The Beginning…





"Are you done yet, because I cannot sit here all day a do nothing while you a sparky play hooky. Think about others."

"Others! Who else is down there?"

"I don't know; let's see Dimitri, Abe, Adrian, Janine, Mia, Eddie…"


"No, but hurry up I'm starving, I thought you said you were ready?"

"I was, but me and Christian decided to play a game and things kinda lead to another when he started to—"

"Liss! Enough already ok. It's not good to throw up with an empty stomach."

"Rose, I thought it was to not drink on an empty stomach."


"Yes, really." Lissa said as she walked down the stairs to see a smiling Rose.

"About time. I was starting to feel sorry for the people next door."

"How long have you been waiting down here?"

"Not long, but I do have something amazing to tell you and that's part of the reason I wanted to go to that new ice cream place on court."

"Why ice cream, you do realize it's not even twelve right, but ok." Lissa says while looking at the floor with a set expression."

"Liss, is something wrong?"

"No, no it's just—"

"Who is it? What happened and do I—"

"Like always it's you causing all this commotion down here. I should know when as soon as Liss surprised me by jumping off of my—"

"And like always it's you sparky working my last nerve. Don't you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?"

"No Rosie I don't. Now if you don't mind stepping out of my way so I can kiss my girlfriend" Christian said with a sardonic smile and kissing Liss on the lips.

Rose watched for all of 3 seconds before turning away with a sigh. "Will you guy's come on. I'm not going to magically become any less hungry."

When Lissa and Christian broke away they began on their way to the ice cream parlor.

While walking to the ice cream Rose couldn't help but notice Christian and Lissa's intertwine fingers. Rose sighed before putting in her earphones to listen to her I-pod, just as they began to whisper about something to each other that Rose could really care less about. The first song that started to play was Misguided Ghosts by paramore. Rose couldn't help but think about all the things she feels she like she's missing. Things have been really good and Rose just cannot understand why she feels this way. She can't help but feel as if something is about to happen, but she just doesn't know what. If it's good or bad she can't tell. As the song soon changes into something different Rose starts to wonder why the hell she hasn't gotten assigned her Moroi yet. Shouldn't she have gotten assigned as soon as she moved to here? Then suddenly she started to think about Dimitri and how ever since she brought him back he's been acting like he doesn't give a shit about anything and anyone. Especially her. What really hurt the most is that every time she see's him he doesn't even look at her or try to make eye contact even though they work together when planning an attack against the Strigoi. Worse when she sees Tasha talking to him, and how he stares at her so adoringly.

When they arrive at the ice cream parlor Rose is so caught up in her thoughts she doesn't even notice it when Christian and Lissa stop to look at her with sly smiles.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

"Nothing. It's just that were here and… and… and—"Lissa says trying to suppress a giggle.

"You were talking to yourself dumbo." Christian finishes for her.

"What did you hear?"

"Not much, but if you really are worried about Dimitri why don't you just talk to him?" Lissa says after she got her laughs under control.

"No way in hell am I doing that. If he wants to be an ass and don't want to speak to me I'm fine with that."

"You sure about that Rosie? Because you sounded like you wanted to stake my aunt."

"Just forget about, ok. I'm alright. Rose says as she gives Lissa and Christian a force smile.

"Ok, but I just don't want you to worry yourself too much. It's really bad for you, you know. Especially when we all know how you get when you can't find a release for all that pent up—"

"Enough Liss" Rose says laughing. "And why are you so happy huh? Christian cannot be putting it down that good."

Christian shoots Rose a glare when they stop at the counter to order their ice cream. "How you know what it sounds or feels like for a man to put it down, contrary to any guy you seem to bring home."

"Rose glares back at Christian before saying for your information the dick in my life is amazing, and yes, I would know" Rose say's that last part with a sardonic smirk.

"Can we please change the subject? No more talk of other's sex life. Rose didn't you have something to tell me?" Lissa said as they as sat down at the table by the window.

"Oh, yeah I meant to tell you guys that guess who Mia saw on court yesterday. Jesse Zeklos and of course accompanying him was Ralf."

"Really, didn't he like take off after graduation?"

"Yeah, he did, but now he's back and let's just say if we thought Jesse was hot before…" Rose eats a scope of her cookies and cream ice cream before continuing "Wow."

"Wow?" Lissa asks with a wry look.

"Wow." Rose replies with a thoughtful expression. "I just wonder why is back?"

"Maybe and I'm not stating the obvious, but just maybe he is just getting his assigned guardian" Christian says.

"Cool it fire boy."

"Well, whatever his reason is I still don't like him for all the things he did to us. Liss I want you to stay away from him, ok?" Rose says giving Lissa an unblinking look.

"Ok, and don't worry after what happened with Jesse I don't even want to talk to him. Ugh."

"Ok, can we please talk about something else? I almost bored stiff."

"Sure, pyro."

"Hey, has anyone seen Adrian lately." Lissa asks then both Lissa and Christian stare at Rose.

"What? It's not like I have a tracking device lodge in his head." Rose says staring at her ice cream as she took in another scoop. "Even though we do kind of now have this friends with benefits thing going on I really do not know where he is. Last I saw him was when he said he was going to go meet with some friends."

"Rose, you ever just thought about becoming a couple again with him?" Lissa asks.

"Yeah, the leash you have on him seems to just suffocate him" Christian inputs.

"Why would you say that?" Rose says with a menacingly look in her eyes.

"Look, Rose just stop dragging him around. We know when it comes to you; he'd jump off a cliff and break every bone in his body if you asked. What more do you want from the guy."

"He was absolutely horrific when you broke up with him. How did you guys break up anyway?"

Without glancing upward to look into both of their eyes Rose just said "It's complicated, but then again it something we both knew was possible, but really didn't know how to move past."

It was silent for a moment before Rose spoke first. "Hey, I'm all done with my ice cream."

"Oh, what a tragedy. How could that have happen" Christian said pretending to be shocked.

"You know what Sparky, you're really fun, and because you're so funny why don't you get me some more ice cream, so I won't accidently, you know; break every bone in your body." Rose said using a fake cheery voice.

Suddenly all three of them burst into uncontrollable laughter, and Rose couldn't help, but think that her life isn't so bad. Even though Rose would never admit it to herself or anyone else, her life is pretty awesome.

When the laughter died down Rose broke the silence and said

"No really, I want more ice cream pyro. Chop, chop" Rose said with straight-faced.