This is my new fanfiction =). Another random idea while watching tv. It's in Teddy's POV. Hope you like it!

The Nighttime Secret

Chapter 1 New Moon

It was just another normal day with Spencer but of course, once night fell, he made an excuse and left.

"Sorry Teddy. I have something going on." he said like always, kissed my cheek and left. Inside I sighed angrily and watched him leave. This had been happening ever since we got back together. I was starting to think he was cheating on me. AGAIN! The weird thing was whenever he left, he wasn't walking, he was running. We never went out to dinner lately always my house or his house. Spencer was hiding something. A big something.

"Did Spencer leave already?" mom sounded surprised.

"Ya he had somewhere to go." I replied. I started heading down to my room but mom spoke again.

"He was only here for an hour." she mumbled. Yup, like most dates. As I opened my bedroom door, Emmett came pounding down the stairs. Great he's here.

"PJ's in his room." I slammed my door. I didn't even bother to talk to him.

The next day at school, Spencer didn't bother to tell me what his plans were when he left. I opened my locker and someone covered my eyes.

"Guess who?" Spencer asked.

"Hmm, it's Spencer." I said blandly. He spun me around and gave me a stern look.

"Why so glum?" he lifted my chin but I looked the other way. Grabbing my books, I put them into my bag and slammed the locker door shut.

"Good question Spencer," I started."Maybe it's because of the one hour dates every night. Suddenly leaving because you have something planned. Maybe another girlfriend." I snapped. Spencer sighed and put his hands on my shoulders.

"I'm sorry. I'm not cheating on you I promise you that." his eyes were trying to convince me but I wasn't giving in.

"Then what is it? Don't I deserve to know?" I begged. He bit his lip and looked up at the ceiling. Okay he didn't want to tell me. But why not? Was it that bad?

"You do, you really do, Teddy, But I can't. My parents will kill me." that was all he said. So it was his parents fault. I mean who listened to their parents these days. I took away my hands as the bell rang.

"Who ever listens to their parents these days." I shouted but I don't think he could hear me. The bell overpowered my voice. I stomped away, running to my car. My brand new car. The green Jeep. Not my choice but it was a car at least. With doors. He didn't even try running after me.

I drove away, but not towards home. Just somewhere. Maybe towards the meadow that lies hidden between the forest. The only place I felt truly alone and myself. And that's exactly where I went. All the pretty tulips were growing along the daisies. Sometimes I just laid among them, or other times I sat and did homework. It was so quiet and peaceful. I stayed there for about two hours before I went home.

" Teddy Duncan! Where have you been?" mom snaps.

"I went somewhere for a little while before coming home." I replied.

"You should have told us first. Anyways Spencer came over looking for him. I told him that you would call him once you got back." mom informs. I roll my eyes and head to my room. Like I would call him. Flopping down on my bed, my phone rings. It was Spencer. Of course, I didn't answer. It went to voicemail. I listened to it.

"Teddy, I'm sorry. Your mom told me you would call but you haven't. Just please, call me." his voice was pleading. I was almost tempted but I didn't give in. Then Ivy walked in.

"Hey Teddy. Spencer just texted me. He said you're not calling him back. What's up?" she sat down next to me.

"He's always leaving in the middle of our dates with no explanations. We don't even go to dinner anymore. Just hang out at his house or my house." I complained.

"Teddy, it's probably nothing. Don't worry." she comforted me but it didn't work.

"Nothing! I only get to see him an hour and then the dates over. It's not nothing, it's something!" I shouted then sank into the corner of my bed. She didn't say anything.

"I'll see if I can try to talk to him. I'm gonna leave so you can think." she said then left. Why didn't life go right? Why did everything go wrong when it was going right?

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