At the beginning of every chapter, I'll include what song I was listening to while writing, just for the hell of it and for common interest. If you don't care, just ignore it! :)

Song of the chapter: Alex Day – Forever Yours

A Letter: Cato and Clove


Idiot. Why couldn't you just win the freakin' Games? I just wanted you to live. The last thought I had before I died was 'if he doesn't win this, I'll kill him'. Well, here we are. Both dead. Oh well, there's nothing we can do about it now.

I've forgiven you about the Glimmer thing by the way; I understand now that you were just trying to get more sponsors for us to help our survival. Of course, you didn't admit that to Glimmer, you just let her think she was special. And you let me think that you didn't want me anymore. That hurt the most. Thinking I wasn't good enough.

Don't feel guilty about the Feast, you wouldn't have gotten there in time anyway. Thresh would've killed me anyway and then killed you and we'd both be dead. Oh wait, we are anyway. Dumbass. I can't blame you really – Katniss was formidable on her own but when Peeta left us, they were unstoppable. Peeta would have been a pushover to kill, but he was determined to keep her alive.

I love you, dead or alive. I think I always have.



Dear Clove,

Please don't laugh at my attempt at emotion, this letter will be cringe worthy and embarrassing but I've got to tell you.

I'm completely in love with you, Clove.

Wow, that wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected. I'm actually smiling.

Everything I did in the Arena after your death was to avenge you. I killed Thresh. I drew it out. I made him apologise with his dying breath. He took you from me and he had to pay. I made him pay.

I think the most important thing I have to tell you is that the whole affair with Glimmer was an act. She's an airhead bimbo, and she's got nothing on you. You're more beautiful than you know and you have the personality to match that. You're so much more special than her, in every single way. I prefer brunettes anyway.

Wow, this is getting dangerously cheesy. So I'll stop now.

Yours forever,