It was just an early morning at the dogs headquorters lou had been the boss there for 2 years all the agents were planing a secret anniversary party for lou first of all it was that time of year that they selabrated the defete of plus it was the 2 year that lou had been a great had a very loveing family his begal wife named sarice they had two kids the first a very tough and brave boy puppy named cole there next kid was also a boy he was just like lou so they named him .But sarice was pregnent again they were hoping for a girl but they wouldn't know until they went to the vet on 's shift just ended his fieonca ivy was whating for him in the ally ivy spoke first"so you came just for me" she said in a very flattering and joking manner butch just chukled very and said"so i did do you want me to leave" she replied with a fake begging in her voice"no no no please don't leave me" butch sweeped her up off her paws and replied"I would never leave you" he said deeply kissing her was the first in the office he turned on the lights and walked into his office as he sat down the phone rang he picked it up and said"hell...o" he said yhaning the voice said back"come out of your office and close your eyes" so lou did what the voice said and when he came out of his office they all said"SUPPRIES" this was such a shock to lou he nearly fainted luckaly ivy cought him and set him was studering he finaly managed to choke out a small"thank you guys".Finaly he got out of shock and they had cake and ice cream and talked the first party in 5 years and this was one of the best.8 months later lous new baby was due any day now and he was very ecsited about having a duhter 3 hours into the night he heard sarice cry out in pain he turned on the light and saw that sarices water had lou acted quickly and barked for his family professer brody and his family came shooting down the stairs and saw the female beagals water broke so they all got in there blue 1952 chevy and drove to the they got to the vet ran to the front desk and said"help my son's dog is in labor".The nurse alerted the vet and said that she needed amedet atention so they got her into a room and lou whated outside the heard over 2 hours of screaming and crying from his wife and all of a suden it stoped came out of the room she was holding a small female puppy raped in cloth she and admired the pup well lou came into the room to see his he got up on the table he saw his wife resting in a small basket that was marked mother he hoped inside the basket his wife saw him but lou spoke first" sarice I want to take our new daughter to head quorters tomorrow" sarice spoke and said" sure but now lets rest" and they next day in was a cold fall day sarice and lou were heading down the shoot to show all the they go to the head quaters they entered the main room all they agents started to push and shove to see the chiefs a while lou sent his baby and his wife back to the house but the news that was about to come was was in lous office when lou walked in butch said"lou the cats and dogs are going to war again" lou said back"is there a dog army" butch then got a sad look in his black colds eyes"there used to be but its been dismanteled" said butch lou spoke back in a despret tone"do you know any one who can get to gether black sqaud 245 again" butch sudenlly froze in his trakes hearing the name black sqad 245 he froze because he used to be in the said" they were the most elet dog team in the world" butch respawnded" ya they were a great team" lou got a very confused look on his face he finaly asked"butch why are you being so sensative about this" butch sighed and said" I'am being this way because I used to be in the squad" lou gasped and stood there in shock.