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Suddenly, the door slammed open and the one who blocked the light from the moon stood Madara Uchiha. His eyes blazing a crimson color in the dark shadows of the orphanage and he clenched his teeth together. Analyzing, he motioned his eyes around the room in search for anything that moved in the darkness.

He moved over to the bottom of the stairs before staring up into the darkness that the steps would lead him to. Madara trudged his feet onto the steps; making his way to the upper level of the orphanage.

A small redheaded boy hid behind the doors to the household, a look of determination crossed his face as he quietly followed the dark haired man's footsteps. His chocolate brown eyes never averting away from Madara's path. Sasori placed his hand onto the railings of the stairs before a hand quickly shot out and took hold of his shoulder.

Turning round, he widened his eyes when he saw Deidara clenching the fabric of cloak on his shoulder. Without daring to make a sound, he stepped off of the stairs and mouthed out the words "What are you doing here?"

"Sasori-no-danna, I don't think it's a good idea to just run away right after we gave you a new heart container, un. You could get killed again, hm!" The blond boy whispered. He furrowed his eyebrows as he finished off what he was going to say. "I don't want you to die again…"

Just listening to him made Sasori feel even sadder and guilty which was starting to freak him out. Ever since he had received his new heart container, he was acting stranger than before when he met Deidara. Perhaps he was just imagining it is what the redheaded puppet would've been saying to himself over and over but he couldn't shake the feelings off.

Shaking his head, he replied. "Look, I can't just let Madara do this. I'm the one who made those puppets and I have a score to settle with that monster for taking away my life. " He answered back at Deidara, almost growling when he mentioned the last sentence.

"Could we at least come too?" a familiar voice spoke up from the shadows. A figure stepped into the light where the two artists could see. It was none other than Konan and behind her Deidara could've seen Pein and the others. An anxious look was as plain as day on her face as she spoke while a hand hesitated to rub her back in comfort from Pein*.

Just then, a splatter was heard from the upper levels of the building while they widened their eyes in surprise and realization. Itachi turned his attention to the stairs when he heard footsteps. He squinted his eyes to see better due to his horrible sight condition. Crimson liquid dripped onto the steps of the stairs as a figure made his way down to the ground floor. A solemn look was plastered onto his face as he stared at the children at the foot of the stairs.

He smirked as he twitched a few of his fingers before a puppet was maneuvered over beside him. Sasori glared at his former master and stared at the puppet's blade that was already covered in dry blood and red liquid was splattered all over the puppet's wooden build. Slowly, Sasori motioned his hand to his kunai pouch for a weapon to fight with.

Normally, he would fight with his puppets but since his opponent had sealed all of his fighting puppets away in a scroll for him to use, the redhead was unable to fight with the jutsus he was developing during his training back at his house.

Madara was the first to make an attack as he had ordered the artificial being to lunge forward with a spinning blade aimed at his target.

Unfortunately, the attack was evaded by the small eighty year old before he quickly took out a kunai and stabbed the puppet's right wooden shoulder; preventing it from ability to use the blades. He jumped forward with the sharp weapon held in front of him horizontally.

When Konan had noticed Madara unsheathing his one of his swords from the sash across his shoulders, she quickly surrounded Sasori with paper to block the attack from the other.

The bluenette quickly ran up the stairs and jumped in front of the redhead as origami shuriken was thrown at the older male.

Surprised, he jumped back; attempting to dodge the attack but unsuccessfully only evaded a few of them. Growling, he swung his sword at the small blue haired kunoichi.

She was flung across the room as Pein was preparing to catch her before she would land. Fortunately, her whole body turned into paper as paper-like wings grew from her back; causing her to float above the ground.

It surprised her more than her orange haired friend as she had not even knew she could've done it in the first place. She was snapped out of her daze when she heard the clangs of swords being heard in the background.

Turning around, she and Pein saw Kisame and Madara battling out with their respective swords. As the both of them headed into the fight, Konan begun to notice the rest was in the battle and Kisame's sword bandages was laying on the floor. Apparently, she couldn't find the black haired weasel anywhere.

Red eyes glowed in the dark as the battle raged on, a sharp kunai glinting in the shadows; light reflecting from the moonlight had found its way shining its light at Madara's eyes; catching his attention*.

He stared into the darkness before noticing the red crimson eyes. The dark haired man readied his sword for anything that his opponent would throw at him.

A flock of ravens flew around a space in front of him and formed a small figure. At first, Itachi just stood there with emotionless eyes but quickly charged to his opponent with a kunai entangled between his fingers.

With a smirk, Madara struck down his sword against the sharp weapon; not to attack but to block it. "Nice try but I think you should well know that I know a genjutsu when I see one."

As usual, Itachi had shown apathy towards the other before jumping away from the man. He winced but kept in the pain when he received mental damage from casting the jutsu although he kept the jutsu casted upon Madara.

Itachi slightly smiled then undid the genjutsu a few seconds later; confusing the other.

Kakuzu and Kisame had caught Madara by surprise as they had charged up at the man from behind; a sword and detached arms readied.

The raven stayed at his place as Tobi, Zetsu and Hidan ran past him with their weapons.

Irritated, the older male had quickly pushed them away with punches, kicks and kneeing them in the stomach.

What he hadn't expected was a clay bird to fly right by and explode only in a matter of seconds. He hadn't had time to get off of the floor when he was greeted a large disc full of paper sheets.

With quick thinking, he barrel rolled to the side and swung out his sword in front of him and charged at the two attackers; Konan and Deidara.

An orange haired boy had brought forth his arm at the man; deflecting the blade from his hands.

Despite losing his weapon, he had a smirk plastered on his face as he moved his fingers. Pein began to notice the blue chakra still connected to the puppet.

At first, the ginger haired leader had been relieved that he remembered the redhead had jammed a kunai in one of the shoulders of the puppet.

However, the puppet had got up from the floor; clacking and clattering its jaws in a slightly disturbing way. With a shakily and jittery movement, it dashed over to the group; unsheathed a long and sharp weapon from its left arm.

Madara quickly took out a scroll from the sack around his waist and unrolled it; summoning yet another puppet from it. With a giant smoke cloud, the summoning had jumped out of the clouds; startling the surprise attackers; Kisame, Hidan and Kakuzu.

Konan hurriedly casted upon many paper sheets around herself, Deidara and Pein; giving them time to prepare for an attack on the attacking puppet.

They heard many blows to the paper defense wall but it stopped and everything was dead silent. The background battle cries from Kisame's little brawl with the other puppet had become muffled to them.

Slowly and hesitatingly, the blue haired girl undid her jutsu with slightly widened eyes. Numerous blue chakra strings were attached on the puppet, half of them leading to Madara and the other leading to the small redheaded boy.

Smiling, she formed yet another paper disc jutsu, which was called Paper Chakram while the other two boys were already heading for Madara to aid Zetsu and Tobi in their battle.

If there ever was one important thing that crossed her mind at the moment it was knowing that it was to be a long battle and they'd probably would need more chakra to pull it off. It was time to put their new developed jutsus to the test.


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