Ok, so I don't own Sailor Moon. I am just taking the characters out for a spin. This is only the beginning...


Prologue:Breeding Chaos

The day began with a somber grace, the quiet warmth of the sun peeking over the edge of the sparkling sea. The soft brightness warming the endless horizon, casting the low hanging clouds in a painters glow. The sea and sky seemed to hug the edges of the towers, sprawling over the horizon that was the modern city of Tokyo. The steel and glass outline reaching into the warming light as if to caress the clouds themselves. The millions of people who inhabited the city lay slumbering, softly wrapped peacefully in their dreams, tucked warmly under the covers on their beds completely unaware of the spreading darkness that had converged far off upon the horizon of the sea.

Slowly a dark mist marred the sea's glowing horizon, rolling in towards the bay hanging lazily without true intent as to whether it should take the fated chance and come further inland. Or dissipate onto the wind once more. Deeply fearful of the burning silver power it felt somewhere within that great city. Billowing and rolling in upon itself with uncertainty it hung over the deep ocean weighing its chances. It had only been a short time ago, when that power had fragmented its greater self, casting it back to its primal beginnings within the minds of all who lived within the universe. With its greater self destroyed, the remains fragmented into millions of shadows, wandering aimlessly in the cold expanse of space.

Confused, alone, and frightened hiding within the asteroid belts that lay on the outer edge. Weak and primal it searched for a sustaining resource wishing to live once more. It had felt like hearted spirits lying dormant within millions of the populace here on this small globe, calling it from the cold to this planet of warmth and life. Here there was promise, here it could reclaim its power and glory it had to just be patient take its time to root itself within the hearts of men. Cultivate their darkest desires, feed upon their fears and misery till it could be whole once more.

Then and only then would it reach out to claim this world as its own, before spreading once more towards the galaxy and the thousands of worlds beyond ripe and waiting for it to suck the life from them. It hung heavily around the docks, reaching out with a basic hunger to find refuge from the light of the quickly rising sun. Searching for safe hiding places to grow and become stronger.

As it struck the now bustling docks of this busy metro city it dispersed into the air, a million small wisps of darkness streaming down the streets searching for hearts to call home. In a matter of minutes the wisps of darkness had laid claim to thousands, as the day wore on millions would be affected. An ancient evil slowly began to seed itself in the once peaceful lives, breeding with the like minded, growing in mass and power waiting for the best time to strike out against the silver light that currently ruled this city.