Sitting in the audience room, he watched me carefully as finished the game, placing my own chess piece in his last piece's place. Chess had always been my strongpoint, even though I was in fact, a girl. My name is known throughout Europe as "the most fearsome Phantomhive", even though I am the only Phantomhive left. My parents die in a fire that destroyed our mansion years ago. I was little then, naught but 4 years old. Now I am a full grown 17 year old 'lady', and I hate it when they call me that.

"Lady Cielia, your chess skills are quite intriguing. I do believe this is the 7th time that I have lost to you today." Earl Trancy said, chuckling. I looked at him boredly, standing. "You have never been any good at chess, Alois." I regarded, walking to the window. I couldn't see him as I looked out the window, but I felt all eyes on me; Alois and his butler Claude and my own butler, Sebastian. Without turning around, I motioned to Sebastian. "Seb, go fetch us tea please." I asked politely. He may be my servant, but I was never rude to my servants, no matter how angry or upset I may be. "Yes, my Lord." He said, disappearing from the room. I turned around and saw Claude looking uneasily at the just closed door. "You may go with him if you wish, Claude. I don't see any reason why you can't help another butler prepare tea." I said, watching mixed emotions appear on his face. He nodded and bowed politely, slipping through the door as well. I leaned on the wall and crossed my arms across my chest. "Why does Sebastian call you "my Lord" instead of "my Lady", Cielia?" Alois asked, looking at me. "It is because I told him to. I don't like getting called my Lady all the time, it really is drab." Alois looked at me, eyes filled with something more than the friendship that we have had since our childhood when I went to live with his family and then later returned here after they had restored Phantomhive Manor. "Cielia… I've been thinking…about something…" he said slowly; unsurely. I looked at him impatiently, "Well just spit it out, Alois." I demanded after a long pause. Alois stood and towered over me by mere inches before getting down on one knee at my feet. "I thought it would be better this than someone else… Cielia Phantomhive, will you marry me?" he asked, producing a very large, very expensive looking ring from his pocket and holding it up to me. My jaw dropped in shock and rage as I stared at him. "Wh-what!" I yelled, not caring if everyone in the house heard. Then Sebastian and Claude walked in with a cart holding tea and pastries, including my favorite scones. "Tea is ready." They said in unison, eyes cheery until they saw Alois kneeling at my feet and the ring he held. "Oh! Has Lady Cielia said yes yet, my Lord?" Claude asked, eyeing the scene laid out before him. "No not yet Claude." He said, clearly angered that they had interrupted. Then Alois turned to me. "Will you, my darling Cielia? Will you become Mrs. Alois Trancy?" he asked again. My body shook in outrage, and before I knew it I had slapped Alois so hard he had fallen to his side. "No! No, I will not marry you, Alois! I refuse! I refuse you and everything you have just offered! You are my friend, Alois Trancy. And you shall become nothing more!" I screamed at him, like a small child throwing a tantrum. Claude stood in shock at the speed of my blow. Not even a demon butler as himself could deflect a hit such as that. I didn't wait to see the damage of what I had done; I ran; Ran away from them all and up to the peaceful confines of my spacious room.

I sat there in my riding clothes that consisted of skintight riding pants, tall boots, and a crisp blouse. My feet were starting to ache from the tightness of the boots and my back from sitting in the fetal position on the middle of my bed. It had been a while; hour's maybe since Alois had knocked on my bedroom door and begged that I come out. I had thrown things, cursed at him for his sheer impudence of wanting to marry me. He was a man whore. He slept with women for a living, and now to say that he loves me and wants my hand in marriage is…is… outrageous! I winced at the thought. I already loved someone and he could never be replaced. Not by anyone. Feeling numbness in my hand, I got up and walked to my bathroom. When I had crushed a glass earlier in my rage, a shard of it had dug deep into my palm and bled for quite a bit. Thank god it hadn't been my other palm, I thought. I had pulled the shard out but not tended to it properly. Washing the dried blood away, I bandaged my hand and sighed. I was so hungry, so thirsty, so…upset. As I walked into my bedroom staring at my newly bandaged hand, I found Sebastian pouring steaming tea into a china tea cup. A plate of my favorite chocolate croissants was not far away. I looked to him, anger surging up that he had invaded my room without my consent. "Sebastian! What are you doing here! "I growled, looking up at him. Sebastian said nothing, just continued to pour the tea into another cup. "Answer me!" I demanded. Still silence answered me, instead of my servants' voice. "Dammit Sebastian! Get out! GET OUT!" I screamed, my lungs burning. Sebastian set the teapot on the cart and looked at me. "I'm not done serving your tea yet, my Lady." He said, his voice steel as he used the term I hated most; his deep red amber eyes boring into my own emerald ones. I stared back, my rage taking over. "Damn the tea, Sebastian! I don't want it! Just leave!" I ranted, shoving the cart angrily. Sebastian's eyes narrowed as the teapot slid back at me and crashed into me, dousing me with hot tea. I screamed as the burning liquid hit me and fell to the floor, writhing in agony. Within seconds Sebastian was at my side, dousing me with very cold water so that the hot tea wouldn't leave serious burns behind. I spluttered and fought blindly, trying to feel anything else but pain and freezing water. "Shh, my Lord. It'll only make it worse if you fight." He cooed, looking down at my now freezing and soaking wet form. He picked me up gently and cradled me to his chest as he walked into my bathroom. "My Lord, can you bathe yourself? Or would you like me to do it?" he asked, an unknown twinkle in his eyes. "I…I can manage…" I said, teeth chattering as he put me down. I thought I caught a hint of disappointment in his eyes and I started to unbutton my blouse, turning my back to him. "I'll go get you something dry to wear then, my Lord." He said, stalking out of the bathroom, the door closing with a thud.