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Chapter One:

Stefan lay on is back, staring at the familiar woodwork on the ceiling of his room at the Salvatore Boarding House with tired eyes.

He thought of the summer honeymoon he'd had with Elena - his wife! He still relished that word which strengthened Elena's bond to him, even though they'd been married for 5 months already.

Rolling over, he realised that Elena's side was empty.

Sitting up, he looked at the time. 3:00am.

Where would she be at this time of the morning?

That's when he saw the shadow flit across the hallway through his door that was ajar.

He tried to call Elena's name, but no sound came out.

What was wrong with him? He probably just needed some water.

Getting up, he walked out of his room and was about to go downstairs when he heard muffled laughter coming from Damon's room.

Stefan shook his head, smiling. His brother really had connected with Bonnie over the summer, hadn't he?

But then the girl laughed again, and Stefan realised with dread that it wasn't Bonnie's voice.

Maybe he should just leave Damon to do whatever he wanted?

But then again, Bonnie was a good friend, and he didn't want his brother to hurt her by sleeping with another woman!

Starting towards Damon's room, Stefan found the door open.

Without hesitating, he knocked quietly on the door and tried to speak, but found that his voice still wouldn't work.

So he walked past the door and round the corner...and stopped short, eyes widening with shock.

Damon's head whipped up, stopping his act of smothering a girl with kisses on his bed, the two lying in a somewhat passionate manner.

The girl's head also twisted round to see the intruder, a smile still playing across her lips.

Suitably, she gasped.


Stefan's mind wouldn't work, his mouth stayed open in shock.

Elena struggled to sit up but Damon...Damon gazed at him in contempt, getting up out of the bed and stalking towards him, he sneered "Looks like things are out in the open now, aren't they? Oops, you weren't supposed to know this way but ah well. Sooner rather than later, eh?"

Stefan stayed immobile. A voice was screaming at the back of his head, but his own still wouldn't work!

"What? Cat got your tongue? Honestly, you're so pathetic! All those months on your honeymoon you never realised where you wife's heart really lay? Me and her, we go a long way back." He turned around "Elena honey, why don't you get up and show Stefan my wedding present for you guys? It's a shame it wasn't noticeable by the time of the wedding."

Elena slowly started getting up off the bed, as if it pained her to do so, but Stefan didn't want to see her.

Deep down, he knew what he'd see.

Elena got out of the bed with the help of Damon, and stretched.

Sure enough, her tummy stuck out a mile, and Stefan swore he just saw a foot imprint from the other side.

Red. Stefan's vision was blurring. All he could see was red hot anger.

Damon stepped closer again. "You know, if it's a boy, we're going to call him Damon Saviour Salvatore. My little creature." His head turned to Elena "Our little creature."

Without rational thought, Stefan leapt forward with a terrible silent cry and flung himself at his brother.

In the struggle that followed, he could hear Elena's screams in the background, but was intent on killing his brother.

Yet he failed to notice Damon pull a stake out from nowhere and then the most unimaginable pain.

Ice filled his insides and he tumbled off his brother, falling to the floor. His back arched and he tried to scream but of course, couldn't. At the back of his mind, he knew what this was.

"Stefan! Stefan!" Stefan wanted to hold Elena, to feel her one last time, but Damon was easily holding her back.

His eyes were filled with malice, and just a tinge of red?

Stefan couldn't understand anything. Why Damon would do this...

But his breath was getting shallower and his chest was constricting. He could feel his skin hardening and his hands uselessly scrabbled against the stake embedded in his heart.

"Goodbye brother." Damon's sinister voice cut through Elena's cries like a knife. But it wasn't Damon's voice...did it sound a tad girly?

Stefan's eyes closed for the last time, tears streaking down his face.


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