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Chapter 11 First Quarter

Days had passed and I still hadn't gotten over everything yet. My mind was racing with emotions and images. Having this "special ability" was harder than it seemed. I struggled constantly with shifting and shifting back. Spencer had said that the pain of shifting would have gone away by now. For some reason it didn't for me. Not that I've told him yet. If it continues I'll have to tell him. No need to concern him now.

"Okay Teddy. Lets see if you can master this simple telepathy trick. This was one of the easiest things I've learned." he said. Telepathy? Werewolves can communicate telepathically? There is so many things I don't know. So I tried and concentrated on sending a simple telepathic message to Spencer. Heya cutie I said. Spencer smiled.

" I did it!" I squealed. Spencer nodded and smiled. Maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all. I was getting the hang of this stuff. Hopefully the powers wouldn't get much harder than this. Who knew sending a telepathic message was that simple.

"Well that's good. You can send these messages to werewolves and of course humans. The only thing is, the humans will not be able to respond of course. It is sorta like you can influence them to do something." he explained. Influence? Like I could influence my History teacher not to give us a test. That would be amazing.

"So I could basically manipulate people into doing what I want them to. It sounds pretty easy." I shrugged my shoulders but Spencer just shook his head.

"No you can't do that. It is against the law. You can't do that. You only use manipulation like that when needed." he sternly said. Wow so harsh. He just took all the fun out of it.

"Oh well thanks for taking the fun out of it. Can I at least try it? I want to see what happens." I pleaded. Spencer nodded and brought out, Ted. Of all people. He was already mad because I missed our date Saturday.

"Okay Teddy you will send a simple message to him. Don't worry Ted knows all about werewolves. Back in the day, he was a servant to them." Spencer said. Why was he mad at me then? He should have known. Okay concentrate know today. I looked him straight in the eye. Go get a cup of water I sent. Was it going to work?

"Um I suddenly feel thirsty. I'm going to go get a drink." Ted awkwardly walked away. I had done it. I was getting really good at this stuff. Spencer smiled and applauded.

"You're getting real good at this stuff, Teddy. It took me awhile to master these. I'm surprised." Spencer came over and gave me a hug. I answered it gratefully.

"Thanks," I sighed."I am so tired Spencer. I feel like I've worked for hours and hours." I rested against him. He stroked my hair, kissing the top of it.

"Well it's normal to be that tired. You need to go home and get some rest or something like that. It's the only way to rebuild your energy back up." Spencer suggested. I thought that was a great idea. So I went home and plopped down on my bed. I layed there for who knows how long. I stared at my ceiling for what felt like hours, not moving. I had never been this still before. Maybe it was because I was a werewolf now. Hours ticked past and then the sun started to set. I knew I would have to leave soon. So I slowly went outside. My bones started to ache. I didn't want to feel this pain again. It hurt to much. As I started to run, I didn't let it happen. I tried resisting it. Then I fumbled to the ground, screaming in pain. No way did I want to go through the pain of transforming.

I tried resisting everything. My whole body started to ache and I was shaking rapidly know. I whimpered as I lay there, untransformed on the floor. My body started to ache less now. The pain was easing away now. I had did it! I didn't shift this time. I could have jumped with joy. Hopefully it wouldn't hurt that bad next time. Now I didn't want to move. I felt numb all over. Slowly, I started to sit up. Pain flared up through my left arm. I yelped and fell back down. Sweat was beading from my forehead. Hours after laying here, I heard someone coming.

"Teddy? Is that you? What are you doing lying on the ground like that? Let's get you up." the voice sounded familiar. I looked and saw Ted. He grabbed my hand and helped me up. The pain was still there just not as bad. I flinched.

"Thanks. I couldn't have gotten up without you. I was almost stuck there. It was so horrible." I moaned and my eyes started to burn. It was the worst pain I had felt in my life. My throat constricted and I tried to hold back the burning tears.

"Teddy? You're scaring me. What happened and what did you do? You look absolutely horrible. Come with me. We're going to my house." he put his arm around me. The way there, I told him the story. What was really troubling was that you weren't able to do that until you were a werewolf for a few years. I was only a couple days. Why did I have to be so special.

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