Written by: Fighter1357

Published: 6/5/12

Status: Right now? Incomplete. Two chapters.

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Season one cast minus Rocket, because I like them better and it fit.

Also, special guest from an Alternate dimension! So could be considered a slight crossover with _ but I put it in the YJ Fandom because only one character from it appears and they aren't even a major character.

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"The point of this mission is to scout and report back. Do not, and I repeat, do not engage," Batman told the team, standing stoically in front of them.

Each member nodded in understanding, not really wanting to disappoint Batman; especially Robin. Batman decided to deploy them on a mission since they had had nothing better to do. It was just a simple mission in some place called Jump City. They were told, as you have just heard, that it was a scouting mission that they should know to do correctly.

"We will not," Aqualad assured the bat, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at Batman. They could tell that under the cowl, whoever he was, Batman was giving him a doubtful look. Robin gave a silent scoff and looked away, crossing his arms and staring at the floor, obviously annoyed with the lack of confidence in their fine team from Batman. Kid Flash gave the boy a nudge but said nothing.

Batman sent Robin a look but other than that, he completely ignored the noise that was made all together. Robin scowled and looked away from Batman, a slightly annoyed look on his face.

No one said anything, but with the way Batman seemed to be rushing with the debriefing and looked like he wanted to get out and Robin acting annoyed and scowling they knew something was going on between the two. Frankly, none of them wanted to know what it was; a bat argument would probably be as intense as Batman fighting the Joker… okay, so maybe not that intense, but still intense. They were pretty tight, normally.

Artemis had once brought up the fact that Batman might actually be Robin's dad and the Boy Wonder his son. They had never really contemplated the thought further but it still bugged them occasionally.

"Good, you're going. Now."

Aqualad nodded and the team walked to the hanger. Robin rushed passed them, arms still crossed and a fairly annoyed look on his face as he stomped straight up to the Bio-ship and into it.

"What crawled up his butt and died?" Artemis muttered, glaring in the direction of the Bio-ship.

"Do not be to harsh, obviously something is going on between the two," Aqualad noted, defending the younger boy as they walked upward into the Martian ship.

"Well, he shouldn't take out the problems he has with his dad with us," Artemis scoffed as they walked into the ship. Kid Flash glared at her, but said nothing and Superboy shrugged, not really listening to the conversation. Zatanna opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Robin from inside the Bio-ship.

"He is defiantly not my dad!" Robin called out, glaring at Artemis as she appeared in the ships control room. She stopped to stare at him from the anger and bitterness in his voice but shook it off and took her seat, blushing slightly as she stared out the window.

"What is he? Your Uncle?"

Robin's head snapped toward Zatanna as the ship took off into the air. He stared at her confused, as if wondering why she would as the question, but then turned away and stared out the window, ignoring her gaze. She hadn't backed down and continued to stare until she got an answer. In all honestly, she was curious about them. Both being so secretive and… yeah, secretive.

"No, I share no blood relation to him in any way," he retorted, giving her a sideways glance with crossed arms and masked, mysterious eyes.

"Really?" she asked, suddenly surprised; she'd always thought that he was related to Batman in some way. So, was it true that his parents seriously let him go out every night with Batman in Gotham? Then again, it was Gotham, so who knew?


"Oh," Zatanna muttered, looking away and down.

Artemis scowled at the boy for his blunt response, for someone who was so angry with the bat, he sure acted a heck of a lot like him when he was angry. She wouldn't say anything, she really didn't want to get Robin mad at her too, probably not the best idea, and turned away with a huff of annoyance and a deeper etched scowl. Superboy, who was a seat in front of her, turned around slightly to smirk; so, she scowled at him too.

M'gann looked around, slightly displeased with the sour moods that had seemed to creep up on everyone. Of course, it affected her too and this caused her to lean over slightly, her cheeks going just a bit more greener than before as a sick feeling rolled over her. Then a mood of disappointment; that came from Kaldur, probably because he felt ashamed of how the team was acting and he'd done nothing, so far, to stop it.

She sent him a pitying glance but knew he didn't see or feel it, mostly as he was in front of her and facing the opposite direction. Robin was turned toward the window, slumped in his seat with his arms crossed and eyes narrowed. She felt anger waving off him and even a bit of insecurity. It was nothing to bad, but she felt slightly wary of it and hoped it wouldn't effect his performance.

"We're approaching Jump City and the Jump City University Tech Center," Miss Martian said, straightening and looking forward.

"Good, is everyone ready?" Aqualad asked, glancing to each member; his gaze lingered on Robin, who ignored it and looked away, but then moved to Miss Martian. "Can you set up the Mind Link?" He sent a sideways glance toward Robin, who ignored it and turned away, but then turned back toward Miss M. She nodded and set everyone up.

"Everyone here?"

"Yep, I'm here," Wally commented, not doing his usual 'Sup, Babe!"

"Uh huh," this came from a certain archer.

"Yeah," Robin seemed to growl, obviously annoyed with the fact that people were in his head at the moment.

"I'm in!" Zatanna said, beaming.

"Here," only Connor, Batman and Robin could achieve such bluntness.

"I am here," Kaldur said this, and everyone nodded toward him.

The Bio-ship created holes for each of them to jump out of. Superboy and Zatanna dropped out onto the nicely cut green lawn. A small crater was created from where the clone landed but no one commented. Robin and Miss Martian went out next, the green girl using her telepathic powers to lower the thirteen year old onto the lawn. Artemis, Kid Flash and Aqualad jumped down next to the rest and the Bio-ship, having gone into camouflage mode, flew up and over the buildings that made the Tech Center.

"Artemis and Kid Flash well go on the north side. Zatanna and Robin will go to the south side. Miss Martian will go with Superboy to the west and I'll go to the east. Anything suspicious and report on top of the North building. Remember, do not engage, this is a recon mission to find out what was stolen," Aqualad commanded.

Everyone nodded, understanding the orders that were given. Heck, they were much to simple for the team to carry out and would be probably done with the utmost care. Not.

"What if they're here?" Zatanna asked, the question ringing in everyone's minds.

"Contact me via the link and I'll contact Batman."

Robin visibly flinched, but no one made any note of this. Whatever was going on between them was much more stressful then they thought.

Aqualad gave them a look along with a short, curt nod. They nodded in return and darted through the shadows toward their assigned buildings.


Robin and Zatanna made their way to an air duct.

The boy hoped that the ventilation system of the building was updated, as the newer ones always creaked when one crawled through them. Both he and the girl next to him were fairly light, but even then so it was annoying to here a crack sound through the entire building, echoing off the walls and telling anyone in the building with them 'Hey! You're not alone here! Come find me!'

"Robin?" Zatanna's silent yet soft voice spoke behind him as he quickly unscrewed the screws from the air duct.

"Yeah?" he asked, his voice displaying no emotion as he worked.

"Are you… sure you're okay?"

"M'Fine," he answered, much to quickly for the girl to feel comforted by the answer. She knew he wasn't, in fact, fine, but didn't say anything else as he removed the vent and climbed in. She followed after him and the silence seemed to leak from him as they crawled through the small space. He seemed relaxed in here and obviously this was a normal routine for him to do.

Zatanna didn't know that much about Gotham City except for the fact that it was one of the most crime-ridden cities in America. Well, that and Bludhaven. But even then so, Gotham was filled with crazy criminals' like Joker and Penguin and Two Face. She'd seen them on the news sometimes but her father always changed it once Batman and Robin came in and it got brutal. One time she had seen it anyway because her father had fallen asleep. It was bloody. Real bloody. It was after she had met the team so seeing Robin fighting those insane criminals had worried her, especially when he had gotten stabbed in the leg.

"Zatanna, we're dropping down here. I see someone and it isn't a security guard," Robin said, drawing her out from her thoughts.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Because he's wearing some gamers getup and has long, orange greasy hair."

"Oh, okay then. How do you wanna do this?"

Robin sent her a sideways glance, one that obviously said 'seriously?' but then turned away and gave a short sigh.

"You heard him, do not engage. We have to contact the team," he said bitterly, obviously annoyed with the fact that he couldn't do anything except press a comm. link to contact the rest of the fellow members.

Zatanna leaned down and peered closely at the man that Robin had spotted. He had something in his hands, obviously whatever what was stolen. Now, they certainly hadn't expected someone to be here, as the thing they had stolen had been stolen yesterday. For what need was he back here?

"We got something, some guy or whatnot. Handling a weapon too. What do you want us to do?" Robin's voice echoed through everyone else's and Zatanna silently cringed, still unused to it.

"What does the guy looked like? Connor asked.

Robin seemed to think about it and then replied, "Fat, greasy orange long hair, freckles… doesn't really look like a villain."

"Gotcha," Kid Flash thought toward the two duo in the air vents. "All I got was Artemis here gibbering on about nonsense. No fat, greasy, freckled guys."

"Shut up, Baywatch!"

"You shut up!"

"Quiet," Aqualad snapped, causing everyone to cringed and wince. "Batman said that we can engage, as this man doesn't not sound harmful. You and Zatanna may go, we'll be there in a few moments."

Robin gave a nodded, ignoring the glance that Zatanna sent him, and opened up the vent that led into a columned room with pedestals' filled with very nice and metallic weapons. Led lights created an eerie effect, as a few flickered with ticking sounds.

Robin gave the black haired girl scrunched up beside him in a vent a quick, reassuring smile and then dropped down to the floor with hardly a sound. His boots made a faint thud, but nothing that one would detect unless they saw Robin drop to the group. Zatanna muttered a spell under her breath and the air solidified under the vent, allowing her to be able to slid down with no sound at all. Robin gave her a look that was obviously impressed but slightly annoyed even then so.

Suddenly, the light's went on at full blast as Kid Flash and Artemis appeared next to the duo. The man with the long, greasy, orange hair stood in front of them. He wore a long brown jacket and was way overweight.

"Hello, Kiddies!" He announced, "I am Control Freak and-" he saw Kid Flash and Robin, standing next to each other. He completely ignored the odd stares the two girls were giving him. "You!" he pointed toward Robin, "What are you doing here! Last time… You and the Cyborg, you took me down! I… but," he grinned and then let out the way to stereotypical villain laugh, "I'm in an Alternate dimension! You're not Robin, well, not my Robin!"

Robin and Kid Flash glanced at each other, along with Artemis knocking an arrow and glaring at the man.

"What are you talking about?" she growled, grey eyes narrowing as she looked at the man with a steely glare.

"I told you," Control Freak said, giving out a loud, annoyed sigh, "I'm from an Alternate Dimension! There's a Robin in my Dimension!"

With that Robin merely stood there staring at the man with a curious gaze.

"So why are you here?" he asked, obviously curious.

"Huh?" Control Freak asked, not even noticing the fact that Miss Martian, Superboy and Aqualad appeared behind him.

"Apparently," Robin said through the mind-link, "he's from another Dimension."

"Okay, and?" Connor said, shrugging visibly while Control Freak went on and on about how annoy Robin and his team in the alternate dimension were.

"Just a tid-bit of information."

Suddenly, Control Freak hefted the weapon that he had stolen up and grinned as he pointed it at Robin. "I just can't get enough of you even in another Dimension, can I!"

"No, doesn't look like it."

"Hmmm, can you then help and tell me what this thing does? It's practically useless!"

Robin, already annoyed, growled and lunged at the thief.

So the man shot him with the weapon. In a blast of neon green the Boy Wonder was shot back into a column and lay limp once he slid to the floor. Green Electricity cackled around his head but then slowly died down. Connor made a lunged for the man but Control Freak jumped out of the way and opened a portal.

"Well… bye!" and then he jumped through the portal, leaving Superboy to grab thin air.

Zatanna rushed toward Robin's side. She helped him sit up, but the boy was still unconscious as she layed his head on her lap.

"Is he alright?" M'gann asked worriedly, biting her lip and glancing down at the boy with a worried and concerned look.

Zatanna nodded, still looking like she was still in shock. "Uh huh, still unconscious… wait, he's waking up."

They all crowded around the Boy Wonder, leaning over him. Under the mask, his eyes fluttered open and he sat up, grasping his head in pain. Everyone let out a sigh of relief for their youngest member and leaned back.

"Rob," Kid Flash asked, "You okay?"

Robin glanced up at him and nodded, giving him a shy smile, obviously he was angry in his actions, "Băieţi? Ce e în neregulă? Oh, rahat! Ce e în neregulă cu mine! Eu vorbesc ... Nu engleză! Oh, omule! Acest lucru nu este bun ... nu mă pot înţelege ... poţi? Numai romani! Acest lucru nu este bun ... rahat! Nu puteţi understnad un cuvânt ce spun! Wally nu-mi da ca aspect necompletat!"

Everyone stared at him in shock, unsure of what he said. What language was Robin speaking.

"Uh, Robin, can you repeat that?" Artemis asked, still reeling from what Robin had just said.

"Eu vorbesc Romani ... AW rahat! Lucru a revenit limba mea! Eu pot vorbi doar limba mea maternă!" he went on and then groaned falling back into the column with a thump and a sigh.

Zatanna glanced at M'gann. "Can you translate?"

M'gann held her hands to her temple and her eyes glowed white; after a few seconds she let her hands fall and shook her head. "No, it's not a written language. He's speaking Romany… his native tongue. Whatever that thing did to him, well, it reverted him back to his native language."

"So," Artemis mused, glancing at the Martian before her, "had you been shot with it, you'd be speaking Martian?" The girl nodded in response and Artemis glanced down at Robin, who seemed to be panicking.

"So, he's stuck for now?" Connor asked.


Romani is technically not a written Language… as far as I know. So I'm using Romanian and calling it Romani. Now, before you correct me, there are Romanian Gypsy's and therefore this means Romanian could be their language… so let's go with that.

Ahem, any of you reading any of my other stories, I'm trying to work on them, just needed something new to work on. Hope you understand.