Friendship Benefits

A/N: this story is based on true events that happened to certain someone (all characters in story are imaginary because, any real name mention will be taken as a notice from them)

It was the first day of eighth grade, when Julia Bageldecided to try out a new personality she has learned through every movie she watched. Julia's POV: I got out of bed for a new year of success in a middle school. I skipped my way to the bathroom out of joy, took my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth. After that I washed my face and got out of my bathroom later on I noticed that my school uniform was laying on my bed innocently, I hesitated for a while on wearing my uniform or brushing my hair so I went to wear my uniform then brushing my hair. I ran down the stairs and ate my breakfast quickly. I put my new Steve Madden loafers on then headed to the car off to school.

Meanwhile in school:

Julia revised her movie – based – personality to hopefully communicate with the students in a modern way, at least that's what she thinks. As she walked through the halls of upstream middle school, something or someone caught her attention; it was a boy who probably had most of the girls wondering if he was taken or single. Julia in the other hand continued her journey.

A/N: That's it for chapter one trust me, the next chapters are going to be a lot more fun than this one.