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Skarlet looked around the place; she didn't know where she was. Then Skarlet noticed her appearance has changed and she had kunais strapped to her right leg. She was confused as how she got here and who is here. As Skarlet saw no-one in presence, she begins to take a step forward, only to hear someone call out to her.

"Heh, look what we have here." A raven-haired female in blue clothing said. Along side of her are two other females with the same hair color but one in purple clothing and one in green clothing. All of them wearing masks that matched their clothing color.

Skarlet turned around to look at the blue-clothed female and her allies. Not knowing who she is, she went to ask the one-million dollar question. "Who are you?" The 2nd female in purple laughed in a way only she could understand. "That's for us to know…and for you to find out" said the 3rd female in green clothing.

The blue female then got out her fans and attacked. Skarlet then didn't know what to do until she looked at her right hand. She noticed there was a knife. She was even more confused than ever. "The knife wasn't in my hand before!" She thought. Before she could ask anymore questions or make any other notices about anything else, the lady in blue got out her fans and took a swipe at Skarlet's face. Skarlet then moved away from her fan, which were only inches away at her face. Skarlet shocked at what just happened but she knew she had to be on her guard and had no time to think about other things or to be amazed by her own abilities at this point.

Skarlet then threw her knife at the lady in blue, the blue lady blocked off her weapon with her fan. As the lady in blue smirked, Skarlet knew she had to come up with something better, but before she could plan her next attack, one of her allies kicked her against the wall and threw her sais at the palm of her hands. Skarlet as shocked as ever, panicked and struggled to get free but it was no use. "Let me go!" Skarlet screamed out of frustration. "Ha-ha, I don't think so" the lady in blue said, as she got two of her fans and threw them at Skarlet's legs, slicing them off completely.

Skarlet screamed in pain and agony. The lady in green walked towards her to end her misery." You make it too easy". She got out her staff and lifted her staff over the red headed female. As Skarlet is closing her eyes and saying a prayer, the ally in green pushes her staff towards her skull until Skarlet heard a buzz. All of the sudden, the mysterious ladies, the unknown place, everything disappears. Everything fades to black.

"Bzzzzzzzz" Skarlet then woke up in panic and looked over at her alarm clock. It read "7:00 a.m". Still in panic, she removed her covers quickly to check her legs, just to see them still attached to her body. She sighed in relief. "Thank goodness. It was just a dream". She still thought about that strange dream and what it could mean. But she dismissed it as such despite feeling frightened. Skarlet hopped out of bed to get ready for her first day at high school.

Authors note: This is my first fan-fiction, and I hope it was a good-enough read! Chapter 2 is on its way.