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.: fourteen

Her eyes slide open as Finn's sudden firm grip on her arm yanks her back to consciousness.

"Rach? Baby? No, no, no,no, NO! Rachel!"

He cradles her head somewhat gently in his hands, wiping dirt and blood away from her face. Intense pain ripples through her body at his supposedly gentle movement and she practically has to sink her teeth into her bottom lip to silence a scream. The pain was intense, and she almost wishes for the blackness to take her but Finn was here and her friends were alive and Jesse was gone. It was bad enough that he had actually managed to overpower her, with the abuse he had inflicted on her body, a part of her was almost willing to submit to the pain. Her heart was working too fast to fix her too badly shattered body…

It was just... too much.

Too much damage. And she hates herself being such a coward for wanting the end to come quickly.

With what little energy she has left, she forces her eyes open and focuses on Finn's, her heart squeezing at tears streaking wet, dirty trails down his bloodied face. He was alive, and mostly fine, but he looks so fucking lost and broken and she doesn't have the strength to tell him she honestly can't fight the pain. She doesn't think can't save herself. Her body was just barely fighting to heal. Her eyes flutter closed as a fresh wave of pain washes through her when he tries to hug her closer to his chest; her heart galloping, almost like it wants to burst free from her body.

She coughs, blood spilling from her lips and he helps her by gently turning her face to the side with his clumsy hands. Her neck was on fire, where Jesse had grabbed her, the skin raw and shredded from where he dug his fingers into her throat, trying to squeeze the life from her.

The image of her in Artie's mind is burnt into the back of her eyes. She looks.. she's not winning any beauty contests anytime soon, but she might come in second place at a slaughterhouse.

She doesn't want that to be the last thought she ever has. She was in Finn's arms, as strong and as safe as she could possibly be.

This. Right here. Now. Death couldn't really be that bad if Finn was here with her. Could it?

She opens her eyes again to watch him solemnly peering down at her. He gives a heavy, relieved sigh when their eyes meet and she has to remind herself not to react when he brushes her forehead tenderly. Still, she gives a hollow moan and his fingers still on her cheek.

"Rach.. baby? Listen to me. You have to drink. You have to feed. It'll help you heal," he orders softly, wiping grime from her face.

She holds his stare, the words tumbling around in the haze in her mind.

Feed. Drink?

She can't do that. Shouldn't.

And from who?

She tries not to think about the obvious option, but the memories just seem to invade her mind, a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours adding to the pain in her head. The intoxicating flavour of Finn's blood, the rich taste sparking on her tongue, the alluring smell that sets her blood afire, still fresh in her mind. And she remembers all too well the lure of the darkness calling to her, the raw power that came hand in hand with embracing that side of her. It was addictive.

She shakes her head, groaning as the movement triggers spots blinking behind her eyes.

It was too fucking tempting. And one simple taste just might shove her over the edge.

She already toed the line when Santana had attacked him - the terror on Kurt's face was imprinted on her mind, the confusion and surprise from Mike when she had overpowered him.

Still, she's torn - a very big part of her aches for the seductive power, the heady euphoria that dances through her veins and caresses her skin. If it's even possible, her mouth her waters at the memory. She gasps again, digging her fingers painfully into the dirt. The pain washes the memory away but she can still taste the sharp sweetness in her mouth, seeping into that dark part of her that begs for release.

"No," she gasps through the pain, clenching her teeth to expel the memories bombarding her. She can't drink from Finn again, vampire or not.

"Dammit, Rachel! Why the fuck are you so stubborn?!" Finn growls, pulling her broken body onto his lap. She nearly does black out then, spots blinking behind her eyes. She moans and Finn freezes, his eyes widening.

"Artie! Get over here!" He turns to scream and she gets a glimpse of Artie bending over Mike, a sobbing Tina by his side. She feels the slight, familiar pressure behind her eyes as her mind recognizes Artie's, but when she tries to reach out to him a wave of dizziness washes over her and if she wasn't already laying down she'd already have passed out.

"I can't right now, dude! I'm losing Mike!" Artie screams out.

"Fuck Mike! Rachel is DYING!" Finn roars.

Artie whirls around snarling, eyes like midnight. "I know. There's nothing I can do and she'd kick my ass if I left Mike to try and help her."

She lets her eyes slip closed again, silently agreeing with Artie.

"Rachel! Wake the fuck up!" Finn jerks her alert again, none too gently. A painful scream rips from her throat as he shakes her, the muscles and ligaments reforming at her pelvis separate with a tear, pain burning anew.

"Shit! Baby, I'm sorry! I need some fucking help here Artie!"

Who do you call when a dhamphyr was dying? She's never been in this kind of pain before, and of course, they know next to nothing about her kind – so, can she really die? Wither away to nothing, non-existence? She'd never once imagined her own death. She figured her options were few since she didn't have the same weaknesses that vampires do. But she's not immortal. No. Her mother died, and her father too. So no, immortality was just a myth.

So she just lays there, limp in Finn's arms, mustering up the last vestiges of her strength for one last goodbye when wetness drips on her face. Her eyes open, thinking they were tears when ambrosia from his upper lip drips onto her cheek again.


Some distant part of her mind snarls at the smell, the taste soaking in her skin. She twitches in Finn's arms, warring between the primal part of her nature that screams for more and the part of her that doesn't want to succumb the darkness and wanted to keep her mate and family safe and alive.

The taste calls to her. It feels good.

Softer than Finn's caress.

A dark promise. To make her strong. Invincible. Intense. Unyielding. Dangerous.

Like Jesse. But, if she were to give in, who's to say she can ever come back from it? What's to stop her this time if she doesn't manage to resist the lure of the darkness?

"Baby, please?" Finn pleads. He brushes her dirty hair away from her forehead and she groans again, every nerve ending in her body sparking fire by the smell of fresh blood on her face. The smell is all over Finn now, tempting and warm with the promise of relief.

She tries to turn her face away from Finn's, aware of her body's refusal to comply. The smell of blood was heavy on the air, Mike lying prone and motionless a few feet away, blood flowing from him and staining the ground. Both Artie and Tina were bleeding, but it was the delicious nectar all over Finn who was holding her, too stubborn to leave her to die. He was supposed to be her haven, her security in the last moments but she's three seconds away from sinking her teeth into his skin and drinking her fill, discarding his empty body while she trolls for her next victim.

All she needs to do to fix herself is feed.

But at what cost?

She attempts to speak and starts spitting up blood again, her body finally succumbing to all the aches and pains Jesse had inflicted as a parting gift. And she can't think of a better way to die than in Finn's arms. What short time they'd had together was the best time she'd ever had. She loves her aunt and Artie of course, and Tina and Mike have been like family over the years.

She's made friends: Sugar and Mercedes and Kurt and Blaine.

She'd known love. And really good sex. She'll miss that for sure.

Jesse was gone. No longer a threat. She had nothing to be afraid of now...

She could die in peace.

Rachel, drink, goddammit!

Her eyes snap open at Finn's silent command. He traps her gaze with his, the golden orbs now pitch black as he glares down at her. She watches with unfocused eyes as he lifts his hand to his mouth, widening the wound from Jesse's attack. Despite the pain in her broken body, she tries to wrestle free from his arms, stilling only when Finn presses his arm to her mouth with one last command.

It's not really a command, more along the lines of a very strong suggestion but she's powerless to resist, even if she wanted to. Finn literally forces himself into her mind, telling her to do the one thing she doesn't want to do.


It was like the sweetest ambrosia at first, liquid fire igniting on her tongue and spreading through her body in a rush.

The more she drinks, the headier and stronger it gets, exhilarating and intense, rolling over broken nerves and torn ligaments, warming her skin from in the inside out, the wounds slowly closing all over her body.

As she slowly regains movement in her hands, she purrs in happiness and grabs tightly onto Finn's arm, wrapping her fingers around his wrist as her teeth sink deeper into his flesh, a wanton moan escaping her as more of the delicious nectar floods her mouth. Her nipples harden, wetness pooling between her legs, and she rubs herself against Finn's lap. He moans and wraps his other hand tighter around her body, hugging her close to his chest.

It's better than the first time. So much better. The taste, the smell, the feel of the beautiful, dangerous fluid flowing into the hidden, torn, broken corners of her body, healing and fixing, sparking along each nerve ending. This must be what nirvana tastes and feels like.

She looks up at Finn, watching him watch her, sees the azure glow of her eyes reflected in his drooping eyes. He looks tired, his grasp on her hand faltering, his body sagging the longer she feeds. His essence flows into her, like sparkling wine on her tongue. She moans, warmth spreading through her body and the beast inside her purrs.


Slowly, in the haze of her intoxication, she picks up the minds of the others, still alive around them.

Artie and Tina are worrying over Mike and the large iron stake in his back – he's alive, but barely, the iron poisoning him the longer it stays inside his body. There was death and destruction littering the field around them. Scattered bodies torn apart, beheaded, eviscerated, blood and gore staining the ground. She sees the remnants of Jesse's body and a grim satisfaction fills her at the sight.

Behind Finn's arm, her father's friend stares back at her with cold, dead eyes. She feels a pang of guilt that drifts away as suddenly as she acknowledges it. She doesn't miss him, she never knew him.

Rachel. Stop.

Heat floods her body as more of her strength returns with every gulp she takes. She closes her eyes against the carnage around her, blocking out everything else and retreating to the seductive darkness that beckons her, blue hot and alluring. It wraps itself around her, burrowing under her skin, sinking deeper and deeper towards the core of her.

She welcomes it.

A sound from far away, like faint music on the wind calls to her. It's distracting, dissipating the darkness swirling inside her and she growls, infuriated by the interruption.

It calls to her again, and she pauses momentarily to extend her senses.


She opens her eyes and the smell of him suddenly invades her nostrils, pushing away the haze covering her mind. She hears his voice, louder and firmer in her mind. You are stronger than you think you are. Please, fight.

She mewls in reluctance, torn between the seduction of blood and the thrall of Finn's scent surrounding her. She can feel the steady, slow throb of his heartbeat under her tongue, and it was slowly fading.


She reaches inside herself, pushing past the dark temptation, feeling the ebb and flow of her own aura swirling inside her. It recognizes Finn's and in the bleary contours of her mind, slowly it reaches out to mingle with his essence already blending with hers. There's a flash, a sudden image of Finn broken, mottled with decay invading her mind, and a cold, hollow emptiness in her heart.

Surprised, she jerks away from Finn, scampering away from his body and away from the delicious nectar still flowing from his arm.

She wipes at her mouth, staring at Finn in horror as he shakes his head a little, before falling flat onto the grass.

"Rachel?" Artie calls out from over beside Mike, his voice cautious.

"I'm f-f-fine," she stammers into the quiet. She touches her lips, finger stained red when she pulls it away, lifting her eyes to stare at Finn, finally daring to breathe when she sees the light movement of his chest as it rises.

"Finn?" He asks quietly.

"Here," Finn answers tiredly. Artie's sigh of relief is almost inaudible.

She's frozen for a minute, the horrible image of Finn broken and dead, worse than how she had seen him in his apartment after Santana had fed on him, stuck in her mind, overshadowing the taste still lingering on her tongue. Her body feels cold all of a sudden, fear skittering down her spine as she stares at Finn, the stuttered rise and fall of his chest the only indication he was still alive. His heartbeat is slow, his heart barely thudding because she fed too long and taken too much from him.

That last thought was like a shot of adrenaline straight to her heart and she jerks up, scrambling over to him, touching his arm hesitantly. He blinks blearily up at her, a small smile on his face.

"How're you feeling?"

"Me?" She squeaks. "I almost drained you!"

He waves a lazy hand in dismissal, "Pssh. I knew you wouldn't hurt me."

She had taken too much, any more and she would have drained him dry. And yet, he hadn't pulled away, hadn't stopped her. She stares at him in confusion.

Finn yawns and his eyes slip closed, his breathing tapering off as he seems to drift off to sleep. She picks up his arm, pressing her lips to it before licking the thin sliver of the wound, her saliva pulling the sides together, sealing it. He hums happily, his fingers brushing against her arm. He opens his eyes briefly to wink at her before turning his head to the side.

"I love you," he whispers so quietly she barely hears it.

She presses her lips to his cheek, her mind swirling with what just happened. He turns his head, capturing her lips and kisses her back fiercely, gripping the back of her head as his tongue sweeps along her bottom lip.

"This strange faith you have in me, is really scary," she whispers, her hand worrying over his face. Too tired to speak, Finn curves his palm around her cheek before letting it fall back onto his chest, his head lolling to the side in fatigue.

Crying softly, she grabs his hand between hers, pressing it to her lips. He was alive, but his breathing was shallow and she was still terrified by the image imprinted on her mind when she closes her eyes.

Off in the distance, about a mile or two away, she picks up Quinn's and Blaine's minds as they hurry towards them. It's still early, just after three in the morning, their little battle with Jesse seems to happen in no time at all. There was no one around or awake, but the longer they stayed there, the worst their chances were of being discovered. The guards in the booth Jesse had murdered hadn't checked in and dispatch was no doubt going to send over new guards to check in on them and they couldn't very well leave a dozen or so dead vampires on the football field.

The succubus came skittering onto the field, blond hair flying behind her as she halts just beyond Artie and Tina hovering over Mike's prone body. She looks around and whistles.

"What the hell happened here?"

Blaine stops beside her, and then drops down beside Artie, hand reaching out to Mike.

"He's alive, but if we don't get this thing out of his chest he won't be for much longer," Artie mutters grimly.

"We can't touch it, its iron," Tina warns.

Quinn walks over to Jesse's headless body and nudges the head with her foot.

"Well, good riddance," she sneers, turning up her nose at it. She turns around and crouches down beside Rachel and Finn, brushing her hand over Rachel's forehead, barely sparing Finn a glance.


She doesn't answer, still too shaken to say anything.

"Well, you look like crap. Hey, look at me," Quinn insists, lifting Rachel's chin to meet her eyes and gasps. "And you've fed?"

Her head snaps down back to Finn's body, peering at him as she watches his chest rise and fall.

"Yes, he's alive," Rachel says hoarsely.

"You stopped," Quinn breathes out, eyes wide as she stares back at her.

She raises her eyes to her aunt and blinks. "I almost didn't."

Behind them, Mike moans and Tina whimpers. She looks over her shoulder at them, at Artie beckoning her with worried eyes.

Quinn touches her shoulder. "Stay, I'll go help."

Rachel looks back down at Finn and bends down to kiss his cheek. He had fallen asleep, the toll on his body from his fight with Jesse and her feeding from him finally catching up. They needed to leave, soon, if they didn't leave soon, explaining this sight to the humans would be impossible.

She watches as Quinn hurries over to the vampires, Artie and Blaine quickly stepping out of her way but Tina refuses to budge. Mike looks pallid in the moonlight, the metal bar protruding from his body a mere couple inches away from his heart. Tina's face was streaked with tears as she stares at Quinn, her hands still healing over from where she'd tried to pry the bar out herself.

Quinn grips the bar with both hands and Mike grunts.

"Hold his feet, Artie. Blaine, get his hands," she instructs. "Mike, this is going to hurt."

She yanks it free as Mike screams out in pain. She tosses it aside and flips him onto his back as Tina cradles his head in her lap, wiping blood and sweat away from his brow. Mike grips her hands in his, presses it to her lips and he stares up at her.

Quinn's silver eyes glances back at her and Rachel feels the swell of love emanating from Mike and Tina, Quinn swaying on her feet. Looking down at Finn, she feels the same pull from before, the something inside her was tied to him, a ripple along the tether that forever linked them together.

It was what stopped her when she was feeding.

Mike and Tina have had years together. They've had a chance to build a life, together. They've stayed together, in love, all this time. And they would have each other for a lifetime. And she could have that, with Finn. Years, centuries, hopefully.

Artie steps beside her, a hand on her shoulder, pulling her from her thoughts. She looks at him, eyes flashing and he stares right back at her.

"We need to clear the bodies. Burn them," Artie directs, pointing to the scattered pieces of vampires around the field. "And then we need to get to the airport."

She hesitates, glancing back at Quinn and back at the carnage around them.

Rachel, our lives here are over. We need to go now. You know this.

"Yes," she murmurs.

"Blaine, help me get the bodies together. But, not LeRoy's. We can burn him elsewhere."

Blaine nods and hurries over to the closest mound. After lifting Finn and carefully setting him down beside Tina, she joins them as they rounded up the bodies. Artie brings over LeRoy's body, setting him down away from Jesse's crew, Rachel tossing the vampire's body unceremoniously onto the pile.

"We're going to burn them here?" Blaine questions.

Quinn shrugs as Artie produces a lighter from inside his jacket pocket. "OSU might have to postpone their games a few. But I think they'd be happier knowing the crime rate might be alleviated because we destroyed a nest of vampires, don't you think?"

Blaine rolls his eyes as Artie tosses the lighter onto the pile of bodies.

She watches the pieces burn. Watches the flesh and hair melt away from Jesse's face. Closing a chapter in her life for good. She tilts her head to the side, listening to the night.

"We need to go. Now. Security is coming in from the main entrance. And I'm pretty sure a bonfire on the field will attract more people."

She walks back over to Finn, but Blaine stops her, touching her arm.

"We need you alert, in case there's anyone on the way home. I'll carry him," he offers. Kurt's boyfriend was eager to get away from all the gore around him; he was anxious to see Kurt who was worried about his brother, and Rachel.

She nods, watching as he hoists Finn gently in his arms, Quinn following with Mike and Tina almost glued to her side then Artie with LeRoy's remains as he hurries after them.

She takes one last look around then darts after them, just as the light from the guards' flashlights penetrated the darkness, the bonfire of body parts smouldering in the middle of the field.


Noah and Kurt were waiting in the lobby of their hotel, Noah anxiously wearing a path in the carpeted floor.

She dashes through the lobby before the front desk clerk and either of the men realizes she was there. She opens the side door for the others, fidgeting nervously as Tina presses the button for the lift.

Noah's head jerks up as the lift door opens and she motions them towards her, jabbing the button for the second lift as the others cram into the first.

"Is Finn OK?" Kurt asks nervously as they hurry over, slipping inside the lift as the doors close.

Noah reaches out to squeeze his shoulder as the slender young man wrings his hands, worrying away at his bottom lip. He's literally worried sick, his mind replaying gruesome scenarios of Finn's death. Noah is just as bad, imagining the others, broken and torn.

"When Quinn and Blaine left, I just thoug-,"

"He's fine Kurt. He's alright. Just, unconscious."

Kurt's mind thankfully goes blank, and Noah literally dashes out of the lift the second the door opens, Kurt following behind them.

She gets to the door before either of them turn the corner, slipping inside to see Blaine flitting about the bathroom with towels in his arms, turning the hot water on.

"What happened?" Kurt asks, hurrying over to his brother. Mike was sitting up on the other bed, his ripped shirt discarded.

Artie was missing. She turns to Quinn, latched onto Noah in the corner.

"He's gone to bury LeRoy. We'll need to be ready to leave by the time he gets back," Quinn turns sad eyes to her, pressing her cheek into Noah's chest.

She pulls away from Quinn's mind, the raw emotion between her and Noah almost potent in their minds. She goes to sit on the other side of Finn, curling her palm over his cheek. Blaine hands her a wet towel before going over to Mike and Tina.

She helps Kurt clean the blood and filth from Finn, dressing him in clean clothes, smiling at him when he blinks up at her lazily then hooks his pinkie finger around hers.

By the time Artie gets back, they're all dressed, ready and waiting and inside a minute, they pile into two cars, heading towards Port Columbus International Airport. They get there just before dawn breaks, the two cars rolling out onto the tarmac towards a private plane.

Finn was awake, walking between her and Kurt, hands still clasped tightly within hers. He keeps their fingers entwined as the plane taxis down the runway, staring out at the only city he's known all his life. She touches his cheek and he turns to her, a sad look on his face.

"I'm gonna miss it," he sighs and gives her a soft smile. He laces his fingers with hers then leans his head against the window, a tear slipping down his cheek as he closes his eyes, leaving everything he knew of his old life behind.


Behind them Mike was sitting upright, eyes closed although he wasn't sleeping, hands firmly clasped with Tina's. Kurt's head was on Blaine's shoulder, his thoughts fidgety as he sleeps. Noah and Quinn are having some silent conversation with their eyes, foreheads pressed against each other – she pulls her mind away from theirs immediately – those two together could wreak havoc on any room.

Sugar and Artie are poring over the mass of papers in the briefcase LeRoy had left behind – Artie was impressed. Being an investment banker (and a vampire) had its perks.

He lifts his head as she settles into the seat across from them.

"I've always known your dad was a smart man, and LeRoy was a great friend to him."

She nods.

"He's left instructions, standing orders, stock certificates, several portfolios, bank accounts in our names as well as the names of our humans," Sugar shoves at his shoulder playfully and rolls her eyes at Rachel.

Artie gives her a wan smile then drops his head, "If they choose to remain human, they'll be OK."

She stifles a snort at the forlorn tone in his voice and his thoughts. He knows Sugar loves him, that was abundantly clear. But she hadn't said yes (or no) to him turning her. She feels Sugar's blush and raises her eyes to the pretty girl beside him, grinning at her thoughts. Sugar wanted children, with Artie, before she turned vampire. That was bound to be a very interesting discussion.

Standing up abruptly, she pats Artie's shoulder and disappears down the aisle to the bathroom, grateful for the minute distance she has in being alone with her thoughts. She pushes the others' to the back of her mind and stares at herself in the mirror.

She remembers her last conversation with Finn, all his fears and hesitancy – leaving his brother behind, leaving the only place he's known as home, whatever powers she'd awoken by turning him. She's been over it a million times in her mind – she knows she's doing the right thing, but it doesn't mean she's worrying any less. And she can't help the feeling that she's forgetting something.

They barely know the extent of her own powers, a newborn vampire who was probably an incubus who she had sired was just extra homework. Finn had never fed from a human. And his penchant for rare steaks and blood bags could last only so long. How sure were they that he wouldn't get bored, or succumb to the bloodlust like Artie had? Or worst, suffer something entirely different – a darkness similar to what she hid inside?

She was basically trading one mystery for another.

"Seriously, I can hear you worrying from out here, Rachel."

She snorts and shakes her head, pulling the door open to glare at Finn. He pushes his way inside, clicking the door closed before pulling her to him. He stares down at her with something akin to awe and then buries his nose in her hair, raining kisses all over her face before pressing his lips to hers.

She smiles into his kiss, curling her arms around his neck before Finn tries to lift her onto the small sink, attacking her neck with heated kisses. She pulls away, tapping his chest, cupping his chin to meet her eyes.

"Are you sure about this? Five minutes ago you were barely able to keep your head up, are you sure you don't want to rest some more?"

He chuckles slightly and pushes her hands under his shirt, his skin warm and smooth to the touch. She rakes her nails over his nipples, watching his eyes glint as he stares down at her.

"Five minutes ago my body was lying broken on a field. And then you did your superhero thing and I'm all good and better now and why the fuck are we still talking?" Finn grins and pulls her to him, dropping his mouth on hers in a fierce kiss. He pushes her against the wall of the small bathroom, burying his fingers in her hair as she rips his shirt from his chest.

"You know they can hear us right?"

"I don't care," she growls, dragging his lips back to hers. He pulls back and spins her around, pressing her back to his chest, fingers sliding under her blouse to tweak her nipples.

"I've always wanted to be a part of the mile high club," he whispers.

She vaguely remembers a story Quinn told her once, but the details escape her as Finn uses a finger to tear the skirt from her hips.

She's wet already, the lusty haze swirling inside her mind as Finn's hands move over her body.

"Well,-" she moans as he cups her wetness, biting her neck.

She shivers as the sensation washes over her and Finn spins her in his arms again, lifting her atop the small sink, lips pressed to hers, tongue sweeping inside her mouth.

He pushes his knees between her legs, one hand dropping to rip her panties from her body, his fingers sliding against her wetness. Rachel's head falls back, stretching her neck as she moans, one hand gripping his thigh, the other pressing against the mirror to keep her balanced. Finn drops his lips to the creamy skin of her neck, licking against her pulse point, teeth skimming her neck. She pushes herself down on his skilled fingers, her hand leaving his thigh to bury itself in his hair.

"Shhh," Finn murmurs, pressing his fingers deeper inside her. She groans and rocks herself against his hand as he nips at her neck, tongue laving over her skin.

Nonsense spills from her lips as she rides his hand, her body getting hotter and wetter, nipples painfully hard.

He's inside before she can protest the loss of his fingers, stretching her deliciously. Her head falls forward as her legs give out, her hand falling limply from his hair as her body loses the ability to support her, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her at his entry. He leans her against the wall, already cramped in the tiny space, his body slipping from inside hers. She whimpers, fingers scraping at the wall and he pushes his hips forward again, pressing into her. She grabs onto him, dragging him to her to crush her lips against his.

He wraps his arms around her, hissing as her nails scrape over his back, then nips at her bottom lip.

She moans again, pulling away from his lips, catching sight of their reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She angles her body, wrapping her legs around his waist and shifting her hips so that her back was to the mirror and clasps his head between her palms. Finn hums, pushing his fingers into her hair as his hips start moving faster.

She feels the pressure building, her body tingling as Finn pushes her closer and closer to her peak.

She slants her lips over his, purring as she pulls his essence into her.

"Look," she whispers.

She leans back against the mirror, her head bent backwards as she watches Finn watch her, hand sliding in slick sweat over his body, pinching his nipples and dragging a throaty moan from him.

He slaps his hand against the mirror, the other hand almost painfully squeezing at her waist, as he presses deeper and harder, eyes wide, biting his lips as he watches their bodies start glowing a faint blue.

She feels his orgasm building, like her body was fine-tuned to his. Hears the stutter of his heart and the tremble in his breathing the closer he gets to his release, pulling her along with him.

She shifts her hips again, slipping her fingers between his, catching his eyes in the mirror as they tumble over the edge together.

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