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Clint and Natasha

After the fight with Loki, Nick Fury allows Clint and Natasha a week off of duty.

Natasha walked along the beach, the cool, crisp wind playing with her hair. She felt the wet sand under her feet and between her toes. She loved the way the waves would lap up and pool around her legs. But the best part of the vacation was the fact that Clint Barton was there walking along with her.

Just five minutes earlier, Clint had asked her to be his girlfriend.

==Five minutes earlier==

Clint kept giving Natasha nervous glances. She gave him a funny look.

"What's wrong?"

"Uh nothing."

"Really? Then why do you look like you need to pee?"

"No, no. I mean...what if...what if we, you know, like Tony's always been hinting at, um, became what he would say, a 'package deal.'"

Natasha's eyebrows shot up. "Are you proposing?"

"No, no! I mean...uh, willyoubemygirlfriend?"

"Calm down and say that nice and slowly, because I think I'm going to like the sound of those words."

Clint took a deep breath and then, "Will...you...be...my...girlfriend?" he exhaled. He looked so sincere that Natasha had to laugh.

"What?" he asked, looking hurt.

"Oh Clint...yes, I would love to be your girlfriend."

Clint grinned from ear to ear.

Heart thumping with excitement, she had accepted. Now hand in hand, they walked along the beach and talked like the old friends they were.

Soon the sun was setting and they sat down to admire it.

"So what now?" asked Clint looking at Natasha lovingly.

Natasha knew what he meant. How would life become different for them after this? This would affect any mission later on- no, scratch that. It wouldn't, they were professional SHIELD agents; they wouldn't let love affect their job. Duty was duty, and Natasha told him so.

"Really? Eventually though, Natasha, things will change. We can't go on being SHIELD agents forever."

Natasha looked him in the eye. "Who says we can't? As long as you're with me and I'm with you, I think it would be great."

Clint smiled at her. "So you want to keep working even when you're 82 and as shriveled as a prune?"

Laughing, Natasha rolled her eyes. "That's not what I mean."

"Okay, okay. So while we're still able to go on missions, we go on missions as lovers. But then what? What if we get married? What if we decided to settle down? What if we even had kids? What if-?"

Natasha interrupted him. "Clint, just live in the moment for a second, will you? Just right here, enjoying our time together at the beach. Do that for now, and...and..." they were getting closer and closer, and-

Suddenly, Clint's cellphone rang. 'Incoming call from Tony Stark," it read. Clint threw the cellphone into the ocean and their lips met.

All in all they were glad to be together.

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