"CRONA!" shouted Patty at the pink haired boy down the street. Crona jumped and turned around fast! "P-P-Patty?" she ran and hugged him tightly. "I'm bored Crona! Everyone went to play basketball or shopping but I don't wanna!"

Crona looked at her nervous and started to ponder on what he could suggest. "H-H-How about the beach?" Patty's eyes lit up at that and grinned! "ALRIGHT LET'S GO!"

Patty and Crona were at the beach in no time! Crona in a white shirt and blue pants, with Patty in a giraffe colored bikini. "Come on Crona! I bet I can swim out farther than you!" Crona slowly made his way into the water as it went from ice cold to warmth. Crona closed his eyes as he walked deeper and deeper feeling the warmth touch his soul. "I wonder if anybody else can feel this good as I can right now?" Crona spoke out loud to no one. He took in the sunlight and smiled as he floated through the water feeling great. He couldn't remember feeling this good since Maka took him away from the prison inside of the sand circle in his mind. What a wonderful girl he said to himself.
"Crona!" Patty called out, Crona threw his eyes open to see he was all the way up to his neck! Patty swam towards him and latched onto his back! "Your super tall! Can I hitch a ride back to land on you?" Crona walked back shaking.
Patty giggled all the way back and took off to grab some ice cream for the both of them. "She's a hyper girl,how do I deal with that?" Ragnarok laughed inside of Crona's head but decided not to come out because he told Crona to try and get laid. "I still don't know what that means but I will see what i can do?" Ragnarok laughed louder!

"I'M TELLING YOU TO GO FUCK HER HARD!" Crona's eyes went huge! "B-B-B-B-B-BUT SHE'S ONLY A FRIEND!" Ragnarok laughed and Crona sat on the blanket shaking. "Here you go Crona!" Patty handed him an ice cream cone and he slowly took it.
"Did you have a fun time today?" she asked eating ice cream beside him. "Yeah it was kinda fun." Patty giggled and leaned on him causing Crona to blush a little.

"That was awesome Crona! We should spend more time together like that!" Crona rubbed his arm and smiled at her remark, Patty held his other hand tightly in hers. "W-Well would you like to do it again next week?" he asked.
Patty stood up on her tippie-toys and kissed his cheek. Crona stood up straight red as a tomato! "Sure thing cutie! But no sex until you grow the courage to ask me out, you got that Ragnarok you little bastard!" He had no response.
"Shall we Crona? Let's go to the zoo before the sun fully sets and see some Giraffe's!" Crona held her hand as they ran to the zoo, he had never felt this feeling before.

"I guess happiness is pretty warm huh? I can deal with that..."

I finally got around to extending the scene when Crona is walking through the water.