GodEater is owned by Namco. This is the first GE story I'll be starting. I finished the games months ago and somehow felt a little dissatisfied. Chapter 2 would be coming in a bit.

Chapter 1: Loser

I was a failure.

The test had been quick… the God Arc was lowered to my hand, I held it… and immediately red light was flashing everywhere. What happened? You see, when a candidate is matched to a god arc, some complications may occur, like the God Arc actually deciding that the candidate is worth food more than a master, metaphorically speaking. So far, there had been few accidents concerning that… I was just lucky I guess.

My arm was slowly being consumed by the powerful oracle cells, turning each square of skin into ashen black… I can feel my pores close tight. I was changing. I laughed… when was the last time I had been successful? Two years ago I had been studying to get into Fenrir's engineering department, I was doing well until my second year… sort of lost focus… ended up failing some subjects. I was forced to take some subjects again until I was told I couldn't make it anymore and that I should just sign up for the military. My friends from school severed connections from me… My family was disappointed, they threw me away and I had to find another place to stay and a job to feed myself with… I worked in a bar and spent several months drinking and getting depressed. It was until our village was attacked by an Aragami (I almost died over there) that I decided to man up and just take whatever life threw me… If I don't deserve to live, then at least I should die doing something, right? I signed up to the Gods Eater project. I trained hard for a year to meet the standards of the Gods Eater project… My superiors said I was talented, that it won't be long until I become a Gods Eater, and I aced the exams, physical and written, I did everything I could to be more than average… and I had been successful- I was immediately invited by the Fenrir Russian branch to become a newtype Gods Eater… I was happy; there were at least a few tears in my eyes… Finally I was successful in something…

Then this

I never knew it would be like this… just my luck…

No… I deserve all this. My existence is shit. I'm not anything. I can't be anything. I deserve this. Wait, I can be something… a dead man… no, Aragami. Haha.

Well, pardon my existential ramblings, I don't mean to bore you. My life had been shit; yours must be different so I guess you shouldn't let me get to you. Haha. Well anyway, the standard procedure calls that if a situation like this occurs, the test administrator should immediately cancel the matching and subject the person to euthanasia. I wonder what's taking those guys long. My arm is done for, I couldn't feel it anymore.

The doors opened. I heard they'll cut your head off with a God Arc of the same Oracle cell make up you had been matched with. I wonder if that would hurt.

Not long enough, a man came, escorted with two guards. He had a wicked smile upon his face; he then explained what happened… that the experiment had been successful… that I was the only one who was able to live through that… that I would be so much help to the Corporation… I felt a hard lump in my throat. I had been betrayed. Tears came forth shortly.

One of the guys produced a pistol God Arc and shot me with it. I instantly felt weak… man… was… smiling… wickedly…

I tried to curse… I tried to open my mouth but I was too weak… even my mind was already shutting down… I was already going out…

"Transport him to Area 3… and contact Director Schicksal. He's in for a treat." He was saying…

Then there was darkness.

Voices flashed across my mind… images of people frowning… grinning… mocking me…

"Get lost, you don't belong here."

"You're odd. Nobody likes that."

"Who are you, anyway?"

"I don't like you… sorry."

"You're weird."

"Pierre Tesla, is something wrong? Your Oracle Cell Theory is plummeting down, your Maths' still okay, but all in all, you're really taking a dip down… what's up?"

"We are truly sorry… but we have to abide by the rules. Your son isn't qualified to continue anymore, sir."

"We thought you'd make it… we spent so much on you…"

"You failed us… you're so disappointing…"


"Sorry man, we're a little busy…"

I saw myself; alone, knees folded under my chin… there was a knife beside me, a phone, and a bottle of beer… This was a year ago before I found a job… just a couple of weeks after my family disowned me… my friends don't talk to me anymore… I was looking for a place to stay… I spent all my money on beer. I had been drunk, I had been crying… I was depressed… I wanted to kill myself… the image dissipated into a swirl of colors to darkness again…

Then I saw another me… smiling.

"Do you want power?" He asked.

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