Chapter 04: Biyomon Gets Firepower

The DigiDestined are wondering through a forest full of signs.

"Huh, what's that sound?" Shiro asks and looks up to see some kind of flying black gear in the sky.

"It seems to be some sort of aircraft." Matt said.

"It looked like a big flying gear." Sora says.

"Admit it; my alien theory is becoming more plausible." Izzy says.

"Yeah they hit us with an anti-gravity ray to make us all crooked or maybe that sign is just crooked." Joe said as T.K. trips on a root.

"T.K." Sora said his name and the Shiro picks up his little brother.

"Watch it." Matt tells him.

"That could have been a snake or worse but don't worry as long as you're with me there's nothing to be scared of.

"Aww I'm sorry and thanks big bro. Hey Biyomon are there really snakes here?" T.K. asks as Shiro puts him down.

"No just giant flying killer bugs and other unpleasant Digimon." She told the little blonde haired boy.

"Don't worry T.K. I'll take care of them!" Patamon said sounding all brave.

"Okay now that that's settled let's get going." Sora said.

"Nothing's settled and where would we go? We don't even know where we are." Matt tells her.

"This is silly. I say we keep moving and see if we can find any signs of intelligent life around here." Tai says.

"I'm with you Tai." Izzy said.

"I'm in." Joe says.

"Me too." Mimi says happily.

"Don't forget me." Shiro said last.

"Hey wait a minute; is he saying that Digimon aren't intelligent? Is that what he's saying?" Biyomon asks rubbing her head against Sora's legs.

"Not at all but I think Tai's right. We need to keep moving in hopes of finding out where we are. We need to stay calm and stick together. Let's remember we're in this together." Sora says to Biyomon.

"Together sounds good." Biyomon told her.

"We can do it, this will take teamwork and I'm sure we'll figure out exactly where we are and how to get back. There's no point in splitting up because once someone did figure it out then –" Sora says but was interrupted.

"Hey Sora open your eyes." Biyomon tells her. Sora then looks to see everyone walking away without her.

"Oh thanks a lot for waiting!" She shouts to them.

"Moving right along folks keep it moving. Our next stop on the tour will be the Forest of Irrelevant Road Signs, no pictures please." Matt said making a joke out of it while Sora holds Biyomon's wing as they continue to walk through the forest.

'We're lost and they're making jokes.' Sora says in her mind.

"Hey hold up. My shoelace is broken." Joe says.

"You need new shoes. Oh new shoes." Mimi says thinking about new shoes.

"Hey guys looks! Telephone poles maybe there are people here. Let's follow them and see where they lead." Shiro says.

"They'll just lead to trouble." Joe said.

"Look it's the alien saucer again." Izzy says spotting the flying gear heading for a mountain.

"And it's heading for a close in counter." Matt adds as it crashes into the mountain.

They group then walks through the desert following the telephone poles.

"Boy it's so hot I can feel the heat coming up through my socks." T.K. whined.

"Well T.K. maybe you should put your shoes back on." Shiro says to him.

"Oh this hot desert air is ruining my complexion. How much further is it?" Mimi asked.

"Is that all you're worried about Mimi? We'll be lucky if we even survive this hike." Joe tells her.

"Hey does anyone beside me notice these telephone poles have no connection wires?" Sora asks getting everyone's attention.

"She's right! I wonder if these are actually telephone poles. Maybe they're some odd alien equipment." Izzy said.

"Hey remember those phone booths and that trolley car?" Mimi asks.

"Yeah…what about them?" Izzy asked back.

"Oh nothing, I was just wondering if anyone else remembered." Mimi says cheerfully.

"That's it, doomed! The heat has baked our brains and we're all gonna end up like roasted piglets!" Joe shouts freaking out again.

"Just remain calm Joe we've only been walking for two minutes." Shiro tells him.

"I think we need to find some shade for Joe and quick Shiro." Dracomon says to his partner.

"That or an umbrella." Shiro said back.

Mimi then comes humming happily up behind Joe and says, "You won't believe what's happened to my favorite watch. The sun melted the numbers right off." She then held up another compass.

"Mimi for someone who hates hiking you sure do have a lot of compasses." Tai commented and then the compass started spinning really fast.

"Of course nothing of hers has actually worked." Shiro says standing above T.K.

"Oh this dirt contains small traces of metal which could affect the compass needle." Izzy says scooping up a fist full of dirt.

"This is one weird world and I don't like it one little bit." Sora says looking up at the sky.

"I think we should start looking for water guys. Otherwise we could dehydrate in all this heat." Izzy says.

"Yeah but we're doing alright aren't we?" Tai asked but then Mimi starts screaming.


Meanwhile the black gear that flew into the mountain starts working its way loose causing some fiery Digimon to hear it.

Back in the desert the DigiDestined and their Digimon continue walking in search of water.

"I've taken a soil sample, measured the barometric pressure, and analyzed the relative humidity." Izzy says to the group.

"And just what the heck did you find out?" Shiro says annoyed with Izzy.

"It's really, really…hot." Izzy says causing a vein to pop out of Shiro's forehead.

"Just hang on a little long. Don't give up now." Tai tells them.

Palmon starts panting heavily as she walks in front of Mimi.

"We'll be okay; just keep moving along." She tells her.

"My head is baking. If this goes on for too long I'm going to end up looking like a wilted salad." Palmon says as Mimi takes off her cowgirl hat and shake her hair causing Izzy to blush a little from the sight.

"Here you wear my hat for awhile. You need it more than I do." Mimi tells her placing the hat on Palmon's head.

"Thanks Mimi." Palmon thanked her.

"P.U. what's that yucky smell?" T.K. asks.

"[Sniffs] Uh here's a thought now you know why they call them sweat socks." Shiro says his silver hair now falling over his eyes covered in sweat.

"Hold it! I have to stop. I just don't think I can go any faster." Biyomon says not going any further and then Dracomon stands next to her looking pretty bad.

"Hey Dracomon buddy, are you okay? You look like Matt did one day when mom made him do all the chores. And let me tell you he looked terrible." Shiro says to his dragon Digimon.

"Hey!" Matt shouts offended.

"Yeah I'm fine, don't worry about me Shiro. All I care about is making sure that you're okay." Dracomon smiled to his partner.

"You have to stay positive. Let's all pretend that it's raining." Sora says.

"Yeah! I simply adore the rain!" Biyomon said as she rubbed against Sora's leg again.

"Yeah me too, but it's time for a reality check this isn't getting any better. It might be a good idea to turn around and get out of this desert right now." Matt said as Tai walked up beside him.

"Wait. Hold on for just a second everybody. Unless I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing…" Tai begins.

"What is it Tai?" Izzy asks.

"It's not a mirage it's real water!" He said looking through his mini telescope.

"Water?" Biyomon repeats not believing what she heard.

"This is fantastic now all we need are some lemons, sugar, and some big fat ice cubes!" Joe cheered.

"That must be a village. Maybe we'll find people there." Izzy said.

"Who cares as long as we get out of this heat?" Shiro says.

"Great let's get out of this desert." Tai says as they make their way to the village.

Meanwhile the black gear continues to loosen its way out breaking through the rocks and then embeds itself in the fire Digimon.

When the DigiDestined get to the village, they see that it is completely inhabited by Yokomon.

"From so far away everything looks so big." Shiro says.

"But they're so cute and tiny." Mimi said.

"Okay question; who here knows where we can get a drink?" Biyomon asked the Yokomon.

"And just do giant Digimon drink?" One of the Yokomon ask.

"Me? I'm no Digimon." Sora says pointing at herself.

"My friend Sora here is what's know as a human being. Yes we know they look funny but in spite of all this they're all actually very nice." Biyomon told the Yokomon.

"What's a human being? If you are not Digimon then what are you doing here in Digi-World?" The Yokomon asked the eight children.

"This is great there's no way we'll all be about to fit inside this place." Joe said.

"Relax Joe at least the natives are friendly." Shiro told him.

"Oh my I would just love to take one home and put it on my bed with all my other stuffed animals!" Mimi said cheerfully.

"There she goes again. Do you think Mimi hears the same things we hear?" Matt asked.

"Maybe she's an alien spy." Izzy said quietly.

"T.K.'s tired and hungry." Patamon told the Yokomon.

"He's not the only one." Joe said with his head hanging.

"Biyomon just when did you digivolve?" Yokomon asked her.

"When I met Sora, the bond we share is magical." Biyomon told them while Sora sat down against one of the tiny huts.

"You don't talk like us anymore. Is that how all Biyomon talk?" Yokomon asked.

"No it's just how the big ones talk; I suppose I just picked it up from Sora. She's a wonderful human being and I've already picked up a lot from her." Biyomon said making Sora smile.

"We still don't understand how you digivolved. How is it that being around human beings that makes it happen?" The Yokomon asked.

"Sora needed me, I had to protect her." Biyomon told them.

"She had to protect me? Wait a sec, now I get that's why she's always following me around. When Tai needed him Agumon digivolved to Greymon to protect him and Coredramon and Garurumon did the same for Shiro and Matt. They digivolved for us. [Chuckling] We're really lucky kids." Sora says.

"Sora we're invited to have dinner with the Yokos. They said they be willing to share their food with all of us." Biyomon said to her. They all start cheering.

"Let's see hands if you want lemonade." Joe tells them and raises his arm.

"I wonder what Yokomon eats." T.K. says standing next to Shiro.

"I'll take a cheeseburger, fries, and a shake." Tai says.

'I wonder what they will be serving, perhaps some bone with meat, lettuce topped with fish –' Izzy thinks until T.K. shouts something.

"Hey look Shiro, water!" T.K. says pulling his brother's hand to a fountain.

"Check it out Dracomon, a fresh water fountain." Shiro says. "All the water here is piped in from a spring at Mihirashi Mountain. It's the best water in the world." A Yokomon says to them. "Forget the world Mihirashi water is the best in the entire galaxy." Tentomon says.

"Where's Mt. Mihirashi?" T.K. asks.

"It's over there!" The Yokomon tell him.

"Hey that's a live volcano." Shiro says.

"Yes but the heat boils away all the germs." Yokomon says.

Meanwhile on Mihirashi Mountain the fiery Digimon continues to groan in pain from where the black gear entered him.

Back in the village all the DigiDestined and their Digimon were gathered around the fountain but then it erupts lava.

"That's cool but I still didn't get a drink." T.K. says.

"What happened?" Shiro asks.

"The water evaporated but that's okay because the lake is always full of water." A Yokomon says.

"I'll go check it out." Tai says and runs over to the lake.

"Let's all go." Matt says and follows him.

Once they reach the lake they all see the water the lake had is gone.

"The water's all gone." Izzy says.

"Goodness where did it all go?" Mimi asks.

"Someone pulled the plug." T.K. yells.

The DigiDestined, their Digimon, and the Yokomon try to get water from a well as Tai throws down a bucket.

"Dry as a bone." Matt says.

"I'm not giving up." Tai tells him and pulls up the bucket only to find that the rope was burned off.

"Hey do you guys remember that flying gear we saw earlier?" Matt asked.

"Yeah it crashed into Mihirashi Mountain." Shiro said.

"Great of all the mountains out there it had to crash there." Sora says.

"That's where the water comes from." Joe says.

"That's right there's a lake on top of Mt. Mihirashi so a gear crashing into the mountain could affect our water supply. We don't dare go up there. The mountain is guarded by a fiery Digimon called Meramon. He is hideously dangerous." The Yokomon say.

"I want a better look at that mountain. You say this character Meramon is a fiery Digimon, what does he look like?" Tai asks looking through his mini telescope at Mihirashi Mountain but then sees something.

"Never mind there he is! He's coming our way!" Tai yelled.

"He burns up everything he touches! He never comes down off the mountain; this is very strange behavior for him!" The Yokomon cried.

Meramon continues to slide down the mountain screaming about something.

"Ah I'm burning! Too hot!" Meramon yells.

"Meramon is a fiery Digimon. There's no reason he should be in pain from his own flames – that's his nature." Palmon said watching Meramon slide down the mountain.

"This is weird; he's crying." Shiro says.

"Uh burning!" Meramon screams.

"It sounds like he's out of his mind with pain." Sora says.

"What do we do?" Tai wonders.

"Burning! Burning! Burning!" Meramon continues to scream.

"Look he's coming straight towards the village." Sora says.

"Hey everybody we better decide what we're going to do, I've never seen him move so fast. He's already at the foot of the mountain and now he's starting to enter the forest." The Yokomon scream seeing a fire start in the forest.

"Everybody freeze! Stay very still!" Shiro tells everyone.

"You're gonna need more than sunscreen to stop me!" Meramon yells laughing evilly.

"Don't move a muscle." Shiro says. "Burn! Burn! Burn!" Meramon yells exiting the forest.

"Ah! Unfreeze! And run!" Tai yells to the others. As Meramon gets closer, everyone begins to run away and hide in the boat in the dried up lake.

"Come on keep it moving!" Tai yells as he and Sora wait at the giant hole in the boat as the Yokomon enter through it.

"All the way to the rear!" Sora says helping her secret crush.

"Okay settle down! There's room for all of you! Will you please stop squirming?" Matt yelled as he, Gabumon, Mimi, and Palmon got everyone to the top of the ship.

"Well Matt here's the next batch." Shiro says as he, Dracomon, Joe, and Gomamon got the Yokomon through the door.

"Easy now! You'll be okay!" Tai says as Izzy, Tentomon, T.K., Patamon, and the Yokomon enter the ship.

"Who's not here?" Sora asks but then gasps realizing that Biyomon isn't here.

"This is bad. Come on, come on." Sora says quietly as she looks up at the top of the hill to see Biyomon.

"Everyone keep moving now! Just follow the one in front of you!" Biyomon tells them.

"Biyomon! Save yourself, come down here while there's still time!" Sora shouted.

"I can't until all my friends are safe, Sora!" Biyomon said.

"Alright! I suppose I'll just have to come up there after you then." Sora says and runs up to Biyomon.

"Hurry! Hey Sora, you'll never make it!" Tai yells to the girl of his dreams.

"Where's Sora going?" Dracomon asks as he and Shiro carry in more Yokomon.

"Oh good…there all safe now." Biyomon says after all the Yokomon are safely down in the dried up lake.

Sora continues to run to get Biyomon but then she sees Meramon appear behind Biyomon.

"Watch out! Biyomon he's right behind you!" Sora yells to her Digimon.

"Go away Meramon! Leave us alone, we're not bothering!" Biyomon shouts but then he hits her sending her down into the dried up lake.

"Biyo! Biyo! I'm coming Biyo!" Sora yells and jumps and catches Biyomon in her arms before she hits the bottom.

"Are you okay?" She asked the bird Digimon.

"Sure. I hope I never do that again it wasn't very fun. Thank you for coming to rescue me." Biyomon says as Sora picked her up.

"Don't mention it. That's what a friend is for." Sora tells her.

"You can say that again. My friend." Biyomon says happily.

Meanwhile Meramon opens up the palm of his fiery hand causing a fireball to form in the center.

"Uh oh! We're still in great danger Sora! You stay here it's time for me to rescue you now! You think you're really hot stuff but you're in trouble now! Spiral Twister!" Biyomon says as she flies up and attacks Meramon.

"Is that the best you've got weakling? Burning Fist!" Meramon yells and throws a fiery fist at Biyomon sending back down to the ground.

"Uh no, she's hit! Biyomon." Sora says sadly falling to her knees.

"Come on everybody we can take him!" Tai shouts.

"Yeah this will take team work!" Shiro says.

"I'm burning give me your best shot!" Meramon says.

"Pepper Breath! Dragon Breath! Super Shocker! Blue Blaster! Boom Bubble!" The five Digimon attack Meramon but their attacks only caused him to grow bigger.

"We need a fire extinguisher!" Joe yells.

"That made him bigger!" Matt says.

"Why do I suffer so?" Meramon asks.

"If we knew why he was crying we might be able to help him." Shiro says.

"Well fire's not affecting him so I'm guessing it's not heartburn." Izzy says.

"Maybe this monster just has growing pains." Matt says.

"Growing pains?" Shiro says rather than asks.

"Matt this is not a time to joke!" Joe tells him.

"Get ready! Here I come!" Meramon yells and slides down the hill.

Meanwhile Biyomon recovers from Meramon's attack and see him going after the others.

"Sora? We're all in trouble now. Meramon cannot be allowed to win. My friends need my help now." Biyomon yells as Sora's Digivice glows.

"Biyomon digivolve to…Birdramon!" She yells changing into a giant bird like Digimon that resembles a phoenix.

Meramon continues to slide down the hill until Birdramon pushes him back up to the top.

"We'll be safe now. Biyomon digivolved to rescue us." Sora said as Birdramon fights Meramon.

"What's the matter Birdramon? Are you afraid of me? Let's fight! Here have a ball!" Meramon yells as he throws a fireball at her back.

"Don't turn your back!" Sora shouts to her Champion Level Digimon.

Birdramon then flies closer to Meramon as he throws more fireballs at her.

"Birdramon move away!" Sora tells her.

Birdramon then flies up into the air and crosses her wings.

"Meteor Wing!" Birdramon screams sending huge fireballs out from her wings and hits Meramon in the chest area causing the black gear to fly out of him and into the sky as it gets destroyed.

"It was the gear! It made him crazy!" Izzy shouts realizing why Meramon attacked them.

"I guess if you had a big black gear stuck inside you, you'd go crazy too." Matt says and then Birdramon de-digivolves back into Biyomon and flies down to Sora.

"Wow every time I'm in danger Biyomon comes to my rescue. That's what I call a friend." Sora says to herself.

"Are you okay, Sora?" Biyomon asks as she flew into her arms.

"You were awesome B. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you." Sora said as she hugged her.

Afterwards everyone went to check on Meramon.

"Meramon why did you attack our village?" The Yokomon asked.

"I couldn't control myself. The last thing I remember was being hit by that gear." Meramon said.

"Well we're just glad to see you're back to normal. I hope nothing like this happens again. You're needed to protect Mt. Mihirashi. Goodbye Meramon may you always stay well." The Yokomon shout to him as he returns to Mihirashi Mountain.

"Hey I just remembered you guys never got that dinner we promised you." Biyomon says still in Sora's arms.

"My tummy's ready for some action." T.K. says.

Later the eight DigiDestined and their Digimon are given some kind of seeds in a wooden bowl but they're not even sure if it's edible.

After a few seconds they decide that food is food and dig into the meal while Sora stares at Biyomon while she eats.

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