"Eric! Wheres my dress? You know the blue one you liked" I called to my husband in the other room. I was raking through my closet trying to find the dress I need for this event.

Eric walking in with all his Viking glory, in his hand my blue dress. I turned to him, snatched it before he could walk away with it and walked towards to bathroom to change. Eric pouted, his beautiful baby blue eyes pleading me to not go to this meeting. Too bad this meeting was for Fangtasia.

"Why do YOU have to go? Cant Chow or Pam handle it?" Eric said behind the bathrooms closed door. "Chow cant do business stuff, hes all brute and force. And Pam is too much of a bitch to have the patience for these humans" From down the hallway I could hear Pam shout 'Your more of a bitch then me but thanks anyway'. Chuckling I opened the door after getting dressed and strolled to the doorway that lead to the hallway to which I would find the shoes I borrowed from Pam. I opened to door. Result, the shoes are there ready to be worns.

Two cold arms circled my waist. Cold lips pressed to my cheek then trailed down. "Maybe I could call in sick for you?" Eric mumbled into my ear before kissing the place underneath my ear which tingles with electricity from his touch.

"You could but then again, they know I'm a vampire, my lovely Viking, and it would make us seem lazy" I wiggled free from his grasp then turned to him as I walked backwards, placing on the shoes as I go. Eric ran vampire speed to the door behind me causing me to quickly spin around and growl. He wasn't making this easy for me to get there in time for the meeting.

"Make me open this door and Ill let you leave" Smirked Eric, I swear he will be the death of me. Wait, been there done that. I walked up to him till there was hardly any space between, my lips hover over his. I kissed him with a hard passion that made him widen his eyes. Causing him to place his arms around my waist and pull me closer. I reached around quickly, opening the door and flipping Eric behind me with my 800 year old strength which was no match for him but luckly he was distracted. I ran to the car, the moon shining on my pale skin.

"Ill bring home some food for us my love!" I shouted back towards our house as I entered the black mustang Eric bought me as a wedding gift. Eric was still standing there with his eyes closed, through our bond I felt his love and admiration towards me aswell as annoyance as Pam walked beside him laughing all the while saying he got owned by a small women 200 years younger.

I sped up my car and spent the next twenty minutes speeding down the roads towards the building that would hold the meeting I hate being at.