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Harry closed the small book and rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly. He was at Grimmauld place for two days now and already he couldn't sleep. Seriously, how could Sirius stand it? Sure it was his home back when he was a child, but seriously! Harry swore he will transform this place to the rustic, tidy home it should have been when Sirius was alive. The small guilt he still felt about his death made Harry even more determined. No catching doxies, not anymore.

Harry heard footsteps coming down the stairs and soon Remus walked into the kitchen. When he saw Harry sitting at the table, he didn't looks surprised at all.

"Hello Harry." He went to the stove and put a kettle on. "Can't sleep either?"

"You have to admit Remus, it's quite hard." Harry answered, shocking his ex-Professor by calling him by his first name. He chuckled.

"Yeah, Padfoot was moaning about it all the time. We did make headway with the refurbishments but it doesn't seem enough. It almost seems like the house is fighting against it."

"Seeing who owned it, I wouldn't be surprised."

They laughed softly while Remus finished up a mug of tea for Harry and himself. He sat down in front of the boy and passed him the steaming drink. Then, his eye caught the book.

"What do you have there?"

Harry unconsciously tried to hide it, but it was no use anymore. He gave Remus the red leather bound book. The werewolf opened it and his eyes widened as he saw the all so familiar writing.

"This is James' diary." He gasped. "Where did you find this?"

"At Hogwarts." Harry answered. "I helped a friend looking for the stuff others hid from her. A really vile thing I might add. Not funny at all."

"I suppose you're talking about Miss Lovegood?" Remus asked and Harry confirmed with a nod. The ex-Professor knew about the blonde Ravenclaw's torment but whenever he or Filius went into investigating it, nothing came up. And Luna stayed silent.

"I just can't stand it Remus!" Harry exclaimed. "How can she take it this lightly? I tried to talk her into talking with Flitwick, but she just waved it off. I can't believe her!"

"Maybe she accepted that she never will be differently handled." Remus offered. "Or maybe she never had any friends to encourage her before. She might believe that she doesn't deserve more. I cannot tell for certain."

"You might be right." Harry looked away, thinking. He stored it away for later. "Anyway, we went up to the Room of Hidden Things and we found a lot of her stuff there. It seems the Room of Requirements isn't that secret as we thought it was. Many have stumbled upon it before. Well, I was searching for a necklace her mother made her when I found this. You have to admit, the red leather cover with a golden stag on the cover is a dead giveaway."

Remus chuckled fondly again. "Yes, James had a sense of the theatrical."

"And had an ego so big he could fly without a broom."

Remus looked at Harry, not really glad that the boy was talking about his best friend that way. Harry shrugged at it.

"Look Remus, I love my parents. At least I think I do." Harry added as an afterthought. "I always heard people talking about them. How great they were, how powerful they have become. They said James Potter was the second coming of Merlin, the heir to Albus Dumbledore. Lily was growing up to be the best Potions Mistress there was and had a killer edge in Transfiguration. But you know that's not true."

"How so?"

"Remus, you know my dad wasn't the best of people when he was at school." Harry said as he fixed the werewolf with a glare. "I read his diary. I know about his conquests. I know about the notches in the bedpost. I know what he did with others, things he called pranks. I know."

Remus looked away in shame. Harry was right. James Potter in school was pretty much a Draco Malfoy in Gryffindor.

"Harry, I just don't want you to think about him that way. He changed. He grew out of it."

Harry waved off the plea with a soft smile. "I know Remus, I know. The last few chapters in his diary show that. I'm not angry with him. He was rich, Pureblood, good looking and extremely talented with a wand. Add in the hatred of Slytherins and Sirius Black into the mix and we got ourselves a right bastard."

At that, Remus couldn't not laugh. "He did call himself a bastard a few times." He opened the diary and read some of the lines.

'I've met up with Amelia again. Merlin, that girl is a spitfire. Who would have though a soft little Hufflepuff would have it in her to smash me against a door and grab my...'

Remus quickly closed it. "Harry, have you read all of it?"

Harry gave him a smile and a wink, but he was blushing a bit as well. "I did. Come on Remus, it's not like I wasn't thinking about sex before! I'm a teenager. I do it all the time."

"I just thought that with Voldemort and all..."

Harry's face darkened. "Yes, that is quite the turn off isn't it? But I'm not a hero Remus. I'm not good enough."

The werewolf leaned in and grabbed Harry's shoulder, boring his eyes into the boy's.

"Harry, you are the bravest boy I've ever seen. You will grow into things, just like James did."

Harry shook his head. "You don't understand. I can't be a hero. I'm not selfless enough. I'm a selfish bastard."

"Harry, you know that's not true."

"Yes it is!" the boy yelled. "I want a girlfriend! I want to experience romance! I want to live my life as a normal teenager! I want these things Remus! My dad's life... he experienced so much when he was at school. He had fun. He loved life and made others love it as well. He had this effect on people. I know he did. Girls swooned wherever he went, he didn't have any trouble in class, and nobody dared to attack him!"

"But you said you didn't like him back then."

"I... I don't." Harry admitted, calming down a bit. "But Remus, where did heroism get me? Sure, I'm a great guy but what else? I suck at schoolwork. I'm average at best. And my looks... I'm a skeleton with glasses and a toilet brush for hair. The only thing I got going is Quiddich."

Remus watched Harry deflate and hitting his forehead on the table. He took a sip of his tea and sighed afterwards.

"If Sirius would be here, he would just hit you on the back of your head and tell you to stop your childish whining."

They both chuckled at that.

"Still, I think you deserve to be childish once in a while. You had to grow up so fast... however; I don't see many of your problems Harry."

The boy looked up, his eyes questioning.

"I was you Professor you know." Remus answered, taking another sip. "I saw your potential. Your problem is that you never let yourself go. I always saw how much you held yourself back. You have the most powerful magical core I've ever seen, but you use less than a percent of it at times."

"How did you see my core?"

"When you were at the Hospital Wing after you ran off a hundred Dementors. Poppy needed to see if your core was damaged by the extremely powerful Patronus you cast. It wasn't only not damaged, but it wasn't even used fully."

Harry looked away, his face scrunched up in thought. He might have tried to hide it, but Remus saw.

"You... knew?" he asked in shock. Harry nodded slowly, still not looking at the werewolf.

"I had an inkling. I mean, I don't think about my achievements as godlike like some others do, but even I have to admit some are damn impressive. My problem is that I question myself at every turn. I second guess. I'm not confident enough. And I don't want to lose my friends."

Remus raised a brow. He thought Ron, Harry and Hermione were tight as a knot.

"You know Hermione and Ron were my first friends." Harry continued. "We are called the Golden Trio in school because they think we are the definition of friendship and loyalty. Well, we aren't. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death, I do. But Ron... I don't want to be really good in anything because I'm afraid he'll be jealous and throw a tantrum like in fourth year." Remus, who heard about their falling out at the Triwizard Tournament, just nodded.

"Hermione is the cleverest witch in school and I'm really proud of her. But I just can't imagine how she would react if someone would be better than her. I've seen her face sometimes when we go back a DADA test and I got a higher mark. Something passes over her face... like a small shadow. It disappears instantly, but I always see it."

Remus sighed and shook his head. "Harry, this might sound mean, and I don't want to offend. But if they would leave you for things like this... they might not be that great of friends."

The werewolf half-expected an angry retort or something of a yell, but instead Harry just slouched over sadly.

"I thought about that." He said, eyeing the diary he now had in his hands. "I don't want to, but I did. Ron... I understand him you know? Back in Muggle School, I was always the small kid, always the one everyone picked on. I was always reminded that I'm nothing special, that I'm just a freak. With so much successful brothers, Ron has these same problems. He's nothing special. That wouldn't be bad otherwise, but the others are special. A Curse Breaker, a Dragon Handler, and all dangerous and hard jobs the Weasley boys excel at. Ron doesn't. Fred and George have an extreme talent in inventing items, a real talent in Charms and Potions. Even Percy, who's a real prat was Head Boy and now got an important job at the Ministry. They are all special prodigies. And now, Ginny is slowly outgrowing Ron in magical prowess and even Quiddich talent. Ron's not weak or anything. Just nothing special. And it hurts him."

Remus now saw the intricacy that was Ron Weasley. He always saw the family of redheads as the perfect magical clan, filled with love and care all around. But Harry was on the inside. He saw the small flaws, the bad decisions the parents made, the bullying the bigger brothers might have done.

"And me, his best friend... well, I'm Harry bloody Potter aren't I? Enough said."

There was silence for a few minutes as both pondered what Harry has said. They finished their tea and just played with the mugs.

"And Hermione?" asked Remus. Harry sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"I'm just guessing." He admitted. "But can you see Hermione's intellect popular in primary school?"

"Not really."

"Yeah, me neither. I think she didn't really have friends before Ron and I. She's just as stunted in that department as I am. She might think that her intelligence and her helping us in our schoolwork is her worth. Like, her duty or job or whatever. She's the one who keeps us in line, the one who helps us not fail in anything school related. Imagine how she would feel if we take that away. Because she might not have been appreciated as a person before, she doesn't respect herself as one. She might think that because she can't help me with work anymore, she'll be worthless."

Remus' eyes widened as he watched the son of his best friend. "That is... surprising insight Harry. I never really pictured you as a psychologist." The boy laughed heartily at that.

"It's the diary." Harry said, motioning to the small book. "James opened my eyes to so many things I haven't seen before. Before, I was kind of submersed in my own world, just feeling sorry for myself. Especially last year. I was blind to others, their feelings or thoughts. James always saw others, even if he didn't really care about them. He saw them. He listened. I never did. I never told Hermione how much I appreciate her help. Or Ron, how much fun I have with him. I don't know anyone outside my House Remus! Well, don't really know at least."

"Do you want to change that?"

"I do." The boy admitted. "James loved life so much, I think I'm bringing shame to him with all this brooding and moping. And Sirius as well."

Remus sighed and smiled softly. "Although I think you have more reason then most to brood, you might be right. Even in dark times like this, people must see the fun in life. I don't want to use my condition, but I'm a werewolf Harry. My life is a curse after every breath I take. Still, I can have fun and I did a lot of it back in school. You need to loosen up."

"That I do." The boy admitted. "And I will."

The silence this time was soft and comfortable.

"So, did you see Hermione's breasts? Merlin they've grown."

Remus burst out laughing and hit his forehead on the table. Harry followed suit quickly.

"I have, in fact." The werewolf admitted. "She might be out to impress though. I never would have thought she would be one for cleavages."

"She's something of a prude isn't she?"

"Definitely. You know, James did sleep with someone like her in school."

"Elise Lewis?" Harry asked, remembering something from the diary.

"Amelia Bones."

"You're joking!"

"Swear on my furry life."

"Get out of here!"

"Nope, all true. The Amelia he's talking about? Little Bones from Hufflepuff wasn't as little as we thought. She's only a few years older than us but even in her last year she looked like a fourth year. James told us that school uniforms hide much though so I can't really tell what she hid. She was an overachiever like our Hermione, but was a wildcat in bed."

"Wow, I just have to tell Susan. Wonder if this can make a nice blackmail material..."

"Now you are thinking like James."

After they talked a bit more about girls in general and James' adventures with the fairer sex, both went back up to bed. Harry managed to sleep a few hours before Ron woke him up to come to breakfast. Mrs Weasley was already there, making the food. Mr Weasley was reading the morning paper while Ginny and Hermione were already buttering their toasts. Fred and George lived in the apartment above their really successful shop so they weren't here. Remus was making the tea and greeted Harry with a wave and a small wink towards the girls. The boy looked at them and knew what the werewolf was thinking about. Ginny wore an oversized Chudley Cannons T-shirt, and that was all. Her long creamy legs were crossed under the table.

Hermione had a white tank top which was kind of undersized to her ever growing bust. He noticed she had a sizeable chest before, but this was just overkill. Her pyjama pants were hugging her hips quite nicely and her rough ponytail made her long, slender neck stand out.

"Hey Harry." The girls greeted him as they continued to eat. A shine appeared in Harry's eyes. Remus was already laughing silently. The boy waited for Hermione to swallow but before she could take another bite, Harry walked over behind her and kicked the chair she was sitting on. Hermione's eyes widened as she started falling back, but the black haired boy caught her in her bent over form and started kissing her passionately. Shocked beyond belief, Hermione didn't react at first, but soon she closed her eyes and started kissing back with fervour. Everyone in the kitchen were frozen and stared at Harry who snogged Hermione like there was no tomorrow. After a few long minutes Harry drew back and put Hermione's chair back in its place.

"Good Morning 'Mione." He said with a cheeky grin. "Ginny." He nodded to the redhead and sat down next to the shocked brunette who now had puffy, red lips. Harry rubbed some garlic on his toast and buttered it slightly before starting to eat like nothing has happened. Remus tried to stuff his fists in his mouth to keep himself from laughing.

"Harry Potter!" screeched Mrs Weasley with her hands on her hips. "What is the meaning of such behaviour?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Mrs Weasley." Harry said innocently.

"Don't play coy with me! Look at what you did to poor Hermione!"

Both Remus and Harry looked at the brunette who had a dreamy expression and a soft smile on her face.

"Wow Harry, I think the lack of oxygen killed her brain." Remus said as he poked the girl on the shoulder.

"I think you're right." The boy added and turned to Mrs Weasley. "I would like to point out that poor Hermione didn't fight back."

To everyone's shock, Ron laughed out loud at that. "Mate, that was either the most awesome or the bravest thing you ever did!"

"The awesome I get and attest to. But why bravest?"

"You did it with my mum in the room. Balls of brass there mate, balls of brass."

Remus, Harry and Ron started laughing again. Mrs Weasley seemed lost but the men saw that she was ever so slowly gathering air in her lungs for another outburst.

"When will I get a greeting like this?" asked Ginny innocently. That shocked her mother so much; she quickly forgot what she wanted to yell out.

"I would comply, believe me." Harry admitted, making a show of eyeing her braless breasts under her shirt. Ginny straightened her back, making her assets bounce a bit. "But I'm afraid your parents might kill me, never mind your boyfriend. Ron might have my back, although I wouldn't want to wake up at night with his wand up my arse."

Mr Weasley burst out laughing, but after seeing the grim expression on his wife's face, he quickly stopped.

"Why would I put my wand up your arse?"Ron asked with a raised brow. "Unless the snog with Hermione was you being an actor and you play for the other team? Sorry mate, but I like the girlies."

"No like that you prat! Do you know how much a Stinging Jink hurts from the inside? Or how much a Petrificus Totallus hinders you taking a shit? Serious business mate, serious business."


"Sorry Mrs Weasley. Not taking a shit. Going to the restroom." Mrs Weasley looked like Aunt Marge when Harry inflated her. Her face was scarlet red as she was about to explode when Hermione seemingly snapped out of her trance and turned to Harry.

"Less talk." She said forcefully, her eyes shining like a predator's. "More snog."

And with that, she grabbed Harry's shirt and pulled him into a kiss. Unfortunately... or fortunately in Harry's case, the force of her move made them fall out of their chairs. The boy fell on the ground with an overzealous brunette on him, snogging the daylights out of him. Harry felt the sizeable breasts smashing into his chest as Hermione started grinding into his body. Remus and Ron burst out laughing so hard, they needed the table and the kitchen counter respectably to hold them from falling to the ground as well.

Hermione came up for air and smirked at Harry.

"Is that your wand Potter?" she asked. "Or are you just happy to see me?"

"Happy." Harry groaned as the brunette was grinding herself on his erection. "Definitely happy."

"How dare you!" came the enraged roar from Molly Weasley. "Not under my roof you..."

"For the record!" Harry managed to say when Hermione continued to kiss and suck on his neck. "This is my house!"

To Remus, that was enough. He fell to the floor and laughed so hard, he feared his lungs might pop.

"Alright there mate?" Ron asked as he looked over to the table to his best friends on the ground. "I can stun her if you want some air."

"Nah, I'm good." Harry forced out with difficulty. Hermione then whispered something into his ear and his green eyes widened.

"My room." He snapped. "Right now."

Hermione scrambled to her feet and ran out of the kitchen. Harry struggled to follow but almost fell over his own legs.

"What happened?" Remus asked through his happy tears. Harry didn't look back but still yelled back from the hall.

"She has no panties on!"

Ron spit out his tea he was trying to drink, right on his father who hid behind his newspaper. Molly wanted to follow, her wand already in her hands when Remus stopped her.

"He was right you know." He said. "It is his house. And he's far better with locking charms than you are at unlocking them. Just let the boy live. You saw he didn't force anything." The Weasley matriarch looked torn now.

"Not fair." Ginny pouted. "I don't have panties on either."

Remus, who held on to the kitchen counter to stand fell over again.

"Wow." Was all Hermione was able to say. She was staring up at the ceiling to the master bedroom here at Grimmauld Place. Her eyes were glassed over; her face was dreamier than Luna's.

"I aim to please." Harry added, satisfied with himself. James' diary did help him in his first time. His father was kind of a pervert when it came to sex and wrote pages over pages about sex.

"Just wow." The brunette breathed again. She had a happy grin on and had an almost unearthly glow. She needed this almost as much as Harry did, he saw.

"Yeah, you said that before."

"What came over us?" she asked, her hazel eyes meeting his for the first time since they finished having sex. "What happened? One minute you're my best friend and the other, you are putting your dick in my arse."

Shocked at what she said, she put her hands over her mouth in shame. Harry chuckled and raised himself on his elbow. He watched the girl as tears started gathering in her eyes.

"Don't be sad." He said and strokes her cheek softly. "Hermione, we needed this. We needed a bout of youthful freedom. What we did... it's a beautiful thing. I'm glad you were my first."

This made her relax a little as she let him brush her tears away. "I'm glad too Harry." She answered and breathed a small kiss on his lips. She then groaned and stretched. "God, I'm so sore!"

"You should be. First time and all."

"Yeah, I know. But Harry... not that I'm complaining, but why me? I know a lot of girls who have crush over crush for you back at Hogwarts."

"You know them?" He asked back, his eyes wide. "Who?"

"Well, Cho likes you."

"Fine way she's showing it." Harry snapped.

"I personally don't really like her. But I think Luna has a small crush on you. I'm not sure though. She's kind of hard to read."

"Understatement of the year."

She giggled and continued. "Susan Bones has the biggest crush on you. It might be even more than that."

"How so? I never really talked with her before. I only got to know her a bit in the DA."

Hermione looked a bit nervous but marched on. "Harry, if I tell you something, you promise not to let anyone else know? Not even Ron?"

Harry's brows knitted in confusion but nodded.

"I overheard Hannah and Susan talking after the DA." Hermione started, looking away from Harry. "Hannah wanted to make a love potion keyed to you and Susan to, as she said, finally make that blind idiot notice her. She sounded so bitter too. Hannah doesn't like you for some reason. Susan talked her out of it but she sounded so sad. Almost as if she got used to not being noticed... by you."

Harry groaned and fell back on the bed. Hermione turned to him with confused eyes.

"Thing is, I think Susan's a really good looking girl. I mean, she has the biggest... well... chest..."

"Say it." Harry cut in. Hermione raised a brow, not really understanding.

"Tits. Jugs. Boobs. Say it. It's not hard. Also, it's the truth."

"Harry you know I don't condone trash talk."

"Neither do I. But if it's true, then it's true. I'm not trying to be disrespectful. Men have chests. I have a chest. You don't even have tits Hermione. You have boobs. Girl, they are big. Be proud of them."

Hermione blushed a bit but nodded. "Well, Susan has the biggest boobs in our year. And an arse to kill for, as George said once. Seriously, she is so beautiful she even gets noticed by everyone... except you of course."

"I'm aiming to remedy that." Harry admitted. "I like Susan, she's nice. She's not enamoured by the Boy Who Lived, at least not as far as I know. A great body is a benefit, but not really an aim for me. We'll see."

"In the mean time." Hermione smiled seductively. "Come here."

"Aren't you sore?"

"Oh, woe is me. I'll endure I'm sure."

It was an extremely satisfied Harry and a really sore Hermione who walked down to lunch that day. The brunette found it hard to walk straight and needed to lean on Harry to be able to come down the stairs. The others were already there, eating. Mrs Weasley still looked furious, but the others were okay. Remus had a smile on his face as he saw the two teens come in and sit down.

"How are you Harry, Hermione?" he asked.

"I'm just so sore. Honestly, I just can't believe there is no spell to help me with that!" Hermione exclaimed.

"It's just a time issue." Mr Weasley added helpfully. "I remember when Molly..."

"Arthur. Don't." His wife snapped. Remus rolled his eyes at the red haired woman.

"Molly, we talked about this. They're young. Let them live."

"This is not living Remus! This is... disgusting!"

"How so?"

Everyone turned to Ron, who asked the question but didn't even look up from his stew.

"Don't you dare take that tone with me Ronald Weasley!"

"No, it was a good question." Harry added, backing his friend up. "Why is it disgusting?"

"You are far too young to do this Harry! And you aren't even married!"

Harry and Hermione looked at each other for a few seconds before shrugging.

"I admit to being a little old fashioned." Hermione said softly. "But Harry was right. I'm beautiful and I should be proud that I am."

"That doesn't mean that you should just jump into bed like a scarlet woman!"

Hermione flinched, stung, but gathered herself quickly. "Not everyone's. Just Harry's. He's my best friend and I am happy and grateful that he was my first. I don't trust anyone as much as I do him. Erm... sorry Ron, no offence."

"None taken." The redhead answered, still eating. "I wasn't a great friend to each of you, I know. I'm working on that."

"Atta boy." Harry exclaimed and punched the redhead's shoulder, who almost swallowed his spoon.

"I'm a growing woman." Hermione continued. "And we are close to war. I want to live life to its fullest. I might not love Harry romantically, but he is the closes thing to a brother I have. I trust him with my life, my happiness, and to be honest, with my virginity. He didn't take anything. I offered."

Harry squeezed her hand and offered her an encouraging smile. Mrs Weasley still looked unconvinced but she at least kept her thoughts to herself.

They finished lunch and Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny all went on to refurbish the house. Remus had to leave to meet Dumbledore with Mr Weasley soon and the teens didn't want to bother the angry Molly Weasley. They had to admit, just by themselves and without the overbearing presence of the Weasley matriarch, they made pretty good progress. As night rolled in, they were finished with every bedroom and bathroom, using every charm and spell they knew to conjure furniture, repair broken items and change the colours of the walls or rugs. The teens sighed in satisfaction as they gathered in the kitchen again to eat dinner. Mrs Weasley was silent all throughout, but they didn't really care. They joked and laughed and made plans for the rest of the house.

The library was Hermione's job only because of the sheer amount of spells she knew about categorising. The others will handle the living room, hall and kitchen.

The teens then all went into their respective, now clean, warm and inviting bedrooms. Harry threw his shirt and trousers on the ground, promising himself to put them away tomorrow morning. He slid into the king sized bed under the soft covers. He still felt Hermione's scent on his pillow, something he just refused to remove.

His door opened slowly and he smiled. Right until his nose caught the scent of vanilla.

"Come in Ginny." He said and sat up in his bed. Even in the darkness, he saw the redhead's eyes widen.

"How did you know?"

"Vanilla. Hermione uses cinnamon shampoo."


"Come, sit." Harry invited, patting the bed. Ginny became braver and walked up to him, sitting at his feet. Harry turned the lamp on his cupboard on and saw the nervous expression Ginny wore.

"Is something wrong?"

"Not really." The redhead said, smiling slightly. "Harry, do you think I'm beautiful?" she blurted out. Harry nodded, his eyes running over her body. She wore the oversized T-shirt for bed again, but nothing else.

"Of course you are. Why wouldn't you be?"

"You made Hermione feel so beautiful today. She never believed me. I always tried to make her see how much she grew up and filled out, but she never did. I'm glad she finally admitted it."

"I am too. She's far too pretty to think herself to be ugly. But what about you?"

Suddenly, Ginny jumped on him, forcing him back on his bed. She threw the covers off of him and straddled his hips. Harry felt her uncovered sex brush his boxers. She groaned and started grinding herself to him as she saw Hermione do this morning.

"She was right." Ginny said, biting her lower lip. "We do need this. I need this too."

"But..." Harry tried. "Michael... or Dean..."

"I'm single." She groaned. "I broke up with Michael last year. I told Ron I was with Dean to make him angry."

She raised her soft brown eyes to Harry's green ones and tried to look as innocent and sexy as she could.

"Why? Don't you want me?"

Harry groaned as Ginny pushed her hips to his forcefully, smashing her pussy to his erection.

"I'm not doing it with lesbians." He managed to say. Ginny froze.

"I'm not gay." She said, flabbergasted that Harry even said it.

"Not yet. But I saw how you watched Hermione's cleavage." Harry had to admit, he was quoting James' diary again. His dad talked about gay women a lot only because Lily's best friend was one and she and James got along famously. This Miranda Jackson was the one who helped James and Lily get together in the first place.

"I saw that when she jumped me in the kitchen... you watched her."

Even though Ginny stopped moving, she was still in a really special place on top of him. Harry fought to stay eloquent through it all.

"Why are you saying this?" Ginny asked softly as she started grinding to him again. "I'm. Not. Gay."

"Then... let's try something... shall we?"

"Hmm... sure..." she purred. Harry groaned in pleasure again.

"Close your eyes." Ginny did so but didn't stop moving. "Just imagine what Hermione did to me... but imagine you in my place."

For a few seconds, Ginny's movement slowed as she scrunched her eyes closed. She seemed to fight to imagine what he asked her. Then, he saw her face soften. Her lips parted and she sucked in the air with a quiet whisper. Her hands went up to Harry's shoulders and gripped him as her grinding quickened. Although her breasts weren't quite Hermione's size, they were still a handful and she pushed them into his chest. Through the fabric of her shirt, Harry felt her nipples harden as her movements started becoming erratic. Ginny bit her lower lip to resist a huge scream as she finally came. She rode out her orgasm as her forehead fell on Harry's chest. Her breathing was erratic and her hips were now resting softly on Harry.

"Wow." She breathed. Harry chuckled and rolled the redhead off of him.

"Hermione said the same thing."

"Not surprised. But Harry, how did you know?"

"What? That you're gay?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, I don't think I'm fully gay. I mean, I can't be. Up to this point, I was masturbating thinking about you."

Harry froze and Ginny looked at him sheepishly.


"No, no, it's okay. Flattering even. I guess I saw the signs you know? Gay people usually don't really know they are gay until they try it or something."

"But how did you know what the signs were?"

Harry smiled, thinking back to the diary. "My mum had this friend. She was her... well, Ron. Mum was more like Hermione, loved studying and all that. Miranda was her fun side, someone she could count on to just tear her from the library and pull her to Hogsmead."

"And she was a lesbian?"

"Yeah. Lily helped her finding it out and helped her to work it out with her parents."

"Did Professor Lupin tell you this?"

Harry thought about just nodding, but instead he leaned over to his cupboard and pulled the diary out of the drawer.

"This was my dad's." He said and showed the redhead the leather bound booklet. "He started writing it in his fifth year and finished it sometime before he died. He was really good friends with Miranda. He actually let her stay at his house when her parents kicked her out."

"They ran their daughter off?" Ginny asked, her eyes wide in shock.

"Only for a week or so, until they calmed. They were Muggles and highly catholic, as far as dad knew. They accepted it in the end. She even married."

"Really? Do you think she's still out there?"

"Well, according to dad, she went out to Norway with her wife after the war turned for the worse."

"Oh." Ginny grew silent and Harry put the diary back in its place. "I can't be gay Harry."

He chuckled and poked at the redhead's side where he knew she was ticklish.

"Sorry Gin, but I kinda have evidence."

"Knock it off!" she laughed as Harry continued to poke her. She swatted his hand away like a fly. "No, you don't understand. I can't be gay. Mum would kill me."

"Again, sorry Gin. No offence but I don't think she really has a say in the matter."

To Ginny's bewildered expression Harry just waved. "I'm serious. I love you mum, you know that, but she is kind of overbearing, you have to admit that. So what if you want to bugger a dame or two? That's your decision."

Ginny laughed. Her voice sounded like small bells clinging.

"Where did you get this vocabulary? Did your dad's diary teach that too?"

"Honestly, yes. Dad thought that people used up too much energy to act like others wanted them to. He had many arguments with his parents about his language but he didn't really care. He said it as it was, always the cold hard truth. If I'm deeply in love with a girl, I will call what we do 'lovemaking'. When not, I'm fucking. S'that simple."

Ginny nodded at each point he made, but her face was still in a frown.

"I can't." She said and shook her head. "I can't admit to being gay. It just brings so much stuff with it you know? So much fear. Who knows how my friends will react in school? Or the teachers? My brothers? I can't sacrifice all of that just because my libido is uncontrollable."

Ginny snuggled into Harry's side and the boy gave her a one armed hug.

"I would agree. But I admitted to Remus that I'm scared to be better in class because of Ron and Hermione. No offence, but Ron is a quite jealous person and he's easily angered. Hermione... it's complicated with her, but it can still happen. I didn't want to lose them. Do you know what Remus said?"


"That if they grow to hate me because of something like this, they weren't good friends to begin with. And I agree."

"But this is completely different!" the redhead exclaimed. "That's schoolwork! But Harry... I might be gay!"

"So why not have sex with someone?" Harry asked slowly. "I know you shouldn't use others, but if you experiment a little you could find out if it's true. You said it right: you might be gay."

Ginny wanted to say something but Harry's door opened and Hermione walked in. She wore her pyjama pants and tank top, same as last time. When she saw Ginny in Harry's bed, her eyes narrowed a bit.

"Your bed was empty." She said in a strange voice. "I thought you might be here. I'll leave you two alone."

"No, Hermione wait!" Harry yelled as he jumped up. Before the brunette could leave, he grabbed her hand and guided her to the bed.

"I think there are a few things Ginny might want to tell you. I'll leave you to it." Harry winked at Ginny. The redhead's face was filled with terror but Harry just smiled encouragingly and turned to walk out of his own room.

"Don't go." Ginny pleaded. "Stay. Help me through it."

Harry didn't know what to do. Things might get heated with these two and not in the bad way either. Maybe he will just sneak out when they start to go at it?

"Sure." He said and sat at the feet of the bed. Ginny sat up and turned to Hermione, who eyes her curiously.

"Hermione. I admit to doing... well, I don't really know what we did... okay, so I came here to be with Harry. But he... well, he said something that... might be true. I... I need your help." She bit her lower lip in fright as the elder brunette nodded slowly.

"Okay. Whatever you..." she couldn't finish because her mouth was covered by Ginny's. Her eyes widened and she seemed to try to lean back and escape, but the redhead's arms snaked around her shoulders and held her in place. Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but that was the wrong move. Ginny's tongue slid in and started massage Hermione's. The brunette's defences seemed to hold as her hand came up to Ginny's chest to push her off. Another wrong move. As the tips of her fingers brushed against Ginny's creamy white skin, her resolve broke and she eased into the snog. After a few minutes she even took control of it.

Harry almost wanted to cough or clear his throat only to see their reactions. But this was important to Ginny. To be honest, Harry was just shooting in the dark when he told Ginny that she was a lesbian. He just remembered what James wrote about the 'signs' and the redhead just fit them all. It was a gamble, but it seemed to pay off.

Meanwhile, Ginny's fingers ran into Hermione's wild locks and pushed their lips together even tighter. They fell on the bed with Hermione straddling the redhead and grinding against her. Her movements seemed more experienced than Ginny's tries. Hermione grabbed one of the younger girl's breasts while still snogging the daylights out of her. Harry didn't see how, but Hermione's top landed on his head as the two threw it away. He removed the offending cloth and turned to the two. What he saw made his blood boil.

Ginny's T-shirt was pulled up enough to make her naked breasts escape their prison. Hermione's naked boobs were smashed against the redhead's and they were grinding them together, massaging each other's nipples.

"Oh snap." Harry breathed as he saw one of Ginny's hands slid into Hermione's pyjama pants and massage the area between her legs. The brunette took a sharp intake of breath and bit on the redhead's neck. Soon, both the T-shirt and the pants were discarded as the two naked girls were still snogging each other furiously, but now they were also massaging their pussies with each other's. Harry stood slowly, knowing that he wasn't needed anymore. He was almost by the door when he heard Hermione.

"Don't you dare." The brunette snapped as Ginny bit on her nipple. "Get back here mister! This is your entire fault you know..." she couldn't finish since one of Ginny's fingers slipped into her sex and was now massaging her from within. Harry, torn about what he should do, just stood there, looking away from the lovemaking.

"Where... my wand..." Was all Hermione managed to say as now two of Ginny's fingers were working inside of her. Harry, being the helpful lad he is, summoned her wand and handed it to her. Hermione waved it, muttering a spell with all the concentration she could muster. Her top slowly changed into something Harry just guessed about. It seemed like an artificial dick, but it was attached to leather straps. Hermione fought with Ginny to get a moment of freedom, only to strap the toy on herself. Even from his place Harry saw the light going off in Ginny's eyes as she watched the brunette stroking her artificial member slowly.

"You ready?" she asked softly. The redhead nodded energetically, a shit-eating grin overtaking her face. She spread her legs and let Hermione enter her.

"You're... not a virgin?"

"Quiddich... does that..." was all Ginny could mumble out. As Hermione started to fuck her, the redhead started moaning louder and louder until Harry had to think quickly and put on a silencing ward around his room. If he had to go by moans and yells, Ginny had almost five orgasms in twenty minutes. The satisfied and predatory smirk on Hermione showed that she enjoyed it as much as the redhead did.

"Come here Harry." Groaned the brunette. Harry didn't dare not comply. Hermione was scary when she was horny and wanted something done. She spun Ginny around on her stomach and entered her again.

"Yes Hermione?" Harry asked tentatively, still politely looking away.

"Fuck me Harry." Was all she commanded.

"Yes Ma'am." Harry kicked off his boxers. His cock was already rock hard as he got on the bed and positioned himself right behind Hermione. When he entered her, he needed to close his eyes to concentrate not to orgasm on the spot. Hermione was so wonderfully hot, wet and tight, it was impossible to control himself.

"Wrong entrance." Hermione groaned as she still fucked Ginny. The girl was so out of it right now that she couldn't even moan. Harry could see saliva bubbles come out of the redhead's mouth. She was gone.

"No it's not." Harry said as he pumped her wildly.

"Harry. Wrong entrance." The boy could hit himself on the forehead. He was getting an invite and he almost let it slide! He pulled his cock out of Hermione. It was shining from all of her moisture. Without further ado, Harry pushed it right inside the brunette's arse. This time it was Hermione who couldn't control her moans of pleasure. She was now pumping Ginny wildly, only because that made Harry's movements even wilder. Ginny seemed to come to when she saw the almost unearthly satisfying pleasure on Hermione's face.

"Is he buggering you?" she asked as she looked back. Hermione couldn't speak, just nodded her head.

"Do me." Was all she said. Hermione, not waiting a second pulled out and, like Harry did, just enter Ginny's arse. The redhead gave a soft and slightly painful yelp but she got used to it quickly. In no time, she was yelling with the pleasure of it all.

"I'm coming." Hermione mumbled almost incoherently. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted, slivers of saliva dripping down her chin and falling on Ginny's back, mixing with her sweat.

"Me too." Ginny added, her hands gripping the pillow. She was pushing her arse up in the air every time to meet Hermione's hips in a loud smack as the brunette pumped her with vigour. Soon, they screamed with release. Harry, who almost inhumanly so stayed in control all this time, finally let himself go into Hermione's bum. Feeling the warm, sticky liquid fill her up, the brunette came gain with a wild trash, which made her hips slam into Ginny, who in turn came again as well. Harry rolled off of Hermione, who in turn did the same on Ginny.

"So, was it good?" Harry asked with a ridiculous grin on his face. Both girls still had their eyes closed and were breathing hard.

"Talk... tomorrow..." Ginny groaned. "Sleep... now..."

It didn't take either of them to fell asleep less than five minutes. Harry counted. With a small shake of his hand, he wandlessly cast a primitive cleaning spell on the girls and one extra on Hermione to make his semen disappear from her bum. With the brunette almost fainting, her magic dispersed and the strapon she used turned back into her tank top. Harry put their clothes away and tucked them in. The girls snuggled closer to each other, Ginny pushing herself back into Hermione who hugged her with one hand. Harry smiled at them fondly as he pulled his boxer up and went to have a shower. He cast another silence ward on the bathroom to make sure he won't wake up anyone.

When he was clean and arrived back in his room he saw that the girls didn't even move a muscle. He shook his head with a smile and climbed into the bed, snatching as much of the blanket as he could. He even snuggled up to Hermione who was still hugging Ginny. By reflex, Hermione pushed her bum into his hips. Harry fell asleep with a smile.

Ginny was right. Sleep now. Talk tomorrow...


The screeching was so loud, in shock Harry just rolled out of the bed and landed on the floor. Ginny and Hermione shot up like they were shot with electricity. The three teens stared at the redheaded fury that was Molly Weasley.

"We were sleeping?" Harry tried innocently, peaking from behind the bed. That was the wrong thing to do, because the matriarch zoomed in on him.

"HARRY POTTER!" with that charging roar, Mrs Weasley pulled her wand out of her dress and shot a nasty purple curse at Harry. The boy managed to roll out of the way and almost by reflex, shot a powerful shield spell. The almost solid magic slammed into Molly and the older woman was pushed out of the room. She fell on the floor in a heap but instantly struggled to get up. Knowing about the commotion that was about to happen, Harry quickly summoned the girls' clothes. Both Hermione and Ginny got it and dressed in lightning speed.

"What is going on here?" yelled Mr Weasley as he arrived at the door. He saw his sputtering wife standing and holding Harry at wandpoint with the youth staring at her in defiance. He saw Hermione and Ginny on the bed and although they were now covering their decency in their nightclothes, the elder Weasley had no illusion about what happened.

"You... you arrogant brat!" Mrs Weasley roared. "What did you do to my innocent little Ginny! You corrupted my daughter... with... with your freakishness!" Hermione and Ginny gasped and looked at Harry. Whatever emotion he had on his face disappeared instantly and was replaced with a cold glare. His fists clenched tightly and the veins on his arms almost popped. Hermione knew Harry for years now but she never ever has been afraid of him. She now knew that she saw him in every way: sad, disappointed, happy, satisfied, angry... but never have she felt so much cold fury from him. While Mrs Weasley's anger was burning hot as she stared at the boy, Harry's was icy and frosty. His was way scarier.

"I didn't touch your daughter." Harry forced out, his face so tight he couldn't move his jaw much. "I didn't because guess what: she's gay. Even if I would do anything to her... never would I force myself on her. I would only do whatever she wanted me to."

"Harry." Mr Weasley tried. Although he wasn't proud about what happened and was shocked to his core about Ginny's sexuality, he tried to diffuse the situation peacefully. It was no use, he knew when he looked at his wife.

"Don't you dare lie to me!" the redhead matriarch spat. "My little Ginny is the perfect little girl! She's not some... dyke slag!"

Hermione gasped but Ginny's face was filled with fury. She jumped out of the bed and marched over to her mother, blocking Harry from her view. Molly's face instantly softened.

"Ginny dear, you're not at fault." She cooed. "You were manipulated by... that boy."

"I. Was. Not." The girl forced out, her eyes aflame. "Harry was telling the truth."

"Oh dear, you might believe it. But dear, You Know Who is the same... maybe you were Imperiused..."

Harry stiffened even further. Mr Weasley secretly begged to any deity out there to make his wife shut up. Mrs Weasley tried to grab her daughter's shoulder but Ginny took a step back.

"Don't touch me." She hissed. "How dare you compare Harry to He Who... ." Ginny swallowed a shudder and marched on. "He was nothing else but kind and sweet even though I literally threw myself at him."

"But that was his plan, dear! Can't you see?"

"Mum, he turned me down. He didn't touch me at all."

"That's because I arrived in time to spoil his plans!" Mrs Weasley started losing patience with her daughter.

"There were no plans!"

"Drop this nonsense young lady! You are going to marry a respectable wizard, bear his children and take care of his home!"

"No I won't! I won't marry a wizard!"

"Ginny, you are not gay!"

"Yes I am!"

Mr Weasley gasped at his daughter's loud declaration. Mrs Weasley jumped forward and grabbed Ginny by the shoulders.

"I'm going to fix you dear, don't you worry. I'm going to make it all good, I promise."

"Get your hands off of me!" Ginny struggled, but Molly's grasp was iron clad.

"Molly dear, stop this." Mr Weasley tried and reached over to put his hand on her shoulder, but the woman just shook it off.

"Not now Arthur! Don't you see that our daughter is sick? She needs our help!" Ginny almost managed to escape, but Molly grabbed her again. "Keep still!"

But then she felt a grip on her arm. She looked to the side and saw Harry Potter. Hermione, who felt like a bizarre spectator of the events, watched her best friend and brother fearfully. She was, more than ever, afraid of him. Never before did Harry inspire so much fear in her.

Apart from the unnatural shine in his eyes, nothing showed Harry's anger, but everyone felt it... his magic rolling off of his body in waves. It was all a sixth sense to them, telling them one thing. Run.

"Molly Weasley." Harry hissed dangerously and it got through to the redhead matriarch. "For your disrespect for my house and person you are no longer considered a friend of House Potter and House Black and are unwelcome in our house. You have one hour to leave before things get violent."

Then he turned to Ginny and his face softened. "You are welcome to stay Gin. As is Ron." Using the brief shock of her mother, Ginny escaped her grip and stepped behind Harry.

Mrs Weasley, yet again, was inflating like a balloon and almost snapped when a red beam shot her from behind. She fell over, stunned. Everyone in the room watched Ron put his wand away.

"Ronald!" Mr Weasley yelled, but in all honesty, he couldn't fault his son.

"Sorry Dad." The youngest Weasley boy shrugged. "You know it was better than the alternative." He motioned to Harry. Mr Weasley sighed and rubbed his forehead tiredly.

"Harry, you know what you did is really serious." He said to the black haired youth. "You just kicked out our House from Grimmauld Place. Well, except Ron and Ginny."

"I know. I'm more aware about my titles and powers than others think. And I was serious. She was about to hurt Ginny."

"I don't think she would have gotten that far..."

"Yes she would." Ginny cut in, tears in her eyes. "She would try spells... healers... then, when nothing works, she would try to beat it out of me. I know. Harry told me enough of his relatives."

"It's true sir." Harry added. "My Uncle always tried to beat the magic out of me."

There was silence for a few moments, Mr Weasley eyeing the slump body of his wife. "Do you really think she would sunk so low? On your relatives' level?" He asked Harry, who nodded grimly.

"I thought I knew my wife." The older man whispered. "I'm not going to lie. I did have a different life in mind for Ginny. Every parent has one made up when it comes to their children. I can't honestly say that I'm not disappointed. But I want the best for my children... and if you think you know what's best for you Ginny, then I can't argue with you. And if Harry helped you acknowledge it... then thank you Harry."

"I just brought it up sir. Hermione confirmed it." Harry pointed out. Arthur seemed to bristle a bit but calmed down instantly.

"I need to get Molly out of here before the wards tear her apart. Harry, I'm sorry it came to this, but until matters are calmed, I don't think you are welcome at the Burrow."

"I understand sir."

Arthur nodded and started levitating Molly to the fireplace to Floo.

"Wow Gin." Ron said, slightly smiling. "Way to make a stand."

"You're... not angry?" she asked back, her eyes wide. Ron was always her favourite brother. Because of the one year age difference between them, they spent a lot of time together when they were young. The disapproval of her older brothers she might manage to take, but Ron's anger would hurt her badly.

"Why would I be?" the redhead boy asked back flippantly. "Do you know how much weight just lifted from my shoulder? Now I don't have to kick boy's arses that touch my baby sister in the ways I don't approve."

Ginny rushed forward and threw her arms around the much taller Ron who suddenly looked really uncomfortable.

"I love you too Gin and all the mushy stuff like that, but could you please get your breasts out of my chest? It's freaky." The girl chuckled but it turned to a hiccup as she finally broke down and started crying. Ron started stroking her hair as he felt his shirt becoming wetter from his sister's tears.

Remus walked over to the room, balancing a dozen pizza boxes in his hands. He peaked out from behind them and watched the teens.

"Did I miss something?"