Dear Readers,

A few months ago I put up a poll to decide what I'm going to do with the following stories:

Human and Humanoid

More Than One World

YuGiOh! Attends Hogwarts

YuGiOh! Pocahontas

I haven't watched Yu-Gi-Oh! in years and I've kind of lost my creativity in them.

The poll choices I put up were:

Delete them

Put them up for adoption

Forget about them and move on with my life

The winning choice... sadly only two people voted... now I feel sad because of how little the story was loved...

Put them up for adoption

This was the winning choice... so up on the adoption shelf this story will go...

However; there is a bright side.

Due to the severeness of imagination I placed in them, I will TRY to continue the following stories:

Fullmetal Jutsu

I'm Not Ordinary

I Summon

Immortal YuGiOh!

Ten Spooky Stories

Whether or not I will finish them is completely up to my brain and creative personality.


Rain of the Forest