By the time that my aunt, Madam Red, and Lau had arrived, I was beat. After helping Finni give an unwilling Pluto a bath, changing my soaking wet clothes and walking around the manor I was very tired. Now I sat in the tea room discussing my disappearance with Madam Red and Lau. "Oh we thought the worse, Cielia! It was horrible not having you to talk to." Lau said in his melodramatic voice, sipping his tea. Madam Red hit him and sighed, "You had me to talk to, Lau. And we did miss you terribly, Cielia." She said, putting her hand on my arm gently. I nodded and sipped my tea, it tasted horrible. I choked on it slightly and set it down on the table. "Yes, it was rather droll where I was…does anyone's tea taste positively wretched?" I asked, dabbing at my mouth with my napkin. Madam Red and Lau shook their heads, "Not at all, My Lady. It's quite delicious." Lau said; I frowned. "May I?" I asked, picking up Madam Red's cup of tea. She nodded and I took a sip, they were right, it was very delicious. But then why did mine- I stopped my thought, looking up to where Sebastian stood along the wall of the tea room; a slight satisfied smile on his face. That bastard. He had done something to my tea to make it horrible. That delightfully sexy…strong…bastard. I growled at myself for even thinking such a thing, I hated him. Hated how his demonic eyes settled on me; how his black hair fell over his beautiful face when he bent to pour Madam Red some more tea; how his Adam's apple bobbed with unheard laughter; at me. I stood abruptly and started walking to the stairs. "Cielia, where are you going dear?" Madam Red asked, turning to look at me worriedly. "I'm sorry, Auntie. I'm afraid that I am very tired and am going to retire to my bedroom now. Forgive me, Auntie, Lau." I said, curtsying and walking to my room, shutting and locking the door behind me. I sighed and yanked at my corset strings, flinging my dress into the hamper before walking to the bathroom. Why is he like this now? He's been like this since…I gasped. Since he saw Finni and I accidentally kiss. I began to laugh; Sebastian was jealous of Finni. As I settled into my bath I chuckled. A demon butler could feel jealousy; jealousy of a human. I washed myself and relaxed, leaning my head back and closed my eyes; reveling in the warm water and the scent of my lavender bath salts.

A few minutes later I felt someone's presence in my bathroom. "My Lord…" A husky voice said from beside the bathtub. I opened my eyes and saw Sebastian standing there, "I find it quite funny that you demons can feel jealousy." Sebastian looked at me and a frown creased his face. "Demons don't feel jealousy." I eyed him, his eyes looking at me in the tub, possibly trying to see threw the soap bubbled water. "Oh really? Then I guess if I kiss Finni on accident again you won't make me a horrible cup of tea?" I taunted. Sebastian growled, something in his eyes appearing. "No I wouldn't." he said, voice taking on a child-like tone. I laughed "Stop acting like a child, Sebastian." I said. He looked at me and in a flash was naked in the bathtub with me (it was big enough for 2 people). I gasped as his lips crushed to mine and his knee drove itself between my legs. I managed to pull my mouth away and looked at him, blushing. "What the hell!" "Would a child act like that?" he smirked. I glared at him "No." I said "But I don't get why-" I was cut off mid-sentence as Sebastian kissed me again, this time sweeter than the first…and I kissed back. Sebastian leaned his body into mine and rubbed his knee upward, against my womanhood. I stiffened and whimpered slightly. "What are you…" my question ended when he aligned himself and thrust himself into me. I moaned against his lips and arched unconsciously into him. He chuckled and thrust into me faster; harder. I cried out each time he hit a sweet spot as he covered my body with soft kisses and even love bites. "S-Sebastian!" I screamed as he pounded into me. He leaned down by my ear and let out a strangled moan. "Cielia…come for me." He whispered, pounding into me ruthlessly. My walls clenched around him and I screamed in ecstasy as I came; a few moments later he came as well. "Oh god, Cielia…I love you." Sebastian said, pulling out and laying his head in the hollow of my throat. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him in the cooling water of what was only my bath. "I love you too, Sebastian." I said, kissing his neck. "I love you too…"