Title: Good Deeds

Fandom: Watchmen

Characters: Dan, Walter, newsvendor

Word Count: 313

Summary: The best deeds are done spontaneously.

A/N: Yes, this is another collection of one shots/drabbles/who knows what else, this time for Watchmen. My mind doesn't always want to sit still for longer stories. So sorry ;)

Dan is approaching the newsstand when he spots the ginger-haired hobo, scowling and clenching his fists at the salesman. His other hand, the one not cracking knuckles, is gripping his sign like he intends to use it as a weapon. For one moment Dan thinks he might have to intervene but by the time he's crossed the street the man is off, obviously having decided that picking a fight isn't worth it.

"What was that all about?" Dan asks.

In response, the little man swipes off his cap and runs a hand through his hair, throwing Dan a rueful smile.

"Ah hell," he says "stupid fool doesn't have enough money for his New Frontiersman." The vender huffs, trying to shrug. "Though why he cares about that rag I'll never know. It's just… he gets the thing every damn day! Come rain or shine! It's like some confound it ritual. Hmm, guess I'd be a bit peaked too, if I suddenly didn't have the funds for something like that."

"Yeah…" Dan watches the retreating back, hunched in disappointment. He hardly even knows the guy, only seen him around the streets once or twice. Even so…

He points to the New Frontiersman still pinned to the board. "Hey uh, how much were those again?"

The newsvendor raises one eyebrow.

"And umm… do you take checks?"

When Walter next passes the newsstand a paper is thrown his way. The vendor is waving at him with a somewhat manic smile.

"Here you go man! Some guy named Dreiberg paid your expenses for a month. A month! He's as crazy as you are and I love it!"

Rorschach always did have a nasty habit of "accidently" destroying Dan's copies of the Times, his way of none too subtly expressing disapproval. Dan never did figure out why, that month and that month only, the destruction of newspapers ceased.