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Sunday 7th March-

Mara's diary:

Jerome is improving apparently. The doctors reckon he's going to wake up today or tomorrow. I hope it's today. I hope it's now while I'm sat here in this dull hospital room clutching his hand. Please wake up Jerome. Please. Please please.

I need you.

I need your laugh. I need your joking smile. I need your expressive, emotion filled eyes. I need your shoulder to cry on. I need the happiness that only you can bring. I need you Jerome Clarke. I need you.

His monitor is flickering. Is that a good thing? Is he waking up? Please let him be waking up, please please. Please.


He's okay! Jerome is okay! He's awake and talking and he doesn't have brain damage. He's back to being the Jerome I know and love. He came back to me! I've never felt so relieved diary.

I've missed him so much. The constant ache in the pit of my stomach telling me that he was in trouble was almost unbearable. I just needed him to hold me. To squeeze out all the nightmares. And here he is. He's saved. He's perfect.

He's alive.

Jerome's journal:

I'm back. You can't get rid of me that easily. I think other than the fact I'm alive, the best part of today was waking up to find Mara writing in her diary, holding my hand and staring at me with love in her deep soulful brown eyes. Maybe she does love me. Could it be possible? She seemed happy when I woke up. She squealed and wrapped her arms tightly around me, hugging me and whispering something like, "thank god, you're alive." I had hugged her back, just a bit more hesitantly because I was still pretty sore.

Then Mara called Alfie who was getting them both some drinks. My smile had grown when Alfie ran into the room, coffee dripping down one arm. "Did you run a little too fast Lewis." I had smirked, laughing at my best friend.

"Something like that man." He replied, placing the coffee on the table and hugging me. It was really nice to have my two best friends by my side.

We spent the rest of the afternoon joking and laughing, soaking up the happy atmosphere. It was really fun to be around people who cared. I didn't think anyone would be here when I woke up so it was a nice surprise.

Oh, here come the doctors.. making me sleep..again. Yay. Not.