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What world they are in now; The Naruto world but with some of their background lives and some story twist XD (basically their past and some of the real Naruto story is changed :3) There will be some blood to scare the Akatsukids by Madara XD

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Summary (Full):

But of course; this story won't be about killing or spirits XD It's just my story about the Akatsuki and the doll which leads them to a different world. In that world they have a lot of fun but the doll's really just tricking them into turning them into lifeless dolls, but after sometime he gains feelings for them and wants to return them back to where they came from. But they have to dodge the great mastermind of the world who wants them as dolls for his invasion plan on the real world. ^^ Oh and the Akatsuki are kids and obviously their backgrounds are changed ;3 Madara and Tobi are separate ppl in my fanfic ^^'

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"This will be your birthday toy, Dei-kun!"

Everyone stared at the doll. A doll.

Looking up with cute big baby blue eyes, Deidara spoke to his guardian. "Are you sure? It doesn't seem like a toy..."

"Well duh! It doesn't seem like a toy! It's a doll, stupid." A silver haired boy rolled his eyes. "Why do you think it's got buttons for eyes and a stitched mouth?"

Indeed. The doll had stitched up body parts, kind of like Kakuzu's stitches only that there wasn't so many. It had fake red hair, small brown button eyes and was wearing a green robe and pale jacket. He forever had a small upside down smile, of course it was a frown. Something about the doll made Deidara feel melancholy…

Kisame grinned. "How about we just put it with the others, Deidara?"

Looking up, Deidara gazed at the unusual blue skinned boy called Kisame. "In the old and abandoned toybox? But we should at least give it a try. It may look weird but that doesn't mean that Sasori can't join us!" Smiling, the blonde looked down at the doll with big baby blue eyes.

"'Sasori'?" A bluenette repeated.

Deidara shrugged. "Had to give it a name, you know?"

A boy with orange hair called Pein, stepped forward and stood next to the bluenette called Konan; smiling. "I think that's a nice name. He has red hair like a scorpion."

Looking around, Pein kept his smile. "How about it? We play with the doll for a day and see if he's okay to play with forever!"

The birthday boy, Deidara, smiled while Konan giggled and Hidan huffed. The rest just kept their gazes at the doll but had equal faces to each other; eagerness and pondering thoughts. Some wondered if they were going to be bored with it and some thought it might be fun.

After some hours, the whole of the Akatsuki kids were playing with the doll. Yes, the orphanage (and a daycare for those who had parents) that they stayed at was called Hiru but the group of friends wanted to call themselves the Akatsuki. The two that ran the orphanage was Kaori and her husband Yoshiro, were both looking at the group with warm smiles.

The Akatsuki kids had something in common, they all wore the same cloak for an example. At first it was just a little thing to keep them cooperated since they were bored at the time but it turned into a little organization. The uniform was simple; black cloak with red clouds outlined in white, white stirrups and something to wear underneath the small cloak.

Soon it came the time where the others had to leave. Kisame, Tobi, Kakuzu and Zetsu left with their parents. All the others either went to bed or grabbed a quick snack from the kitchen.

Deidara stared at the now closed door with loneliness. After all, he was just a baby when his mother and father died in a mission from Iwa. After that, the Tsuchikage trained him to be a ninja on Wednesdays but was left in the Akatsuki Orphanage for the rest of the weekdays. He never really knew what it was like to have parents…Those four were so lucky to have them…

Just like Deidara, Itachi lost his parents. Some say that they were under attacked by their own village ninjas and he was forced to kill them. His brother Sasuke never forgave him ever since and was still living in the same village.

The older boy gazed at the blonde boy with empathetic eyes and chuckled. He walked up to the younger bomber, yes I did say bomber. He was being taught by his mentor how to blow up clay. But anyway, he walked up to the younger boy and handed him his birthday present which he got from Kaori.

"Wouldn't want to lose this." The weasel smiled at his playful 'rival'. With that, he left the blue eyed boy who was still staring at the doll that was lying on the windowsill and kept looking back at the raven with his mouth agape.

After some time, Deidara got over it. Itachi and him hardly had friendly encounters or relationships for that matter. He grinned at the doll from where he was standing on top of a stool.


The blonde boy turned around. "Okay, just now Hidan!"

He picked up Sasori and left the entrance hallway. Climbing into bed, he clutched onto the doll until he was under the warm blankets. Hugging the doll like as if he were his most loved family member, Deidara fell asleep mumbling to the redheaded doll like as if he were alive.

"Night 'Sori…Best friends…'til the end…un."

With that, the redhead's stitched frown turned into a smile. The doll closed his button eyes even though it was impossible. And so was it impossible to go to sleep just like how his new 'best friend' had.


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