Dagger-sharp eyes.

Too broken to notice.


Sucked the resistance from you. Marrow from bones.
Picked you clean; gave you something dark to be.

Sadness. Fury. Vengeance.
Head on a platter: Lilith.

Promises. Promises.
Twisted tongue.
Lost boy, what are you to do?

. . .

This forgotten city you call yourself. This ruin of heartbreak and bone.
Make it right, or better.
You don't know the difference anymore.

Take to her, take from her.
Give in. Give up.
Silver blade - split skin - blackened blood
Hungering pup. Suckling babe.
Tender lips. Teeth painted red.

Forged in the dark.
Moonlight and the fires of your eyes.
What a cold and broken hallelujah.
What a beautiful monster.