Chapter 10

Third Person POV CHB

It was early and only a few campers were up and luckily one of the people up happened to be looking out of the barrier from Thalia's pine because he saw a army or monsters and immediately sounded the alarm, and within five minutes every camper par the Aphrodite cabin were out and almost ready to fight (Ares was first, Athena close second) and were at the hill top waiting for the call for attack but the call came from the monsters first and it was obviously from a titan but they don't know which, when they reached the barrier they were stopped and the younger campers calmed down but the older ones waited know that if a titan is there they will get in, and after about five minutes the call for change was called again but everyone froze when a monstrous howl came from the wood

Everyone monster, demi-god and immortal looked in the direction only to frozen in ether shock, fear or relief (only the ones who knew), when they saw a giant wolf with black fur and green eyes which some campers thought were familiar but that all stopped when the wolf attack the monsters the wolf ripped though monsters and it wasn't until he kill half the army that they started to attack back only to fail In their attempt to kill the monster because it was a blur and killed before anything had a chance to touch it and in a few minutes the monster army was gone and the wolf was growling at the titan Prometheus with its paw on his chest on the floor with Prometheus covered in scratches just as the wolf was about to rip his throat he said

"I'll be back you can't win" and he disappeared leaving the campers alone with a giant wolf that just saved them but also scared them, that is until the hunters showed up with the six campers that left to look for Percy

"What'd we miss" said the stolls at the same time after seeing the campers in amour and a wolf who they think was Percy and just then the campers were surprised when the wolf became Percy Jackson the hero of Olympus

"You just missed an army, what took you so long I though you left before I did?" he said looking at the group that just arrived, while said group look shocked that they missed an attack

"Well we better get inside the barrier right?" Percy said as he walked up the hill while the group followed and when he reached the top people tried to approach him but he growled at them and they stopped and he went some on his own

"Cabin head meeting in the big house, Katie go and find Percy please" said Artemis she choose Katie because Percy considers her his friend again and would probably agree to go if she asked and she did though blushing at the fact that when she finds him he still won't be wearing a shirt

In the big house meeting room

Everyone but Katie and Percy were they and the others started asking about Percy

"How did he do that?" said Butch

"Did he accept the apology?" said Will

"Why can he turn into a wolf?" said Clarisse

"Shut up! Look Percy's a werewolf, he only forgives Katie because she's the only one who have verbally and truthfully apologised" that was Thalia who was annoyed and getting a headache at the shouting and know the heads where shocked yet again today from that information, then Percy came in with Katie who was still a little pink and the girls in the room went red because he STILL had his shirt of and the guys because jealous of the 8 pack he had

"So, what's this meeting about?" he asked and everyone stayed quite still processing him actually being there until josh stood up and said

"Why do you keep coming back no one wants or needs you just leave like last name" all Percy did was snicker at the pitiful glare he was sending him and how wrong he was

"really?" josh replied yes "well you are wrong I am here because the gods believe that they need me to win the war which means that you all need me" he finished while smiling at the colours josh is changing and everyone else was glaring at josh so he shut up

"Well, Perseus we are here for a few things, one is what else of your skill was enhanced by the change not to mention why you control fire, and then we will plan for the war" said Artemis while looking at him with a look that says tells or die which he laughed at

"while let's see, my human form is three times faster and stronger than an average human and my wolf form is two times faster and four times stronger than your average wolf, I also have very enhanced senses and as for my fire powers I was blessed by Hestia" they were shocked again not just at the power boost but at the fact that he was blessed by Hestia she doesn't bless anyone

"and as for the war just train the campers and leave the titans to me (not to make him cocky his just being truthfully) and that's about it or are the gods actually going to do something to help us, or just sit on their thrones waiting for us to do everything and have Zeus take the credit" he finished but quickly added "oh yea I'm also immortal now in two ways" that just confused the two ways

"Percy what do you mean two ways?" asked Katie who was no longer blushing unlike the other girls

"Well I'm immortal because I'm a werewolf and because before that I ate an immortal apple" they gasped only Heracles did that

"Did you kill Landon?" asked Nico I laughed at that no one's killed Landon as far as he knew

"No, I just cut off a few heads took an apple while he was distracted and bolted I only need the apple nothing else" he said

"if that's all then I'll be around camp somewhere" he got up and left, leaving the others shocked and a little while later they left most to look for Percy other just to follow activates