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The impact was enough to knock Blaine out, and when Kurt saw his unconscious body, he screamed, waking up the rest of the household. A second passed before Kurt was on the ground next to Blaine. Kurt was cradling his head, mumbling "Blaine," and broken phrases like "Are you-" and "I didn't mean-" and "I'm sorry-" when Burt walked downstairs with a baseball bat in his hands, awakened by Kurt's earlier scream.

"Kurt?" He asked.

"Yeah, Dad, it's me," Kurt responded, his voice full of concern and worry.

"What happened?" Burt asked, gesturing to the scene before him.

"When I came in, it woke him and when he tried to get up, he rolled off the couch and hit his head on the coffee table," Kurt explained, almost helplessly.

"It's alright, bud. He's gonna be just fine," Burt comforted.

Just then Blaine opened his eyes wearily, blinking around and trying to figure out where he was. But when he laid his eyes on Kurt, he sputtered. "Kurt?"

"Blaine!" Kurt was on the verge of tears.

"Baby, don't cry," Blaine commented, reaching up to cup Kurt's face.

"…and I think I'm gonna leave now," Burt mumbled, knowing neither boy would care, before backing out of the room and closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, doubts had started running through Blaine's head. Baby. I called him my baby- and he is-was. Is Kurt still my baby?

Kurt could see the second-guessing in Blaine's eyes and pulled Blaine close to him in a hug. "Blaine…I'm so sorry."

Blaine spluttered. "Why are you sorry?"

"Oh, it's just that I took off…and I didn't tell you where I was and I thought that you would be worried…I mean…I'm sorry…I mean you're probably fuming about what I did-"What did Kurt do? "-and it's just that I would be worried, if it had been you," Kurt finished his rambling quietly, feeling like an idiot for assuming that Blaine had been worried.

"Kurt! You think I wasn't worried? That's why I've been sleeping on your couch all week! It's just that it should be me apologizing here. And I'm sorry. I'm so so so so so sorry." Kurt had made eye contact with Blaine towards the beginning of Blaine's speech and was staring intently into the depths of Blaine's swimming eyes. Blaine continued, "I'm not ashamed, Kurt. Yes, I've been acting odd, and I did probably come off as ashamed, so…but I'm not! Kurt, I love you and I really didn't mean anything by all of that. It was just bad wording and…crap." A couple of tears escaped their hazel prison. "I'm so sorry, Kurt. I'm an idiot and I'm sorry." Blaine's voice broke on the last word; opening the floodgate of tears. He was now full out sobbing in Kurt's arms.

"It's okay, Blaine. It's all going to be okay."

"I love you," Blaine choked out, through his tears

"I love you, too, Blaine," Kurt reassured, still surprisingly calm.


Later, after Blaine had calmed down and Burt had made his, 'everyone's alive and well' check, Blaine and Kurt were wrapped in each other's arms. Kurt was petting Blaine's hair and Blaine was drawing patterns on Kurt's stomach. "Kurt," Blaine started, knowing that now was as good as ever to talk it all out, "can we talk about this?"

"Of course," Kurt responded, sounding dejected.

"Hey," Blaine pulled back so he could meet Kurt's eyes, "I just want to talk, nothing more."

"I know."

"So, um…we should start a-at the beginning?" Blaine asked, nervous all of a sudden. Kurt nodded. "Where do you think this started?"

Kurt considered giving some snarky comment like, on the staircase at Dalton, dumbass, but decided that that was probably not the best idea. "We were shopping…" He supplied instead.

"Oh, yeah. That." Kurt broke their eye contact. "No, hey, Kurt. Look at me?" When Kurt didn't, Blaine tilted Kurt's chin up, gently, so they had regained their eye contact. "I know, that…uh, didn't go the way that it was planned…"


"I'm sorry, I honestly didn't mean to say that, and I know it probably made you feel like…" He trailed off, hoping that Kurt would finish his sentence.

"Like I was to 'girly' for you?" Blaine nodded sadly.

"You're not!" Blaine objected, finally realizing that that was what he should be doing. "You're perfect," he mumbled, quietly.

"Thank you," Kurt whispered back.

Blaine looked up into Kurt's eyes, before closing his and kissing Kurt gently. "And then there was the, um…"

"The parking lot." There was a moment of silence as both of them relived that moment.

"Kurt, I'm sorry-"

"Blaine, I just thought-"

They started together. There was another moment of silence before they started laughing. After they stopped, which didn't take all that long, there was still a lot of tension in the room, Blaine gestured for Kurt to continue.

"Blaine, it's just that derogatory forms of the word 'gay' have been used so many times to insult me, to make me second-guess myself, that it hurt when you said that."

"I understand," Blaine reassured him, "and I'm sorry. Kurt, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I know. Just yeah…"

"I get it." There was a third silent moment as Blaine snuggled closer into Kurt's arms and they became comfortable again. Nether wanted to bring up what happened next, but they both knew they had to. But, maybe, that could wait. They had put their emotions through too much that night.

Before too long they had both drifted into a comfortable sleep on the floor, wrapped in each other's arms.


The topic was tiptoed around all day Thursday, Kurt getting a warm reception from his glee mates before Mr. Schue asked them all to focus. It was after school that day, when Kurt and Blaine were sprawled across Kurt's room, doing homework that the topic was brought up again.

"We should talk." Blaine paled and looked over at Kurt, worried. "No, not like that," Kurt reassured, moving across the room to hug Blaine.

"About the fight, then?" Blaine asked once Kurt had pulled back from his hug, holding tightly to Blaine's hands with his own.


"I meant what I said last night, you know. I am not ashamed, I know it probably came off that way, but I'm not. And I understand that my actions probably led you to that conclusion and I'm sorry. And I'm rambling now, but it's all true."

"I know, thank you. But I'm sorry too." Blaine was confused as to why Kurt was apologizing to him. "I kind of overreacted to you, um…."

Blaine looked away, tears welling in his eyes as he remembered what he did to his love. "Mocking you," Blaine choked out, his voice cracking.

This time it was Kurt's turn to pull his boyfriend's eyes back to his own. "Yeah, but um…" This time Blaine didn't fill in Kurt's silence, genuinely curious as to what Kurt was getting at. "It's okay, Blaine. I don't know why you did it, but I don't think that you do either." Blaine just shook his head as if saying I don't know why I did it either. "It just hurt, Blaine that's why I snapped at you."

"I understand, and you had every right to be mad at me. I mean, you've been teased so much for your voice and you've trusted me enough to tell me about it and then there I go, using it against you."

Kurt nodded, understanding that Blaine knew why it hurt. "Its okay, Blaine can we just forget it?" Kurt asked, pleading.

"Yeah, but, will you explain something to me?" Kurt nodded again hoping for anything except what came out of Blaine's mouth. "What you said, uh… 'Guess nothing's as it seems?'"

"I'm sorry Blaine, I didn't mean that, I was just worked up, and I wasn't exactly thinking straight-" Well, that wasn't the response Blaine had been expecting, but he had to make his boyfriend stop talking and know that Blaine wasn't mad at the same time. Blaine did the only thing he could think of; he pressed his lips against Kurt's. Kurt tensed at first, but before Blaine could seriously start having doubts, Kurt sighed into the kiss, and started kissing Blaine back with everything he had been feeling recently.

When they broke apart, Blaine stated, "I'm not mad, I just want to understand."

Kurt breathed a sigh of relief. "I was upset," Blaine nodded. "It was me just saying that I never expected you to make fun of me." A single tear slipped down Kurt's face and Blaine cautiously wiped it away with the pad of his thumb.

"Okay. It's okay."

They sunk back into a hug that lasted a lot longer than either would ever admit. They were stronger now, after all that had happened; they were stronger now. They were in the arms of the person they loved and they were going to make it through.


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