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Ten years had passed since that wonderful day Hermione and Severus tied themselves to each other in that age-old ceremony of matrimony in what seemed as a blink of an eye. They both continued on their careers teaching at Hogwarts and spending their vacations at the cottage in Ulbster where their love for each other was spoken and developed.

Severus looked up from his book, looking at his radiant wife teaching their five year old girl Anna to read while two year old Nathaniel sat in his play tent with his building blocks, and smiled. He never thought he would have become a father, or a good father at that but he had taken to it with ease and determination as he did with most of the challenges he had faced in his many years on the planet.

He smirked when he thought back to Hermione during her pregnancy; she was, for want of a better phrase, sick as a dog for almost 6 months straight. She was constantly tired but refused to lighten her workload, her stubbornness only fuelled by her wild hormones up until the point where she almost fell down the stairs after a sudden wave of exhaustion fell over her on her way back to their quarters. Still she refused to take bed rest but in the end it had actually taken Severus to order Hermione to stay in bed for a few weeks and get her health back on track. She eventually agreed but not before firing a few nasty hexes and colourful words in his direction first.

Hermione interrupted his musings, "Galleon for your thoughts love?"

"They are worth so much more than a galleon. I was just musing on how far we have come since getting married and how you were when you were expecting this little terror. " He grinned at his daughter whose brow was creased in concentration as her quill traced out the letters of her name on the parchment in front of her. He was also amused to see her biting her lip, just as her mother did when concentrating on something particularly hard.

"Yes, we have certainly come a long way. It's still surreal even now, isn't it?" She smiled at him, the love evident in her eyes.

"Extremely surreal but I think it adds to the charm when you wake up and realise, it's not all been a dream. I am the luckiest man alive."

"And I am the luckiest woman."

Anna broke the rather sweet moment when she squealed in delight as she finished writing her name and quickly climbed up to her father's knee to show him her success.

"My! What a clever girl my Anna is! Did you write this all by yourself?" He beamed, kissing the top of her head.

"Yup but Mama showed me how to make the letters first." She smiled proudly, jutting her chin out like Hermione used to do whenever she answered a question right in class.

"Well I am certainly impressed. I think Mama has done a wonderful job in teaching you how to write, don't you?" Anne nodded her head enthusiastically and hopped down off his knee to give her mother a hug.

"Thank you Mama." She whispered into Hermione's hair.

"You are a very clever girl Anna, you're going to be just like me…" Severus audibly coughed out loud here and Hermione reluctantly added, "…and like your father."

"Now, you better go and wash up for bed." Severus added with a small smile. He loved both of his children with all his heart but Anna was a Daddy's Girl through and through whereas Nathaniel had a habit of screaming his little lungs out whenever his father held him, only to stop and coo sweetly once in his mother's arms. He was Hermione's boy.

Once the children were all tucked in and sleeping, Hermione and Severus lay in their bed talking as they did most nights (when they weren't having wild sex, of course).

"So, what brought on the reminiscing today darling, is everything ok?" Hermione asked, kissing Severus on his bare chest.

"Everything is fine, I just like to stop and take stock of the life I have sometimes. If I evaluate my life, it makes me appreciate and not take advantage of the blessings I have been granted. Life can be so hectic and pass by so quickly that you sometimes forget how lucky you are. I try my best to never take this, our life, for granted."

"I do that too. Usually when I watch you and the children sleep funnily enough." She smiled.

"I really do love you, Severus."

"And I love you, my love. I cannot see myself being any happier than I am right now. You've made me so happy."

Hermione sat up and looked at her husband with warmth and love in her eyes, "You've made me happier than I ever knew I could be. What would you say if I said, I wanted another member into the family?"

Severus sat up abruptly, " Am I not enough for you? You love me but you want a triad!?"

Hermione's laugh rang out loud in their bedroom, "Don't be an idiot Severus! I'm pregnant you dolt!"

Severus's expression went from angry, to shocked to elated as he tackled Hermione down onto the bed and kissed her thoroughly.

"Seriously, we're going to have another child?" He slid his hands down onto her tummy in awe.

"I reckon I am about 16 weeks, I didn't want to tell you until I had passed the 'dangerous' time just in case I got your hopes up and the pregnancy didn't materialise."

Severus kissed her again, " I love you. I love you so much!"

Hermione laughed in joy, "I love you too, Daddy for the third time."

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