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Chapter One – Oh how I love to loathe you!

"You are an absolute prick, Severus Snape!" She shrieked, half tempted to throw the bowl of lemon drops on the desk in front of her straight into his sneering face.

"Better a prick than a bitch of enormous proportion, Granger!" He spat back.

"A bitch? That's rich coming from you, you over grown, greasy git!"

"Oh ouch, my heart breaks at the childish names you are coming out with tonight!"

"Me? Childish! I have done nothing but give you respect and I have tried to be friendly to you since I joined the staff here but no, just because you hate Gryffindor House so much, you won't allow yourself to be nice to me!"

"I do not hate Gryffindor house, Miss Granger..." He started but was interrupted by Hermione growling, "Professor Granger!"

Severus merely raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips, "My apologies, Professor Granger. I do not hate Gryffindor house...I hate all the stupid little nit wits who inhabit it's good name. Why would I want to be friendly to you? The Sainted Gryffindor bloody Princess!"

Hermione growled loudly in the back of her throat and threw her hands up into the air in exasperation. "Insufferable man!"

She is such a beauty when she gets annoyed like this. Severus heard a voice in the back of his mind but quickly buried that thought deep down for analysis later. There was no way he was going think about how beautiful she was during an argument, he would lose concentration far too easily if he let his mind concentrate on more carnal thoughts.

A pair of twinkling blue eyes followed the argument with avid interest, following back and forth as insult after insult was spat at their opponent like some angry badminton match.

The name calling went on like this for another good ten minutes before the highly amused Headmaster reluctantly stopped the squabbling between his two youngest professors with a raised hand.

"That is enough. Now, both of you sit down and be quiet please. As much as I find this little show between the two of you entertaining, it is my turn to talk." Dumbledore said quietly and calmly.

Hermione took in a large breath to calm herself, slowly nodded and took her seat as asked, as did Snape. Her chest was heaving with each intake of breath as she desperately tried to slow down the rapid beating of her heart. She thought for a moment she saw Snape's eyes on her breasts as he took his seat but inwardly snorted to herself when he then looked into her eyes with such heated hatred that she almost recoiled on the spot.

Severus Snape does not look at women that way. Stop being so bloody silly. She told herself, ignoring the slight excitement she could feel in her stomach at the thought of Severus Snape finding anything about her attractive.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the Headmaster stood and began to address them both.

"I have noticed over this past year the animosity between you both, my two youngest and most brilliant professors and I must say it saddens me to see it. You have both had hard lives thus far; Severus we all know the risks and sacrifices you undertook during both Wizarding Wars and Hermione, we know the risks and tortures you endured along with the brilliance you showed in assisting Harry to defeat Voldemort. You would think that, if anything, you two would be at least civil to one another? Perhaps even become friends…"

Hermione snorted and rolled her eyes, forgetting herself. She noticed both the men in the room looking at her disapprovingly and she flushed crimson.

Yes, she is definitely pretty when she's flustered. Severus head mused. He swiftly shook his head as though trying to clear the thought away, knowing that it merely looked as though he were shaking his head at Granger's childish outburst.

"I apologise, Albus." She mumbled, her gaze fixed on the slate tiles on the floor. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled for a moment before turning serious.

"I do not, and I mean this includes you Severus so I do hope you are paying attension, want to see this sort of behaviour continuing between the both of you, otherwise I will be forced to take action to rectify this problem once and for all. You both know my character enough now to know that my warnings should be heeded."

Severus looked as though he were about to explode and Hermione could be seen gritting her teeth and clenching her jaw, biting back another sarcastic retort.

"Alright, Albus! You have my word that I will try much harder to be civil to Severus and stay out of his way. Although I want it noted that I tried to be nice to him from the beginning and he basically told me to go and get stuffed!" Hermione huffed.

"Nice to me? When? Was this before or after you gaped at my disgusting snake bite scar the moment you entered this castle on your glorious return? Or perhaps after you had your little 'Return to Hogwarts' Party in your quarters and invited the entire staff but did not see fit to invite me?" Severus's eyes were hard as he looked at her, but his voice sounded softer and quite vulnerable, shattering his stone cold exterior; the hurt twinkled in his gaze for a mere second before disappearing and hardening completely. Hermione felt her anger dissipate and her heart clench.

"Severus, I honestly did not think you would want to come. We were never close as teacher and student…I didn't think you would want to be there. I would have loved to have you there. I swear."

Her sincere and beautiful hazel eyes searched his, begging him to believe her. Severus felt himself being drawn closer to her body as she looked into his eyes as though she were a siren calling him to her. But in usual Severus style, his mind seemed to wake up and give a mental slap before anything happened. He jerked away from her roughly, a hateful sneer plastered on his face yet again.

"No, Granger. I have been an outcast my whole life so do not think your bleeding heart Gryffindor act will wash with me. I do not care for your company, your opinion or your pity!" He turned to Albus, rage evident on his features. "I will be civil when I need to be, do not expect me to be her friend. I mean it Albus, do not push me too far because you to know what I am capable of. Good evening." He nodded to his boss and swept out of the room without a second glance at Hermione.

She looked tearful as sat wringing her hands and biting her bottom lip, "I really did want him there, Albus. You know what he's like…he…he never liked me. He never could tolerate me very much while I was his student, I didn't think he would come that night, so I never asked him. To be honest, I just didn't want the humiliation of his rejection. I would have loved if we could have been friends but it's obvious that he hates me now. What is the point in trying?"

Albus took the seat next to her and held her hand, "Severus is a complicated young man, Hermione. All I would say is, do not force him into being your friend. Be civil to him, show him respect and kindness as I know you do already. You will just need to get in touch with your more Slytherin side if you ever hope of gaining his trust to become acquaintances, if not friends." He grinned.

"Oh I don't think I have a Slytherin side, Albus." She gave him a small smile.

"Says the girl who lured Dolores Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest and watched her being taken away by Centaurs…"

Hermione grinned a wicked grin at the memory, "I will try and understand him. I would like to be his friend, I really would. He is the only person besides yourself and Minerva who I can hold an intellectual conversation with. He is brilliant but he just winds me up like no one else can and I sort of like arguing with him."

"It is nice when you find someone who is equally intelligent as you, isn't it? It makes arguments much more fun… having an opponent who is just as passionate and clever as you are. That's how Minnie and I started off." He chuckled as he heaved himself off the chair. "Now, I hope this is the last time I will have to speak to you and Severus about such negative things. He needs a friend, Hermione, and I think you are just the perfect candidate for the job."

Hermione stood and flattened out the creases in her gown, "We will see, Headmaster. We will see. Good evening."

A small greying cat prowled from behind the Headmaster's desk and wrapped itself around his ankles.

"Feel free to transform, Minnie. The coast is clear."

A few seconds later, his wife stood before him.

"They really do want one another, don't they? But is it the real deal?" She smirked.

"Oh yes, it's obvious. Who would have thought the King of Slytherin and the Gryffindor Princess are destined to be together? If only they could get past the anger and bitchiness, they would see the attraction they have for one another." Albus took his wife into his arms, kissing her on the crown of her head.

"Give it time, love. Usually in cases such as these, things need to come to a head before true feelings are realised."

Albus eyes twinkled like disco balls, "I will see how they get on for the next few weeks and if things do not improve. I will have to…intervene."

Minerva shook her head and rolled her eyes, "You, my darling husband, are a meddling old fool. Why not leave them to find each other naturally?"

Albus chuckled, "We are dealing with two of the most stubborn and powerful magical beings in the universe, Minnie. They would either ignore one another all their days or they will hex each other into oblivion rather than admit they were both being too stubborn to see the love they have for one another. This situation is different to what we experienced; we were not as broken or as stubborn. These two just need a little push in the right direction."

"Whatever you say, my love. You do know best, after all." Minerva replied, the sarcasm thick in her voice.

"So glad you admit it after all these years together. See, miracles can happen." He laughed and it was not long before Minerva joined him in a chuckle.

Meanwhile, Severus sat in his quarters nursing a small glass of fire-whiskey mulling over the events of the past day. He admitted that the whole 'anything you can do, I can do better' game with Hermione had begun to come to a head in the past week and it was probably a good thing that Albus had stepped in when he did, lest he end up grabbing her pretty little body and shut her up by putting that luscious mouth of hers to good use.

He had to admit that he loved getting her so angry and worked up; it was the most fun he had experienced in…ever.

She was his intellectual equal and beautiful to boot, what man would not enjoy being the centre of such a gorgeous young witch for a few hours a day?

Not that she would ever look at me like that, of course. He thought with a sad smile.

Yes, he had came to the understanding with himself that Hermione would never find him attractive in any sense other than intellectually, not that he ever expected that she would, but that did not necessarily mean he could not have fun with her within the weird relationship they did have.

Truthfully, he would rejoice in having her as a friend but his pride and public persona made it difficult. Perhaps one day he would be able to be his true self with her but until that monumental day, he would enjoy her company in the same way he had been during the past year; basically pulling her pig-tails like a school boy in order to conceal his true feelings for her.

He thought back to their argument today with a chuckle, he had to admit that his prank was rather cruel but oozed of pure genius.

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