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ESKK: hey it's me and I know I should have updated but this idea has been spinning around in my head for quiet some time. See it's the next generation of Evangelion as it talks about Shinji and Asuka's son as he starts going through the trials his parents went through. I don't know what the main enemy will be so you can all send suggestion on what to call the enemy. I mean a lot of names have already been taken and I want to be original so please send me ideas.

Summary: What if a few years after the End of Evangelion a new more terrifying menace came about that easily outmatched the Evangelions. So a new fighting machine had to be created to face off this menace before they destroy mankind. Now Evangelion X1 LAUNCH!




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It's been 10 years sense the event known as third impact that was caused by the group known as SEELE. It's been 10 years sense most of man kind chose to come back to a world of pain and try to make a better world. Later then two pilots of the Evangelions, Shinji and Asuka got married and later had a son the Asuka named Kai Amwolf Suhryu Ikari

But then from the wake of the angels a new enemy rose to wipe out the last of man kind. This enemy was more sophisticated instead of relying on the instincts of an angel they rely on a strategic attack. They could think they could plan and they could adapt to the situation. This enemy made it clear that it wanted to destroy and harvest the humans as they captured the humans and took them into there hive that was once Lilith's egg.

So man kind had no choice but to reinitialize Project E but unfortunately even the Evangelions were no match for these beasts. Scientists all over the world were going through the Magi trying to find any weakness these monsters possessed. But what one man located was there salvation as he found the blue prints for Yui Ikari's greatest creation. An unstoppable forces that surpassing any Evangelion forged by man. This Evangelion could be considered a god among gods; Evangelion "X," was its name.

Soon scientists all over the world banded together to build this Evangelion X as they called this project, "Project EX."

(Real start 2025)

In a facility that that had the words "GALAXY, our spirits will light the way to the stars," there was a young boy about the age of 5 who resembled Shinji but with red hair and blue eyes similar to Asuka's. He was wearing a yellow shirt that had an ID clipped onto it and blue shorts.

He was staring at the giant face of his long time friend as said friend was staring at him with yellow eyes. The robots eyes were flashing as if it was trying to communicate with the child in a language only he understood. The robot had the same head as unit 01 but instead of it being purple it was red and instead of there being a single horn there was three horns pointing backwards instead of forward.

"So my friends and I were taking about all of the cool super robot anime's like "Getter Robo," and "Mazinkaiser," and not the original or SKL and they told me about a new super robot anime called "Neon Genesis Evangelion," he said as the eyes that remained yellow started flashing and there was a humming noise coming from the EVA as it was becoming more apparent that it was communicating.

(In the control room)

A woman in her mid twenties was looking around the control room as if she was looking for something. She was wearing a red lab uniform as she was getting angry. She had red hair and blue eyes that showed a lot of wisdom for someone her age. "Kai I swear if you don't come out right now you are going to get it," she said as there was an ID on her coat. This was Asuka Langley Suhryu Ikari and right now she was trying to find her son who always finds a way to sneak away from his mother.

"Easy Asuka he's just a 4 year old boy with an odd sense to go talk to something that is communicating back," a former bridge bunny by the name of Maya said from the console that was monitoring the newest EVA that was almost finished being built. Maya was able to mature through out the whole Angel wars and was now one of the leading scientists in project EX.

"It doesn't matter he needs to know not to wonder off," she said before she realized the last part Maya said. "Wait what do you mean communicating back?" the German woman asked.

"Well he's with unit X1 and trust me when I say that every time he says something to the EVA it would reply in a language only he seems to understand," Maya said as she continued to monitor the EVA.

Asuka went to Maya's console and found Kai talking to the EVA like it was a human being.

(Back with Kai)

"So one thing lead to another and we started talking about Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL," Kai said as he continued to talk to the EVA as it continued to flash its eyes and make the humming sound.

"I'm going to envy anyone who gets to pilot you in the future because I always wanted to pilot a giant robot," Kai said as the eye flashing and humming went to small burst as though it was laughing.

"What's so funny?" the young boy asked. The robot made hums as though it was explaining itself.

"Ok I forgive you and I'm going to feel sorry for any monster that is destroying our world that crosses your path," Kai said as the EVA continued with it's humming that started every time the boy was done talking.

Then footsteps filled the cage as Asuka came walking into the cage to see her son talking with the EVA again. She didn't look to happy with the fact that Kai snuck off again.

"Kai my son mind explaining to me what you're doing in a restricted area?" the German woman asked as she wanted answers.

"Mama all I did was come to talk to my friend is that really a bad thing?" he asked knowing that the EVA had a heart too.

"Look Kai you're friend is an Evangelion and it's the only thing standing between humanity and the beings attacking it," Asuka said as she saw that he had a kind and caring spirit one which she hopes will never have to suffer the nightmares she and Shinji had to go through. Then she went to thinking about Shinji as they tried to take those monsters down. The completely destroyed his evangelion and the entry plug making sure nothing were left.

So far she convinced Kai that he just went away on important business but she had a feeling that he knew he was gone from the world of the living. She guessed that smile he always had on his face was a coping mechanism that hides the way he's really feeling inside. Asuka couldn't really blame him for trying to hide his sadness as she did the same when she was young. But she starts to wonder perhaps if she could have done something different maybe she could have saved Shinji from his cruel fate. Kai would still have his father and he wouldn't have to put up that fake smile of his.

"Hey Kai you know what?" the German woman asked.

"What mama?" the young boy asked.

"Tomorrow is the activation test for your friend," Asuka said as Kai looked at her confused.

"What's an activation test?" the 4 year old asked.

"Well Kai an activation test is when we turn on an Evangelion for the first time," Asuka said as she was praying that nothing bad will happen.

"But mama we know he's going to work just fine," Kai said knowing full well that the EVA wasn't the most powerful for nothing.

"I know sweetheart but we can't have him glitch out in the middle of a battle so we need to make sure he's in full operating order," she said as she hoped that she didn't get absorbed by the EVA. Yes she was the one that was going to be behind the wheel of the EVA. She knew that the MAGI could be wrong about nothing bad happening during the test but she had a gut feeling it would go terribly wrong.

"So when are we going to leave," Kai asked as he wanted to leave this boring place.

"Soon I just need to check the reports of unit X1 and then we can leave," Asuka said as she took Kais hand and started dragging him to the Terminal Grid.

But Kai turned around and looked at the EVA that was still in its cage.

"Bye," Kai said to the EVA as its eyes flashed and it let out a humming sound as though it was bidding Kai and Asuka farewell.

(Later as the little family were in the car)

Kai was sitting in the back seat as he looked out the window to the city. This was Kai's home town Tokyo-4 as the old city was destroyed during 3rd impact. Kai saw that out in the coast of the city was a statue of Evangelion unit-01 while in the center of the city was a statue of Shinji Ikari. Asuka always avoided both statues as she knew that Shinji died a horrible death. It took a while for Asuka to move on as she knew Shinji died to protect those he cared about.

Asuka knew she had to be strong for the activation test tomorrow because there's a chance that the EVA will absorb her into it to make it whole. They looked at every scenario and every simulation and so far the EVA won't absorb the pilot. But she had a feeling that everything was going to go wrong.

The duo arrive at the graveyard to pay there respects to the dearly departed. Asuka rambled on about her day and all the discoveries she made on unit X1. She even told the tomb stone that belongs to the dead person about Unit X1 developing a soul of its own and a conciseness. Kai said a few words about his friends and everyone he knew and was surprised that the wind picked up when he was done talking.

Then the two went home to finish there day in which Kai was exited that he had something waiting for him at home.

(Later at the big apartment)

Kai ran to the room that was suppose to be Asuka's home office but Kai had managed to get to it before she did and he turned it into his own little media room. It had every video game created since 3rd impact and it all had to do with giant robots and building them to fight.

The old Asuka would have been proud of the fact that her son had such an interest in Evangelions but that was before all the nightmares she and Shinji suffered from the angels and SEELE. But right now they were suffering the nightmares of these invaders that wish to wipe out man kind. But the weirdest thing was they only attack when the egg of Lilith AKA the black moon was in the sky. Whenever that black spot was in the sky it meant that there was going to be an attack but they don't know what kind. The good thing was there hasn't been an attack in five years but the black moon was still in orbit of the earth but just staying in one spot constantly.

Then Asuka heard an explosion and got on edge until she heard Kai cheer that he killed another "Angel." She then relaxed and knew she needed a bath that included some German wine and scented candles.

"Being a single mother is hard," Asuka said as she continued to make dinner.

(The next day at Galaxy headquarters)

Asuka was in a red plug suit on her way to the testing site of Unit X1 and she was some what excited. Today was the day that Unit X1 would activate and show them if the fruit of there labor would be sweet. She then passed the cages that everyone at Galaxy calls the Battle archives a place where the Evangelions that were still in one piece would be used for battle. She then passed unit A2. Her Evangelion, it looked exactly like its predecessor even has the same core. She stayed looking at it wondering if it would be nice to get behind the controls of an Evangelion again.

Then the alarms went off not just any alarms the kind that signifies an attack. Asuka knew she had to get in her EVA and fast. Asuka ran to the EVA she was staring at not to long ago and found that the Entry Plug was ready. She entered the plug felt everyone preparing the EVA for battle. The irony of this was that her unit A2 was the prototype for unit X1.

(Later in the battle field)

Asuka was in her EVA with an umbilical cord attached to her back as she was carrying a rifle and was shooting the enemies. The city was in defense mode and the turrets were firing at the enemy that was coming from both ground and sky. "There trying to bust into the geo front," Asuka concluded as she then took out an EVA sized drill from a random building. She drilled through a demonic looking creatures shell until the drill broke. But it did leave a hole in the monsters shell.

"Die already!" the German mother cried. She knew she had something in that base worth protecting and it was her four year old son. She then took out some heavy weaponry and started shooting them all but even when she killed those few more kept coming.

(Meanwhile in HQ)

"Commander Katsuragi, Asuka's synch ratio is going off the scale," a bridge bunny said as he monitored the screen.

"That's not all but Unit X1 is reacting and it's activating," another bridge bunny said as the big screen shifted to Unit X1.

(In the cage)

There was energy building up around the EVA as Asuka's synch ratio grew. The eyes were glowing bright as workers started to flew, flew like little girls. (Tauberpa reference, look him up on youtube)

(Back in the bridge)

"Asuka you need to control yourself you synch ratio is going off the charts," Misato ordered as Asuka's ratio was going to 400.

(Back with Asuka)

"I won't let them harm Kai!" the German mother yelled as she continued to fight. She could feel an energy build up around her EVA until the armor around the core melted off.

(In the bridge)

"Mama what are you doing!" the young boy known as Kai asked as he didn't know what his mother was going to do.

(In the battle ground)

The EVA projected an AT field around all of the enemies that gathered around it as if it was going to pull a kamikaze.

(In the entry plug)

Asuka looked into the monitor and smiled into it as though she was going on a little trip… one that she won't come back from. "Kai I want you to know that I'm proud of the fact that I was your mother and that no matter what you decide to be I'll always be proud of you," Asuka said as she went to a part of the controls… a part that is only used as a last resort.

(With Kai)

Kai had tears in his eyes as he didn't know what his mother meant as she turned off the audio and monitor. "Mama what's going on what are you doing?" the young boy asked wanting to know what his mother was prepared to do.

(In the entry plug)

Asuka broke a glass behind her seat that said SD. She pulled the lever and the lights turned red and there was a flash of light.

(Outside the entry plug)

The core of the EVA imploded on itself and then the EVA blew up taking the part of the city it was in and all the monsters that were attacking that was within the AT field it was generating.

(A week later in the graveyard)

Kai was next to Misato as they and a lot of other people grieved for the loss of a great person. She was a mother scientist and an EVA pilot. But with her lose Unit X1 was finally activated and they can finally protect mankind from the threat that lies in the Black Moon.


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