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Chapter Fourteen:

Damon drove recklessly, as always. Stefan couldn't believe it - Damon didn't want him to ruin the paintwork, yet there was more a chance of Damon damaging the whole car rather than just the paintwork.


There was an uneasy silence during the journey, as Stefan was doing everything he could to not go mad, and Damon didn't know what to say to comfort him.

Finally, after a couple of hours, they entered Georgia and Stefan noticed the pace started slowing.

"Why are you slowing down? Do you know where she is?!"

"Nope, but I know a witch who owns a bar, who so happens to know everyone and everything that goes on around here. How much do you want to bet that she knows the exact whereabouts of your girl?"

"My life." Stefan muttered, and went back to staring sullenly out of the window.

Damon soon pulled up at a little bar off the highway.

"We're here."

Stefan was out before Damon had even stopped the car.

"Slow down, Stefan. She has to see me first otherwise she'll blast us to bits as soon as we enter the bar. Most vampires are not welcome here."

"So why are you?"

Damon smirked "I may have met her while I was trying out university."

Stefan stared, incredulous. "You tried out uni?"

Damon hurried on ahead. "Once or twice."

Wow, Stefan was surprised. His brother had actually liked to have a degree - seeing as when he was human, he had been drafted into the war from the age of 18.

Following Damon to the bar entrance, he entered.

It was fairly busy, with a young - middle aged barmaid lounging around.

Well, she was lounging around until she caught the scent, unmistakeable of a vampire.

Her head snapped to the door, and her expression lit up as soon as she saw Damon.

"Damon, honey, what a surprise!"

Damon grinned "Hello Bree."

Her eyes shifted towards Stefan. "This must be your brother." He smiled and waved awkwardly.

Damon looked a little put out. "I thought you were happy to see me."

"Of course not." She laughed and drew him in, and they began kissing passionately.

Stefan stood there, eyes wide, and expected them to stop any time soon.

When they didn't, he tried clearing his throat loudly, which didn't work, so he trudged towards the bar and sat on a tool, prepared to wait it out.

Finally, Damon and Bree disentangled themselves, and he went to sit next to his brother, while Bree walked round the other side of the bar.

"So, what brings you guys over to Georgia?"

Damon inclined his head towards Stefan. "Missing girlfriend."

"Ahh. Not yours, I see."

"Nope, mine is safely back at home."

"Ooh, so you've finally settled down long enough to have a long-term girlfriend?"

"You're not still mad at me for leaving you, are you? Someone was going to notice their student wasn't ageing, sooner or later."

Bree laughed. "I got over that dear. There are many more pleasures in the world other than dating a vampire, you know."

She looked at Stefan. "I guess your 'girlfriend' figured that out."

Stefan frowned. "She didn't run away from me! She's been kidnapped!"

"They all say that, then she'll probably turn up dead with mysterious bite marks on her neck by an angry vampire ex-boyfriend..."

"How dare you - "

Stefan was about to spring up when Damon put a restraining hand on his arm.

"Stefan!" He hissed. "Calm down. She's a witch remember, bound to hate vampires in general."

Stefan switched his gaze from his brother back to Bree, and noticed the suspicion behind her eyes.

Damon turned back to Bree and put on his sucking-up voice. "Breeee, you know me and - "

"Yes, I do know you. And I know that you can leave a trail of bodies all around the country."

"But I'm different now...just ask my girlfriend. She's a Bennett descendant, you know."

Bree's eyes widened. "A Bennett witch, really?"

"Yup. BFFs with the missing gf. Desperately wants us to find her, somewhere around here."

"I guess I can help you then. Give me a minute to track her."

"Take as much time as you need. We're patient people."

Bree rolled her eyes, turned, and walked into the private room for staff.

Stefan hadn't realised he'd been tense all through that conversation until Damon spoke up.

"Relax, Stefan. Bree's the best witch in town. She'll find Elena."

"It's not just that, it's...I just don't trust her."

Damon helped himself to the peanuts on the bar, and started munching. "Why not? She's helping us, of all people."

"I know, but...there's something about her...Don't you think?"

Damon scrunched his eyes for an intense second. "Nope. Look, she's excellent...and not just in bed, which was - "

"Fine, I trust her!" Stefan turned his attention to the peanuts on the table, and gave Damon a sideways look. "Too much information."

Damon grinned. "You wanted to know about my university life."

"What did you study?"


Stefan noticed the way his brother's eyes shifted away from his direction.

He began to grin. "What was it?"

Damon stuffed more peanuts in his mouth, and answered around them "Modeghffling."

Stefan leant closer. "What was that? I didn't quite catch it."

Damon whipped his head round to him and glared. "Careful Stefan, you don't want the whole bar to hear about your additional course for weddings."

"Damon! We've been through this, I was forced to go into that particular course!"

"Of weddings."

"I didn't choose it!"

"What course didn't you choose?" Bree had returned.

Damon opened his mouth, but Stefan shoved some peanuts into it, preventing him from speaking.

He smiled sweetly. "Too much information."

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Both university courses for Damon and Stefan taken from The Fictionist's Blood Brothers and sequel.

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