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Warm blood

Cold blooded. That was what he used to call her. And not only him. Abby had said it to her and even Gibbs. It was just a phrase. Nothing more. But they had used it so often that Tony had managed to convince himself that Ziva was actually cold blooded. A cold blooded killer like all the people in the movies he loved so much.

He was surprised when he pressed his hand firmly on the gunshot wound in her chest. Her blood was warm, even hot, as it tried to stream out of her body. Just as warm as the blood of every human being. It was almost a shock. Her eyes were open and she looked at him.

"I….I…am….", she started, but coughed blood.

"Don't talk, Ziva, they'll be here any minute. You are going to be okay."

But she didn't listen: "… not…. cold…. blooded", with that she closed her eyes.

It almost broke Tony's heart.

Slowly he walked down the hall. The smell of disinfectant burned in his nose. He held on to the flowers in his hand. When he reached the door with the small window, he saw her. She sat in her bed reading a book, which Gibbs gave her yesterday. McGee had brought balloons and Abby left her a big pink ribbon with a skull in the middle, for decoration. They all had visited her, except him.

She looked up and smiled at him when he entered the room. Her warm eyes met his and he knew, he would never call her cold blooded again. And if anyone else was brave enough to do so, he would get in trouble with him, Anthony DiNozzo.

The End