Author's Note: Someone complained about it not being M so I decided to re-write it a bit!

"Crona!" Patty yelled chasing after the pink haired boy! Crona spun around and was caught in a tight hug. "H-H-Hi Patty! What's up?" "The other's went to go play stupid basket ball but I don't want to!" "Then, why not the beach?" Patty's eyes lit up and she pulled Crona all the way to buy a swim suit for them both!

"You look sexy in blue Crona!" Patty said looking at him up and down in his pink trunks. He sat down and waited as Patty went to go find something. "Well Crona, you gonna try to cap a feel?" Ragnarok said inside Crona's mind. "What's that?" "Touching her boobs!" Crona blushed and shook a bit: "She's my friend I can't do that!" "Don't be a fucking crybaby Crona! It's your time to shine at the beach with her all alone!" Crona turned even more red until he heard Patty call out to him. Crona turned around and his nose started to bleed, Patty was in a Giraffe colored Bikini and sat on Crona's lap slamming her breasts into him. "How do I look?" "V-V-V-Very lovely Patty!" Patty giggled and hugged him tightly.

Crona finished setting up the umbrella and blanket before heading out to swim with Patty. "The water is great Crona! I bet I can go farther out then you!" Crona smirked and began to follow her, the water was cold at first but then got warm, he felt so relaxed that instead of swimming he had just began to walk. He hadn't felt this good since Maka saved him from the sand circle in his mind. "I wonder if anyone knows how this feels?" he smiled and closed his eyes. He just walked on and on letting the good feeling over take him. "CRONA!" Patty called out, she was kicking around so Crona rushed over to keep her from drowning. "Are you ok Patty?" she nodded and held onto his chest as he carried them both to shore.

"Here Patty have some ice cream." Crona gave her some as she wrapped herself up in a towel. Patty smiled and kissed his cheek making him blush and smile a little bit. "Thanks for coming with me Crona, it would've been boring by myself." "It was no problem."
Patty leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep. Crona smiled and decided to take a nap next to her. Crona woke up to find himself sitting up with Patty looking into his eyes. "Pat-" she shut him up and kissed him. Crona froze up at this sensation and didn't move until she locked their hands together. Patty grinned: "Ragnarok, are you proud of your boy now?" Crona was confused until she slid his hand under her bikini, Crona froze again as Ragnarok came out and gasped. "NO FUCKING WAY!" "He's my boyfriend, I can do whatever the fuck I want with him!" Crona looked up "Boyfriend?" Patty smiled and kissed him deeply "Your mine now baby, let's have some fun!"

A little more dirty then I figured would happen but I still like it.