Karachi, Pakistan

The major seaport in this part of the world, and the most population. The massive city was a sprawling metropolis, the educational and economical hub of south asia. Now it was nothing more then a smoking crater. Saturn stood on the remain's of the stone monolith of the Jinnah tomb, one of the few structures to survive the blast that had taken out the city. It was a white sand stone square building with a dome accenting the middle. A somber structure both strong and sublime, Saturn stood in her Eternal fuku. Having finally ascended to the ultimate form with the guiding light of her Queen. The winds howled about her, whistling through the small rectangular windows carved into the walls of the building. Tossing her long gauze ribbons adorning her dual layered skirt, her long dark hair playing with the wind as her dark violet eyes squint as the sand assaulted them. Gripping the staff of her Silence Glaive a little tighter in her anger. She had arrived in time to witness the mushroom cloud ascending into the sky. The people laid low by their own taboo's and fear, when the Demon's invaded the rival religious factions had thought the worst, deciding for the whole populace that they would make a sacrifice of themselves to ensure the demon's never made it past Pakistan's shores. It had worked, most of the demon's and the humans had been vaporized instantly.

Now it was Koan and her sister's dressed in white fallout suits, scouring the out lying streets, and scorched wilderness finding the survivors. Who now wished they were dead, suffering extensive burns and slowly dieing from radiation poisoning. All in all a tragic ill thought plan...Saturn understood the thinking, but was bitter about it. These people were always so passionate and extreme...

She felt him before her communicator began to drone. A kindred power so like the darker half of her own. The power to silence it all...

"Abraxsas..." Saturn breathed, her dark lavender wings spread from her back. Dusting the air with loose feathers as she leaped into the air ascending to the clouds and her true destiny...which lay at the Sun. To side of the dark fathomless being currently emerging from the black smudge of sun spots, weak and defenceless like a new born babe.

The Elysian Armies

Just as the human armies and Mamoru's forces were waining in strength, new golden portals bloomed to life all over the world. Massive flying Gondola's, filled with new fresh foot soldier's dressed in gold armour and crimson capes. Their faces gentle yet elegant with pointed ears, and strange long wild hair of differing colors streaked with various tones of blue, violet or pink. Strange yet powerful creatures who called upon the similar magic, as the Four Heavenly Kings. Using swords,simple bows and of all things flutes. Small glowing spirits, and sly leathery green imp's joined their forces. With Dragon's of all colors and size took to the skies taking on the Man o War's blimps and other Demonic creatures that were currently devouring the human air force. At first the human's thought they were under attack by the Dark Realms reinforcements, and sought to fight against the Elysian Army. It took only a few miss fires to realize that these strange beings were on the side of the White Moon. The human's were starting to get used to the other worldly powers linked to that of this Mysterious Royal Court seeking to protect them, defend them and over all try and repair the damage this war was causing.

The Dark Realms

Neheliena merely walked out of the crystal, a self satisfied smirk on her lips. Her cat like pupil's widening to become softer, more human once more as he pushed her demonic half back within herself.

With a smug laugh, she turned to face the massive crystal extending a palm. The crystal called out to her bitterly, accepting her as it's mistress. She had tamed it by her greater will alone, the last remaining essence of the creator's dark daughter. But there was still another essence out there in the universe...The Sapphire Crystal...the Creator's Daughter of Light. Neheliena chuckled, at how even when the god's die they are never truly dead. The Malefic Dark Crystal began to glow and shrink becoming a sharp shimmering piece of glass in her palm.

She pressed the crystal against her breast, it sank willingly into her grey armour then deeper into her body seeding itself within her soul. Forever this power would remain in her bloodline, to be passed down from daughter to daughter. Now she could confront Neo Queen Serenity as an equal in the coming Silver Alliance. With a sigh of contentment, she raised her arms to the dark sky, calling forth the powers of her new crystal and shot upward like a dark brooding star towards the last of her Floating Arc's, returning to her Daughter's side to help rebuild her kingdom on Nemesis.

The Moon

Serenity hovered silently before the looming glow of her Guardian. Her ivory wings spread wide, head bowed in respect, eyes closed in calm focus her golden tails wiping with the currents of power. A white glow hovered over her slender form protecting her from the ravages of space. Holding her silver lotus tier close to her breast absorbing the humming energy currents the Moon was giving off to the Cosmos. Her silk and satin dress fluttering in the power waves, moving outward from the Moon's soul towards it's sovereign. In her left palm was the stone of Abraxsas, it's crystalline surface began to refract with her silver powers as she synced herself to it's core. Her bond with the other Goddess's was stronger then ever, she could sense each of them absorbing their planets powers and channeling it through their crystals into their respective Abraxsas stone seeking to bend it's tame it for themselves.

Endymion floated nearby, giving his love her space. Standing vigilant over her reflective form, he was never going to leave her side not this time. His dusty brown wings pumped in the cosmic winds, dark lavender cape fluttering as a ribbon down his back. Holding his own golden staff at the ready to protect her. His grim contemplations over his beloved and unborn daughter were suddenly cast aside as he was jarred back to reality. The very fabric of the earth was screaming out to him, as a pillar of dark energy exploded from the surface of the planet rocketing towards the sun. As the energy blast faded into the star scape, he caught sight of War flying after it.

"Shit!" Endymion cursed, he couldn't let that energy beam revitalize Abraxsas. Yet he couldn't leave Serenity's side either she would need his support. The Cosmos crystal had been slowly over powering her will. She needed him to supply her with more energy when her own began to fade. Endymion cast her a nervous look, then turned in dread as War disappeared into the Star Scape. His beastly visage and black armour glowing eerily in the star light.

(Go!) Serenity called in his mind. Giving her consent for him to go after the Demon General and the Energy beam.

(I can't leave you!) He called back voice strong and passionate, tears beading at the corner of his deep blue eyes. Fighting with his duty to his love or that of all the people in universe.

(I will be ok, for a bit...If that energy reaches Abraxsas we stand no chance of defeating him!) Serenity responded her voice stern, needing him to obey her.

Endy floated in front of her now, taking in her peaceful countenance. Noticing the subtle trembling of her body as she fought against her crystal and the stone. Her will...her mind and soul fighting against two powerful energies seeking to gain control over her.

(Serenity!...Usako!) Endymion growled in frustration his heart bidding him to stay, while his rational mind was screaming at him to hurry away and syphon that energy wave away from the sun. He had horrible choices before him, the universe over his family...his only love.

(Endymion...the lives of the few matter least then those of the many!) She screamed at him. Her voice strong and compassionate pleading for him to save the universe.

(Damn you...) He hissed back, cursing fate for always forcing his hand. Turning away from her, beating his wings into the cosmic currents gaining speed and strength as he chased down that dark energy beam.

Serenity whole being was becoming drown within the waring energies. They pulled at her slowly, like carrion birds on a fresh kill. Seeking to over power her and each other. Her mind...her soul was the battle ground.

(Cosmos...I need you to help me...stop trying to destroy my mind!) She screamed in panic at her crystal. Holding its full power at bay. Sending only what she managed to syphon under her immediate control towards the stone.

(You are weak...) The bellowing roar of frustrated rage, echoed back from the Cosmos Crystal, while the dark energy of the stone pelted them both with an endless assault. Like a errant child seeking release from a punishing parent seeking to haul it physically into submission.

The power of the Cosmos Crystal was an endless pounding of a raging current against the damn of her will. It took everything she had to maintain control of only a fraction of it's power.

(Please...) she pleaded franticly to it, feeling her body bathed in sweat, muscles straining against her dual assaults. Using the Crystal was like trying to ride a wild horse, barely in control of it's movements just hanging on with everything she had.

(The precious creations are dieing, they are crying out for me to save them and you are standing in my way...worthless, arrogant creation you can not control me! ) The crystal howled against her soul. Bombarding her with the cries of death and destruction from all over the universe. The screams of the fallen, vibrated within her mind and soul cracking that damn of stubborn will that had kept the Cosmos Crystal under her control. As cracks formed in her mental barrier, soon were widened into crevasses to which in a matter of moments imploded her will to nothing.

Serenity's twisted in pain, throwing her head back in a scream of terror as the Cosmos Crystal took over her mind and body. She was flooded with the memories of the Creator's life, her love of the God of Death...the birth of her daughters and the failure she saw within them. How none of the people she loved was able to give her happiness. How her battles with Abraxsas ended with the sacrifice of her daughters, and soon giving up her own existence to seal him within the sun. Just so the small fragile lives she had created would stand a chance to flourish.

(Vengeance is not the way! Hatred at his betrayal is tainting your powers. NOOOOOOO! I will control you...I will not die!) Serenity raged to the universe, to Cosmos herself. An arrogant, self loathing All powerful being who had lost sight of her compassion her sense of mercy completely becoming single minded by her last thoughts...her existence had been a cruel joke. All she wanted was to be be loved and cherished. All her true love did was destroy her love, all beauty she created because he could not share in her dream.

As the fetus of Chibi Usa, was bathed in Cosmos's pink light her mother unable to hold it's powered back any longer. The innocent baby curled up tight within her protective womb, as the power of the Cosmos was infused into her very soul. Her tiny soul screaming out to her mother as her very genetics were altered for all eternity. She was not longer human, now forever kissed by the power of Cosmos.

Serenity's body began to glow with the pink light of Cosmos, the stone finally falling to the crystal's power admitting defeat. Serenity cast all her love all her compassion towards the Crystal, showing it through her own memories how the war's the death would never stop. Unless she learned to forgive, to show mercy and love even to her worst enemy. Then the power of the crystal began to dim and fade from her body. Her frail form to taxed by the war of wills to continue. Serenity could feel the last few weak flutters of her heart, as her body gave out. The Crystal's anger to control her, destroying her weak human body. Her Goddess powers no match against the very essence of the creator herself. The moon's light fell silent and dead, as her body gave up. The light of the Cosmos Crystal dimmed falling back into a deep sleep, it's power source consumed by its rash fury.

Her last remaining feelings were the failing bodies of sister's sub coming to their own battle of wills, the stones were tamed yet the fight against essence of the God of Silence had killed them all. Abraxsas's essence was just to powerful, now she understood why her mother had used them as a seal for the Dark Realms and never tried to fortify the Demon Gods cage in the Sun with them. She understood that her and her Goddess's were not strong enough to control such eminence powers. The Creator and Abraxsas were the first forces in the Universe and thus the most powerful. The dual sided coin of Life and Death...

Endymion finally got ahead of the beam, after charging beside the black writhing mass of energy for the longest time. The dark sun looming before him, as the beam and him closed in together. War raged far behind unable to keep up to the King of Earths greater power and speed. Now he stood before the sun, his suit of lavender sparkling in twilight glow, his sceptre spinning at a blinding speed, the golden crystal humming in his soul as he sent the energy cascading away through out the universe. The void behind him screaming in rage and fury as once more it was denied most of it's energy source. Some managed to escape the Kings deflection and Abraxsas absorbed it like a child lapping up the remains of a treat.

"Master!" War bellowed in fury, shooting for Endymion like a missile his mace swinging towards the Kings head.

Endymion ducked the demon's strike, stoping the spin of his staff allowing the last few fragments of dark energy to enter the void within the sun. Abraxsas raged and growled out to his minion to kill the King. His soul crying out for vengeance for his denied power source.

"You are a fool!" Endymion raged, sending a blast of golden energy towards the Demon. Sending the black skinned beast, in dark armour end over end towards the abyss that was the cage of his Lord.

War bellowed back like the beast he was, prepared to engage Endymion once more. Endymion held his ground, glaring at him daring him to come forward for more. He would send this bastard into the void on his next charge.

Then a scream of endless pain ripped through his soul. Endymion cried out in anguish, as he felt her being ripped apart by the Cosmos Crystal. Clutching his head, as her final cries tore through him.

"Serenity..." He was unable to breath, his voice barely a whisper. She was gone again! and now so to was his only daughter!

War stood frozen uncertainly as he watched his greatest foe writhing in pain, the golden power of his crystal bathing his body seeking to heal the wounds to his heart and soul. A vain and hopeless attempt to free it's master from his now broken life.

War sneered about to take advantage of the King's numbing pain, and finish his life off. When a dark power more heinous and calculating began to stare upon him with a quiet terrifying grace. He knew it was his master finally breaking free of his prison. War spun away from the emotionally destroyed man to face the abyss...and the abyss stared back at him. Sending such fear and hopelessness through his soul he could not move or think. This power had no intention of let him rule anything but a universe of death and endless silence. It was the greatest consumer...only wishing to spread the silence of death upon all that lived. He had been deceived...used. When Abraxsas was fully released from the sun, there would be nothing for him rule...nothing for him to fight...just nothing not even him. Abraxsas had no intention but to absorb his life force as well, seeking only to fuel his needs for vengeance.

War growled in fury at the void, as it laughed snidely at him.

(You truly are the greatest of Fools...little demon.) Abraxsas hissed in his mind, a dark tentacle of power exploding from the abyss to wrap around his waist and squeeze him mercilessly.

War bellowed in both fright and anguish as the dark power of the greatest Demon God pulled him into the endless darkness of it's being. Absorbing him like a small morsel, using his own meager life force for it's own resurrection.

Pluto hovered before the floating remains of Neo Queen Serenity. Head bowed in defeat, she had promised to protect her to keep her alive in this battle. Again she had been waylaid between dimensions by her father. Who had twisted the timeless road to lead her astray, just long enough for this timeline to run its coarse.

(Damn You Father! What is the purpose in allowing the Royal Court to be killed once again!) She screamed into the fabric of time and space. Tears dripping from her chin, as she sobbed uncontrollably. Her garnet rod held low in her gloved hand, glowing so bright with her rage it cast her body in a red deadly glow.

Then a deep violet flash of light announced the arrival of the man of Twilight, standing beside him was the Moon's new Guardian. Dressed in her battle armour of blue breeches, her white mid drift with hood and light blue cloak. Her light blonde tails fluttering in the cosmic breeze as she move with a pensive, respectful grace. This was her true fate and she accepted it, she only wished she would have had more time with Darien...oh how she was going to miss him.

Serena's white wings beat swiftly as she moved to her Goddess's limp body. Cradling her goddess to her breast with gentle arms. The soft blonde guardian pressed her forehead against the cooling flesh of her Goddess head. As a golden crescent symbol flared to life on Serenity's brow, Moon's silver tiara faded away leaving a matching glowing crescent in silver upon her own brow. The energy's formed a beam connecting the two women in body and soul. Serena closed her eyes, biding her love a final goodbye.

The twilight man had deposited the other guardian's at their respective planets. Each young girl had formed a link to their dead goddess, their planetary symbols coming alive on their foreheads as they held their dear friends, their angels close.

Pluto turned in stunned silence to the man wreathed in twilight...

"Father what have you done?" She breathed in dread.

"I am realigning the proper timeline my dear...the Star Seeds need to be placed back into the souls of the Royal Court. It is blasphemy that mere earthlings, with no link to the silver millennium bear the star seeds. They are serving their ultimate purpose." He stated grimly.

"You used these girls as pawns to your own ends to change the future..." Pluto hissed in distain.

"For the better my dear...I am an old god. I am tired of this endless struggle against Abraxsas. The creator made us first to fight against him to keep her lower creations safe. We are merely caretakers, errant parents if you will. Tired of caring for the human's and other lifeforms, we created the star seeds from our own essence to take over our duties so we could enjoy our eternity. In the end the creator's daughters began to use our children, the Senshi as pawns in their petty wars. " Chronos sighed heavily, he was just so very tired of it all.

"You are no better then the Daughter's of light and dark. Using Serenity and the Guardian's for you own means!" Pluto spat back at him.

"Everyone is a pawn to a greater power, my dear. We are all just cogs moving in a grand mechanism. I wish only to make things better." Chronos responded sadly, then shimmered away.

Pluto stood a silent vigil, keeping to herself that Serenity had already changed her father's grande plan by transplanting Earth's star seed into another young man. She remained to observe the last piece of her father's plan play out, in the end she never had any way to affect it. She couldn't fight against time itself...but her sovereign could. She played by no ones rules but her own...she knew that in the end Serenity would make her own future.

Crossing her arms over her breast, her deep violet energy bathing her body as she waited to see how things would finally play out. Her father may be smug about bending the future to his own image, but he would be surprised when Serenity refused to play by his rules.

(One heart...One mind...One soul...Blood for Blood...A Life for a Life.) The Guardian's voices chorused through the very thin fabric of space, vibrating upon the cosmic currents their pleas echoing within the Galaxy Cauldron itself. The Creator's most powerful object, the only thing ever created from her love of Abraxsas. A melting pot of life and death itself. The Cauldron flared answering the sacrifice, with a flash of life. A blinding white light bathed the Sol System as the exchange was granted, the star seeds flew from the Guardian's bodies back towards the Cauldron to await rebirth once more.

Serenity's eyes flew open in fright as her heart began to beat once more, finding herself held tightly in frozen arms. With relief she felt Chibi-Usa's heartbeat as well. Her light was a flare of bright pink now, when before it had only been a small gentle flicker of starlight. The Cosmos Crystal began to thrum once more within the silver lotus bulb of her sceptre. Having it's energy source back, getting a second chance to fix the dieing Universe it regarded Serenity as a calm and rational entity. No longer allowing it's omnipotent passions to rule it's better judgments. It needed Serenity as Serenity needed it's powers.

Slowly she craned her head up to find Serena's calm smile bowed before her. Her soft green eyes dull and lifeless, were moments before had held such love. With her star seed taken, her weak human body was now forced to endure the vacuum of space. She looked so satisfied, so serene as the cold of space froze her face and body. Her soft blonde hair cracking as it was froze solid. Small cracks forming on her once pearl soft skin, space slowly turning her to crystal before Serenity's sorrow filled eyes.

"Oh...God..." Serenity whimpered in horror. Tenderly attempting to pull herself away from her dear girls embrace. Only to crack Serena's frozen arms, causing them to crumble away into the star scape.

Serenity nearly screamed, as her frozen, broken Guardian began to float away towards the moon. As if the celestial rock was calling it's Senshi home.

"Pluto...why!" Serenity rounded on the Senshi of Time as she noticed her floating nearby, cold and impassive towards her Guardian's sacrifice. Tears of anguish and frustration flooding down the Queen's face, as she confronted her stoic Guardian of Time.

"Their purpose was to give their lives for yours, after you had tamed the stones. As we speak the Goddess's are coming alive once more, watching their Guardian's corpse fall into the atmosphere's of their planets frozen and dead. They sacrificed themselves for you willingly..." Pluto sighed her heart and soul heavy, her face as somber as stone. Serenity's face twisted into fury...swinging her sceptre in a downward arc she transported away in a flash of white light.

Saturn floated before the abyss, staring with determination and resolve her premonitions of late guiding her to this point. Her dark powers came from Abraxsas himself, she was the Senshi of Silence...his Guardian. Endymion floated behind her, watching with grim eyes as she paid him no heed diving into the abyss with a backwards flourish, her silence Glaive shining with her powers. She also held the power's of rebirth...the creator's light. She was the balancing coin she would end this cycle of battle between the two Gods. Abraxsas laughed with satisfaction as Saturn's life was absorbed within him as well.

Serenity flashed into existence beside Endymion, her mind focused on her comment to fix it all. Staring at the abyss her blue eyes stern. Fuelled with her stubborn determination, that had seen her through all her most trying events in her life so far.

"Serenity!" Endymion breathed in awe, rushing to her side drawing her up in a thankful embrace thinking she was lost once more.

"Endymion...I have one last thing to do." She hugged him back, grasping his chin with her delicate finger's drawing him down in a passionate kiss. Then pulled away from him, with a grim smile. When the Cosmos Crystal invaded her mind, the immortal secrets of life and the universe were revealed to her. She now understood what course of action would ensure everyones happiness.

"Serenity..." Endymion started, as she raised her palm calling the stones of Abraxsas from the other Goddess's They appeared in her raised palm seven circling stars, humming to with the vibrations of the seven powers of her friends. Abraxsas's inner essence tamed to the will of the Realms of light.

"Let me go..." She pleaded, her eyes misting as she took in the fear upon his face.

"Never alone...Never again." He breathed, moving in close swiftly, pressing his lips thankfully onto her's one more time. They were in this one together, now that he was near as powerful as her she would never go into another final battle without him. She nodded, with a strong smile, leaning into his strong chest. He would always be her rock, her greatest strength. He placed his large hands upon her tiny waist enshrouding her small form with the healing strength of the golden crystal as they plunged into the abyss together. Wings of white and beige folding back, as two stars of Silver and Gold faded into the darkness.

Serenity was surrounded by the void, their was no light at all. She could not see at all, only feel. His strong arms upon her, protecting her, loving her giving all of himself to her. The evil smothering them , seeking to absorb all that they were. A hum of pure vile need to destroy all to reclaim the silence denied him long ago.

(I sense you...Creation...) Abraxsas's voice breathed all around her like a hot fire, burning her skin upon it's touch.

It was Endymion's golden healing shield that prevented the God's wrath from incinerating them both.

The Cosmos Crystal flared in her sceptre, it's eternal voice echoing through Serenity's mouth as she spoke into the darkness. Her compassionate mind binding the goddess of creation to finally see the truth of what she had done. To make right the injustice, of merely sealing away her lover when they fought instead of working out a better way.

(I made a mistake my love...we are of one body. I see that now...there can be no light with out dark. No life without death.)

Abraxsas laughed bitterly, understanding that his love would never forgive him for seeking to destroy her life. That this was the words of the White Moon Queen, speaking through the Creator's voice.

(But I can not allow you or the creator to live again as Immortal forces. Your full powers would rip the universe apart.) Serenity stated in her own voice, silencing the Demon gods tired laughter. He had barely enough energy to free himself from his prison he had no chance to fight against her. She understood that all the dark powers she had fought over the years was only a fragment of his greater self, sent free during that last battle with the creator. Chaos...Pharaoh Ninety were just small pieces of his vile soul. Sailor Galaxia had sought to contain a piece of Abraxsas within herself and failed. She needed to find a way to contain his powers in a way that they would be tamed, to be used by a creation with a conscience.

(What is your compromise White Moon?) He rumbled, not having a choice.

(I will allow you to keep a fragment of your essence, you may rule the Dark Realms your powers can do no harm to the to life ruled by your own energies. But most of your powers will be contained within the Stones. I shall create a crystal of balance from them, to share the burden of the Universe with the Cosmos Crystal. The Crystal of Chaos.) Serenity offered. (You will be free of your prison but only on my terms.)

Abraxsas was a violet light flashed before Serenity. Saturn's body reformed before her, no longer absorbed within the Demon God. He had compromised, she was the only Senshi able to contain his powers and use them properly.

(I wish my powers to be used only my own Senshi.) He answered, as Saturn's crystal formed on her breast between her dark bow. Saturn smiled dryly at her Queen, as she palmed her crystal thrusting it forward, her true purpose coming to light. She had at first thought it was to kill this god, to end it all with the dropping of her Glaive. She was now thankful that Serenity had come with a better alternative.

Serenity stared at her Senshi's star like crystal it's style and shape to very much like that of the Cosmos Crystal but dark and foreboding.

Serenity nodded in understanding. Saturn's crystal would be the vessel to hold a fragment of Abraxsas's power to one day ascend to that of the Chaos Crystal in the far future. Saturn's far off descendant would become Sailor Chaos...while her blood line would become Sailor Cosmos. It all made sense now...

"Are you ready?" Serenity asked both Saturn and Abraxsas. Saturn nodded silently, her face determined. Abraxsas merely huffed his hot breath of coal and brimstone sending a orange flare of resignation around them.

"My life has been an endless battlefield...I will have peace!" Serenity declared raising her sceptre above her head. The darkness was illuminated with the piercing light of love and purity the true essence of the creator herself. The stones flared and melted in her palm, reduced to sparkling dust. She then palmed the dust into Saturn's crystal. The dust was absorbed into the crystal, causing it to darken greatly to an almost obsidian. Saturn closed her eyes, receiving the added darkness willingly.

Serenity closed her eyes, focusing her greater powers upon Abraxsas himself. (Your greater self with be cast back into the cauldron until your future Senshi is born to handle her ultimate powers, as soldier for balance because good and evil can not be sealed away and forgotten or destroyed.)

Abraxsas accepted it, wanting only to live again in any form. So very tired of his prison, he would always hate the loud brightness of life. But he was content to rule the realm of darkness for now. As long as he was free. It would take eons to reclaim his true powers, but at least they would be in reach again. Trapped in this prison they would always be out of his grasp.

The essence of Abraxsas was divided again and again, reducing and tearing away from the Demon God fading back into the Galaxy Cauldron to be reborn a little at a time in Saturn's descendants. As they became stronger, able to control the dark powers intrusted to them.

The darkness of the sun faded away, leaving two Gods and two Goddess's hovering in the flames of the outer corona.

Endymion blinked, taking a deep breath his own powers near spent. Yet he never let go of her, his finger's gripping the white silk of her gown fiercely. Serenity floated calmly before the now ascended Goddess of ruin and rebirth. Hotaru had a humble grin, her lavender eyes sparkling with pride. Dressed in the flowing dark purple gown of her ascension. Her skin glowing with the aura of power and purity of the rest of her sisters.

A very tall, slender man floated aloof from them. Wearing a dark suit, with deep crimson silk shirt and gold accents. With piercing ice blue eyes, and long black hair that hung wild and free down to the small of his back. With a deep crimson cape and cowl adorning his shoulder's.

(You do realize that by sending most of my powers to the Cauldron you have no way to sealing the portals to the Dark Realms around the Universe.) He smirked, his narrow face with pointed chin looking eerie and elven.

(I trust you will recall your armies, at least what is left of them back into your own kingdom. In time I shall contact you to form a treaty with my new Alliances in the Realms of Light. You will have a choice then to join me or become forever set apart from the light. I doubt your subjects would agree to that in the end.) She turned to him, her face set strong. Voice filled with a confidence and a self assured sense of superior power that it humbled his arrogance. Abraxsas sneered in subtle distain at the New Queen of the Realms of Light. Nodding his head in understanding then shimmered away to his Dark Kingdom to rebuild his empire.

(Now to set things right in this Universe.) Serenity sighed, a large job ahead of her.

(You will never be alone...Your Majesty.) All her sister's appeared around her, their voices echoing in her mind as one. Her Fellow Goddess's bowed their heads, each grasping the shaft of her silver Tier as she thrust it towards the eternal star scape of the Universe itself. Serenity smiled with pride, feeling their love and loyalty vibrating through her. As they lent her their powers, revitalizing her soul with the warmth of their embrace of friendship. Then there was the undying love of her Soul Mate, who's warmth outshone them all. His belief in her empowering her more then anything else. Their was nothing out of her reach as long as he was beside her, as long as she had all her friends believing in her.

She closed her eyes, making one last wish upon her crystal. (Peace, happiness and long life...)

The light of the Cosmos Crystal exploded from the Tier bathing the Universe with its light and life. All the lives lost this day were reborn, as the creator cast her essence to the universe. What ever remained of its essence retreated back into the Cauldron to be reborn one day.

(A gift...Neo Queen Serenity, for taming my rage and showing me the compassion and love I had lost. I bid you peace and long life.) The voice of Cosmos whispered to Serenity before fading away into the Cauldron to await the future.

(Mistress...) A soft gentle voice echoed in her mind. Serenity opened her eyes in stunned joy, finding her sweet silver Crystal glowing brightly within her Tier.

(I have missed you soooo much.) She called to her crystal, as she raised her head from staring in relief at her staff. She found seven young women, in their Guardian forms floating before the Goddesses. Vibrant and very alive once more.

Serenity broke away from Endymion the brightest most joyful smile on her face.

"Rini!" She screamed, wrapping her arms around her Guardian's neck holding tight while both women cried in joy against each other's necks.

The rest of the Goddess's rushed to the sides of their Guardian's. Rei embraced Mars, both in tears. Ami brushed her forehead up against Mercery with a wide grin of gratitude. Each girl gripping each other's shoulders. Mina wrapped Venus up in a endearing embrace, her hand pressed up against the back of the girls head as Venus wept against her Goddess's breast. Mako punched Jupiter in the shoulder, receiving an odd look from the guardian before she wrapped Mako up in a tight hug. Mako laughing joyfully as she hugged her back. Michiru sighed keeping her composure, as Neptune flew into her arms a mess of sobs and tears. Michiru laughed lightly holding her Guardian tight, casting Haruka meaningful looks.

Haruka stuck out her tongue at her beloved's playfulness, not even slightly jealous of the girls close relationship with her Guardian. Haruka for her part floated non nonchalantly over to Uranus and ruffled the slightly shorter girl's boyish platinum blonde hair. Uranus smirked up at her goddess, her brown eyes sparkling with mischief. In a swift movement, Uranus craned her head upwards placing a chaste kiss upon Haruka cheek. Haruka instantly blushed brightly as everyone laughed at the stoic Goddess of the Wind becoming totally unglued by her Guardian's sudden affection. Uranus passed Haruka an arrogant smirk, crossing her arms over her tube top mockingly. Faking being hurt by their laughter, while on the inside she was roaring with laughter herself. Finding tormenting her Goddess quite enjoyable.

Endymion watched the now fourteen women giggling and rekindling their bonds, passing Hortau a meaningful glance.

"I wonder who will be reborn with my Star Seed?" She raised her dark eyebrows thoughtfully at her king. Now that she was a Goddess, her Star Seed had been sent back to the Cauldron.

Endymion began to laugh nervously...oh...God! Having to deal with Eight Women on a regular bases had been a trail. Now the new kingdom had a court of fifteen soon to be sixteen with a new little princess on the way.

"Your What!" Rei exclaimed in utter stunned surprise.

"I'm pregnant..." Serenity grinned completely and utterly happy. Casting Endymion adoring looks from time to time as her sisters and all the Guardian's began to coo and fuss over her.


Seven years later

A magnificent crystal palace rose out of the centre of a futuristic city. Glowing in the sun, the glass facets of the thousands of spires sending shards of light across the eight districts of the grand city. Each District had it's own crystal pillar set at what was called star points around the edge of the city itself. The pillars glowed with the energies of the Goddess powers they were synced to. Each district named for the Guardian Planet it was named after. Protecting the crystal palace in a star pattern shield of their energies. The Palace itself hummed with the energy patterns of both the Moon Palace which hung high above in the highest point of the massive crystalline structure. And that of the Elysian Castle, which sat at the bottom of the crystal facets. The massive steps descending to the lush earth itself. The very centre of the Crystalline structure was a central pillar of pure white crystal. The pillar of prayer, rose stronger and bolder then ever before syncing the Palace of the moon to the Castle of Elysian an eternal symbol of the bond between Neo Queen Serenity and her lover and Husband, King Endymion.

Frantic steps echoed through the white stone halls of the Moon Palace set at the pinnacle of the Crystal.

"Hurry up Teenie Rini!" Six year old, Princess "Small lady Serenity" hiked up her cloud of white lace and silk with her small hands as she dashed away down the glowing halls of stone columns. A leather brown school satchel bounced off her hip. Her pink pig tails flapping madly against her ears. Brown eyes, tinting just a little crimson sparkling with joy and mischief.

"Shut Up...Chibi-Usa!" Rini screamed back, a petite three year old girl with white blonde hair tied up in a long french braid. With wide innocent soft blue eyes, and a round cute face so similar to the Crown Princess she had been dubbed her body double. Wearing a pair of jean overalls and a pink t-shirt and white sneakers. "Com'on Princess...slow down!" Serena Jr. pleaded, panting and out of breath. Rini would one day begin her training to become a Guardian to her Princess, who would one day be queen of the Silver Millennium. In time she would be bestowed with her Mother's Star Seed, through the union of the Silver and Golden Crystals. In wonderful ceremony upon her fourteenth birthday, as a new line of Guardian's were now in place to protect the descendants of the Solar Goddess's. Allowing the older Guardian's to retire in peace and live out their lives no longer having to die for the cycle to begin again.

The two girls rounded a sharp corner, disappearing into a large set of wooden double doors.

The library was a huge cavern like space,with a high arching ceiling made of crystal that showed off the blue cloudless summer sky above. Walls of books surrounded the main floor, along with open balcony's and alcoves full of even more books. A long cheery wood table sat in the centre of the main floor with a black board set in front. Several wooden chair's flanked the table. With two cushions sitting on the table on either side, a deep navy one with golden tassles. The other was pink with white rainbow beaded feathers at the corners.

Chibi-Usa promptly sat on one wooden chair facing the black board, pulling out a data pad from her satchel looking out of breath but eager to learn. Rini trudged to her own chair with a deep heave of breath, pulling out her own pad from her overall's front pocket. Her pad was not shiny or well maintained as Chibi-Usa's. It was scratched, with a dusty screen, and slightly sticky spots in the corners. With a disinterested huff, Rini crossed her arms over her padd on the table waiting patiently for her teacher.

"Good Afternoon ladies." A eloquent voice echoed out to them.

Rini and Chibi-Usa turned together to greet a white cat with soft blue eyes that held years of wisdom.

"Professor Artemis." Chibi-Usa greeted him respectfully.

"Kiss ass." Rini muttered in her princess's ear snidely.

Chibi-Usa ignored her, thrusting her nose up. Rini was her best friend, and as close as a sister. But they were black and white. Completely different from each other...sometimes she had no idea how they got along so well most of the time.

A little grey kitten bounced behind the white cat, bubbly and cheerful.

She hopped up onto the table settling herself down on the pink pillow.

"Hi Diana." Rini gave the little kitten a short pet down the flank. Diana purred and arched her back eagerly into the affection.

"Hi girls." She squeaked happily.

Several minutes later four older girls appeared in the Library, the Princess's court the Amazon Quartet. The girls took their seats at the table. Rini cast them a bitter glance, mostly avoiding their smug expression's towards her. They were already in training to become Senshi with their own Star Seeds. Her fellow Inner Senshi, and their four Goddess's were still in Diapers so she didn't really have a posse for herself yet. And little Serenity was always playing peace maker between her and the Quartet.

"Ok ladies...lets start our lecture then." Artemis sat primely upon his blue pillow. His golden crescent symbol flared to life on his forehead. Surrounding the pillow in a silver glow, casting a levitating spell upon it. Soon he was on his back hunches on the pillow a piece of white chalk in his paws. Scratching on the board as he began his speech.

"Artemis...wouldn't it be easier if you just turn yourself human." Palla Palla raised her hand, her soft blue eyes laughing.

"I had a late night last night I just don't have it me." Artemis cleared his throat starting his lecture again.

"So at first the populace of Earth didn't want anything to do with the White Moon Queen and her King. Seeking to rebuild the world without them. After the great healing, only the lives were reclaimed not the buildings or technology the humans or any other civilization had. Neo Queen Serenity accepted their decsion. Planting a silver crystal seed along with King Endymion's golden crystal seed, harvested from their own crystals. In the dead centre of the ruins of Tokyo. Stating that she and her Goddess's and Guardian's would watch over them and help them rebuild their civilizations in anyway they may be needed. When the earthlings felt that they had faith and trust in her rule, then they were to places their loyalty into the scared ground in which the crystal seeds were planted. The Royal court of the White Moon retreated to the Moon Palace to watch over the earth. As promised, the Queen and her court would descend to earth and lend aid to all the countries on the earth. All the while repairing communication and treaties with the other planets once a part of the Silver Millennium. In time just over five years, all the work and commitment Neo Queen Serenity and her court had cultivate world wide. Made the palace grow to maturity, the earth had accepted her as their rightful ruler. Then with their great power both the Moon Palace and Elysian Castle ascended to Earth. Now the moon hangs so much lower to the earth, and the life energy of Elysian makes the living world so much for fertile and vibrate around the world.

We live in peace with the alliance of worlds so far discovered, along with the Dark Moon Family on Nemesis. Both the dream realms of Elysian and the Dark Realms are open to us as friendly dimensional neighbours. So far we have come along way...but we still have a long way to go and a beautiful future to strive for." Artemis grinned at his pupils, his life had turned out to be so happy and fulfilling.

Ten years later...

A ball was held at the Palace in honour of Princess Serenity finally able to call forth her own goddess crystal from her soul. She named it the Pink Heart Crystal, and it sat in a beautiful golden brooch. To which it was now adorned onto her new silver satin gown, with pearled bodice. At Sixteen, she was no longer called Small Lady, or Chibi-Usa by anyone other then her mother. She was known with dignity as Princess Serenity.

A perfect image of her mother at that age, with long flowing pink tails and oval buns. Her eyes a soft soulful brown. She carried herself with elegance and grace, able to dance across the palace's grande ballroom with confidence. Suitor's were enchanted by her, all rebuffed politely. Only one man had the princess's eye. An elegant and dignified platinum blonde man...her father's advisor Helios...

Helios and Serenity had been flirting for years, egged on by Neo Queen Serenity who had plans to one day have them marry. For now the Queen merely butted in when necessary to get things rolling in the right direction between the budding romance.

Rini lounged on some pillows, against the window ledge set on the far edge of the ballroom. Dressed nicely in a pink satin dress with a modest neckline, being only Thirteen her mother refused to allow her to dress more alluring like Princess Serenity. She pouted all alone, arms crossed over her just budding breasts. Silver blonde hair trailing down her back, falling free in waves around her shoulders. Her soft blue eyes were moist with hurt, refusing to watch Helio's dancing with Serenity. They both had romantic interest in the man for years, competing almost sisterly for his affections. In the end it seemed, Helio's had picked Serenity. Just a few moments ago, she had accidentally found her princess kissing the man quite passionately out on the main balcony off the ballroom. Now she felt horrible, always knowing Helio's saw her as a little girl and not a woman. Being so much younger then Serenity she truly never stood a chance, but she always convinced herself to be patient she would be a woman one day. Then Helio's would see how beautiful and graceful she could be. Though in truth, she was sheepish, shy klutz that still acted more like a tom boy then a lady. Sighing in regret, Rini turned her now tear stained face away from the dancing crowds to gaze mournfully out at the heavy moon and stars outside. The Crystal Tokyo skyline shimmered all most magically, sprawling out below the arching window.

"Hello?" A soft deep voice echoed out to her, drawing her back from the lonely view.

A dream elf stood before her, about her age maybe a few years older. Dressed in a similar white suit as Helios wore, perhaps he was a priest in training? With silver arms bands twisting up and around his wrists and waist. He had soft wild silver hair that crowned his head, with mirthful lavender eyes.

"You are far to pretty to be so sad?" He smirked at her, sitting down on the wide ledge just in front of her pillow.

Rini smirked at him, meekly wiping away her tears.

"My name is Peruru and I would be honoured if you would dance with me." He stood up and offered her his hand. His eyes boring into her soul, shining with his affection towards her.

Rini sighed, her heart fluttering with sudden intense feelings. Was this love at first sight? Her mother always told her stories of how when she first looked at her father Darien she just knew he was meant for her.

Rini stood on now uncertain legs and numbly let Peruru lead her onto the dance floor. This would be the start of many more dances and many more talks. She had found her own prince at the White Moon's Princess Ball.

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